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  1. RoyBoy295

    Ryan Brierley

    Wait for his agent to make an appearance.
  2. RoyBoy295

    Paul Rowley

    Is it not the coach who coaches the players to be like that
  3. RoyBoy295

    Paul Rowley Perrenial Choker

    Like your coach, from Leigh
  4. RoyBoy295

    Paul Rowley Perrenial Choker

    Choke with the pack
  5. I didn't say they were in form, I am saying they have learned how to win again and that gives them some confidence going into the game against Toronto. Couple with that its the game they must win for a sniff of SL survival. I certainly wouldnt rule out a Widnes win with these factors .
  6. Widnes have learned how to win again, their survival in SL is huge with this game. I dont think they will be the pushover some are claiming.
  7. RoyBoy295

    Rant thread

    the noodleheads who just abandon their trollies full of groceries and go off for a wander down the isle... Thats when I take their trolley and park it in a different isle, after I have thrown a few things in for them of course.
  8. RoyBoy295

    Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    Just ben old im going to be a grandad again. thats twice in 12 months.
  9. RoyBoy295

    Rowley and Toronto

    So if your are the losing team, the you can act how you want without punishment?
  10. RoyBoy295

    Rowley and Toronto

    They will be fine, RFL disciplinary has seen to that
  11. RoyBoy295

    Challenge Cup Run

    I haven't said i hate Toronto, far from it. We at Leigh are too familiar with Rowleys style of play, it didn't make any friends over here and or will it help your case to be taken seriously as a SL side.
  12. RoyBoy295

    Challenge Cup Run

    Rugby League isn't ice hockey, therin lies the difference.
  13. RoyBoy295

    Alpha Wars! Wolfpack vs. Wolves

    True Rowley tactics shone through in that game. Any TWP fan happy with that is easily pleased.
  14. RoyBoy295

    Challenge Cup Run

    Get rid of Rowley and the grubby tactics and you may just get taken seriously. poor showing today by Toronto, real Rowley thug type stuff.
  15. RoyBoy295


    Very little media coverage on the summer bash i'm afraid Krzzy. Unless you are a rugby league fan, you will not know it existed over here.