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  1. To be honest my only query is why the second Wigan try was given despite the ball being bounced, yet the Minikin try was disallowed despite their being greater downward pressure on the ball? The game had gone anyway by the time Minikin thought he'd scored, but those decisions did confuse me.
  2. By the letter of the law it was a correct decision as he was offside from the kick and encroached within the 10 metres although admittedly he had nothing to do with what followed. I'll admit had that decision been the other way about I would have been sulking. I think a draw would have been a fair result. We have dominated other packs this season but we certainly didn't dominate Catalan. I know people will say you can't have a draw but I think we should be able to for a league match. Golden point was initially brought in to avoid cup tie replays and for me that should still be the case. If after 80 mins in a league game both sides are level they should get a point each. The future is bright in the south of France and that can only be a good thing. Personally I don't think Toulouse should have been relegated, but that's not my call!
  3. Regarding Dudson, I'd say if you are going to punch an opponent who is lying on the ground then laugh and stick your tongue out after being sent off,you have no place within the Warrington team or any team for that matter. I'd show him the door first thing Tuesday morning.
  4. Also let's remember that if you do need another try to win the game you can decline the conversion although.
  5. That's a penalty or a conversation thought isn't it rather than a drop goal. It's always been the rule that the ball doesn't have to be place kicked from the ground. A drop goal is a goal kicked in general play, not a conversion or penalty which just happens to have been kicked from the hands.
  6. A great first half from us but a snore fest second half again. We need to stop this before it bites us on the backside.
  7. What a superb performance from Wakefield, although as a Warrington fan maybe it wasn't what I wanted!!! It's hard to be anything other than appreciative of such a dominant performance though and clearly after the narrow loss last week and the good win tonight wakey are determined to give everything they have to protect their SL status. If only I could feel 100% confident that the wire players were of the same mentality!
  8. The "shower" who have contributed more to RL than your mob ever will, you mean? Just remind me.... when did you last win a trophy? Exactly!
  9. Tell him his rugby had to come before his business interests by all accounts.
  10. If they were so great pal, how come they were 8-24 behind in the first place?
  11. Did I really just watch a Warringtonian banging the drum for Wigan during their victory song in the dressing room? I'm sorry, but some things in life you just can't buy and me as a Warringtonian banging a drum to celebrate a Wigan victory would be one of the things you'd NEVER be able to buy regardless of the amount of money on offer. I would rather stick pins in my own eyes!!! Mike......deary me today what on earth have you done?
  12. Today we sank to a new low. At 24-8 in front we should have found some way to turn the screw and put Salford to the sword. Instead, we find a way not for the first time to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. To be 24-14 up with 9 mins to play and end up losing I can't understand. We need to have a good hard look in the mirror?? Sadly I think those who will be leaving at the end of the season no longer care, they are picking up easy money for not a lot of effort. Those who might care are not with us until next season!
  13. Warrington 32 Salford 16. We've beaten them once at the HJ already this season, we can do it again!
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