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  1. RoyBoy295

    Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    Just ben old im going to be a grandad again. thats twice in 12 months.
  2. RoyBoy295

    Rowley and Toronto

    So if your are the losing team, the you can act how you want without punishment?
  3. RoyBoy295

    Rowley and Toronto

    They will be fine, RFL disciplinary has seen to that
  4. RoyBoy295

    Challenge Cup Run

    I haven't said i hate Toronto, far from it. We at Leigh are too familiar with Rowleys style of play, it didn't make any friends over here and or will it help your case to be taken seriously as a SL side.
  5. RoyBoy295

    Challenge Cup Run

    Rugby League isn't ice hockey, therin lies the difference.
  6. RoyBoy295

    Alpha Wars! Wolfpack vs. Wolves

    True Rowley tactics shone through in that game. Any TWP fan happy with that is easily pleased.
  7. RoyBoy295

    Challenge Cup Run

    Get rid of Rowley and the grubby tactics and you may just get taken seriously. poor showing today by Toronto, real Rowley thug type stuff.
  8. RoyBoy295


    Very little media coverage on the summer bash i'm afraid Krzzy. Unless you are a rugby league fan, you will not know it existed over here.
  9. Take the wife to Currys and let her have a maul with the hoovers on sale while you ask the sales guy the technical questions. You tell her which 3 are the best and she pick one that she likes. Winner winner
  10. RoyBoy295

    Leigh away

    I thought there was a sniper on the roof at LSV in the second half, them Barra lads were dropping like flies.
  11. RoyBoy295

    Video Games

    i dug the old PS1 out not long ago on a rare few days off work, spent a good few hours on Metal Gear Solid.
  12. RoyBoy295

    Quentin out

    22 tries in 31 games, Halifax's gain.
  13. RoyBoy295


    Jumpers for goalposts. You had to be in when the street lights came on. When you misbehaved outside with your mates miles from home, there was always "that bloke" who told you to behave as he knows your dad...And he did? Getting the Pink Final on Saturday evening for the old man. 2 Mojo's for a penny. All your parents friends were your auntys and uncles. Rope swings from trees. Tin bath in front of the coal fire on Sundays.
  14. RoyBoy295

    Joe Westerman....OUT

    Tom Armstrong now gone
  15. RoyBoy295

    Need a new kicker.

    I didnt mention against Leigh, i was more directed at general games. You have a Leigh obsession...odd