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  1. I will be using it as background music for video that i take on my drone.
  2. Does anyone use any download sites for royalty free music. I have had a look and its a minefield of free sites that are not really free?
  3. At least we all get a timeframe now on when they will wind it in about it being their year after Cas take the points.
  4. The championship is going to be a good watch this season.
  5. Cricket, whats all that about...A bloke hitting a ball with a piece of wood? Give me snooker anyday.
  6. I have just bought 8 venison legs for £45 for Christmas. Is that 2 dear
  7. Cant be them Eddie, somebody drew them a picture of a new stadium
  8. It would be a good example if football players took the way RL players play, instead of them falling over like they have been shot by a sniper when another player brushes past them.
  9. What have Bradford offered in the last 5 years? People do not just remember decades ago when they were winning thins, they remember the recent past..
  10. It was with no liquid refreshment places on the way to Catalans ground
  11. Traveling from Lloret de Mar to Stade Brutus (Catalan) in 2017 with Catalan Sport Tours for the Catalan v Leigh game. The coach driver dropped us all off at the Stade Aime Giral then scarpered. We all had to walk to the Catalan ground. And the driver had Satnav?
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