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  1. I am watching this match at the moment and it's quite sad when you realise how far they have fallen since. They had a great side in those days and I'm enjoying watching their rugby almost 20 years later. Obviously as we found out later that was a team the club really could not afford. But what happened to all the fans? There are thousands waving bulls flags and chanting "bully ,bully" at the match I'm watching. It's sad that the club fell from grace but also that so many stopped watching the bulls. I think if the bulls want to get back into the SL then their fans need to get behind them agai
  2. Very sad news. Always a name that stood out when watching the game growing up as a young kid in the 70's and early 80's. Sad when players we grew up watching start to leave us. I always remember a match at Wilderspool, Warrington v. Featherstone at the start of the 1989/90 season. He got a round of applause inside the ground when the PA announcer revealed that it was his 41st birthday that day! As a present to him Featherstone won that day too! RIP.
  3. I do know Warrington enquired about him after Tony Smith left and before Steve Price was given the job but he was under contract at cas then and nothing came of it. Would he win trophies at a club with a bit more money to spend? Maybe but he'll make no friends if he's going to moan about every loss and cheap shot refs like he's done at cas. If he can get us playing the sort of rugby that cas were playing in 2017 when they won the LLS, then we could be on a winner with him. If he can't then we may end up being known as a "moaning " club where every defeat is down to something the opposition d
  4. Hi, yes mate I have, and I am justified in my opinion that the man seems to have a major problem with wire, especially when we play saints. I don't make wild, sweeping statements,I have done my homework!
  5. I'm not bothered about him being gay. I am bothered about him being an awful referee who seems to penalise us heavily while letting the opposition go unpunished for offences. I resign myself to the fact that Warrington will probably lose when I see he's been appointed to "referee" our match. I'm usually correct!!
  6. We had our share of success at central Park, more than a lot of other teams did. Two central park Warrington wins that immediately come to mind are the premiership trophy semi final in 1986 when we won at Wigan despite being massive underdogs that day by 23-12, before beating Halifax 38-10 in the final the following week at Elland Road. Then we had the 1986-7 season where Wigan won 28 of their 30 league games, their two loses being Warrington at Wilderspool where Wigan lost 23-12, and Warrington at central Park where Wigan lost 6-4. Ive had dour days at Central Park as a Warrington fa
  7. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Peter Clarke of Rochdale Hornets, Blackpool Borough and Bramley in the 1970's has passed away. He was signed by Rochdale from Latchford Albion in Warrington in 1969. After retiring as a player he coached teams in Warrington and was my coach for a while when I was a young amateur player. He was a great man and we would still chat many years later when we bumped into each other. He was a family man too,condolences to his family and friends. RIP Peter, a great man.
  8. As a wire fan I remember Mike nicko, another man who was a real nutter on the pitch but a really friendly gent off it.
  9. I would not count bailey, cheap shotter, always found a much smaller man to hit but backed off when the big lads stepped in to protect their friend!
  10. When Wigan were full time and everyone else was part time?
  11. Our two marquee players are Widdop and Austin. Inglis will not be one, he isn't being signed on a huge salary apparently, it's more him wanting to try playing in the UK than the money and Jason Clark, Bryson Goodwin and Matt King have sung the clubs praises to him. It's a gamble i suppose for all parties,but he must be fit enough to play, I very much doubt we'd sign a man that wasn't fit to play. I'm looking forward to watching him in a wire shirt!
  12. I think uncle Gary is mindful of the flashy new stand the rhinos have to pay for ? Hetherington has always struck me as a modern day Maurice Lindsay. On the surface wants what's best for the sport on the whole,but scratch a little bit below the surface and he wants whatever is best for his own club at that moment in time.
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