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  1. Angry yes, strangers no.....Just folk in a different guise, the drivel is the same.
  2. Great in principle, cant really encourage harmony here or on the other RL site if the trolls, and multiple accounts are still free to roam on these sites.
  3. 'Yous', a Mancunian word for 'You'. I always look round to see who else they talking to when he/she is just talking to me.
  4. Hope the gaffer is happy with that, wasnt happy with shirt sales and ticket sales.
  5. You have fingertips, but not toe tips. You can tiptoe, but not tip finger.
  6. Because that was last season, this is this season. Not rocket science is it troll
  7. Its a cross between sewage water and the liquid that resides in your kitchen sink Ubend.
  8. An Exhibit by Luke Jerram on Pennington Flash, Leigh
  9. Women still go to the shops round here in their PJ's and dressing gowns at any hour...skanks
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