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  1. Des was a fantastic winger for Warrington and worth the admission money to watch him alone with the skills he had. Iro never threw the ball at him ever again after Wembley 90! I bet he had little birds tweeting around his head for a long time that afternoon! RIP des, wire legend.
  2. The only problem I forsee here is the club may lose money when hosting a team with a large away following? Long term though if it's closer to their salford roots and capacity can be extended if attendences improve, then long term it might be a good move for them. I've been to the AJ bell and the atmosphere is poor, maybe they'd create a better atmosphere in a smaller ground?
  3. Yet again arrogant Warrington turn up thinking it's already in the bag. Yet again they get found out. When will we ever learn?
  4. Regarding the idea of SL 1 and 2, with both consisting of 10 teams. Can we honestly say as a sport we can afford to simply discard and forget about clubs who have history,fans,employees,etc simply because they aren't rated amongst the 20 top teams in the UK on the day the decision is made? A very sad state of affairs indeed should that ever become the case.
  5. Those of us who watch on sky are used to an interview with both coaches after the match and last night I was surprised the Wigan coach didn't appear? Maybe the sky TV broadcast had to be cut short due to the reshowing of an old film? Silence of the Lam, maybe.
  6. The players will respond to the sacking of chester by upping their game and I hope we are aware of and wise to this fact. We should have enough in the tank to win by 18 but if we start thinking we've already won before kick off then we could be in trouble. I would keep the team disruption to a minimum, maybe widdop/Williams in the halves and austin at loose forward. Wakefield 12 Warrington 30.
  7. Superb defence from us, attack still needs some work but i thought defensively we were the best we've been this season. Commentators said the story about austin and his passport was incorrect, he had in fact just been dropped by price. Mamo should keep his place next week Inglis can't expect to just automatically walk into the side?
  8. I am watching this match at the moment and it's quite sad when you realise how far they have fallen since. They had a great side in those days and I'm enjoying watching their rugby almost 20 years later. Obviously as we found out later that was a team the club really could not afford. But what happened to all the fans? There are thousands waving bulls flags and chanting "bully ,bully" at the match I'm watching. It's sad that the club fell from grace but also that so many stopped watching the bulls. I think if the bulls want to get back into the SL then their fans need to get behind them again! I'm also enjoying watching future Warrington players Andrew Johns and Kurt Gidley playing for Newcastle knights!
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