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  1. smart motorways - now the real reason

    Similar, you get 12 points and exchange your license for a buss pass.
  2. Halifax Feb 18th

    I would like to see local talent playing for local teams. Alas, i don't buy the players
  3. Halifax Feb 18th

    We got rid of a few journeymen last season. I don't need to tell you where one or two ended up
  4. Duffy

    Great to see Duffy going well in his role there.
  5. Season starts at Leigh

    We have always had Batley fans stood with us in the north stand, n idea why that has changed this year.
  6. Halifax Feb 18th

    A hard game to predict to be honest, depends on which Fax team shows up. On their day they are a hard team to get the points from, Toronto's result against Barrow will have given them some confidence. Whoever wins it will be by a margin of 6-8 points in my humble opinion.
  7. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    Is the Priestley name after Joseph Priestley?
  8. Season starts at Leigh

    Racist players, seriously?? Did you actually see the Leigh squad. i do not doubt for one second that racism will rear it head. A steward removed an abusive fan, that's their job isn't it, and good on them. Over 3000 there and 1 got slung out, hardly above average amounts of numpties to be fair. I have asked can a heating engineer come out and tinker with the weather so its not cold for visiting away fans. Leigh sport village set the food and drink prices, not Leigh Centurions. And congratulations on your pregnancy, your username obviously works.
  9. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    I have just been sat cross legged for 12 minutes
  10. Pets corner

    Here were my kids.
  11. Its not like Rowley hasn't been to Barrow before
  12. Barrow game sunday 11th feb

    Sounded a good hard game, would never have predicted that result though. The Championship is a funny old league, throws suprises up when you least expect them, wont be the last time for any of the front runners this season. A point each is a decent outcome considering the conditions today.
  13. Jukes expects his side to be smarter

    Looks like Centurion news got it wrong then?
  14. Toronto 34:12 Leigh

    Hope your banjo skills are good
  15. Toronto 34:12 Leigh

    Unfortunatley Kman, i have to book holidays/vacation before Christmas for the following year due to the nature of my job. It happened to be before the fixtures came out, would love to be there. Always next year