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  1. According to the old testament, God killed 2038344 people. Satan killed 10
  2. I sent a carrier pigeon over to his general location advising him to stay in the wilderness a little while longer. I told him he could eat the pigeon after.
  3. I love the drive once you get off the M180 (J5). onto the A18 to the junction with the A16, head straight over the A16 and take the country roads to Wragholme then straight down to Mablethorpe.
  4. No thanks, I have sent my bank details to a Ugandan General who will invest it in Bitcoin.
  5. You honestly think 10 shares will give you a voice?? A fool and his money are easily parted.
  6. My question was.... What do YOU actually get for your shares.
  7. What do you actually get for your shares.
  8. I would be questioning the trainer if it entered 6 races and lost in every one.
  9. Females of all ages going to the shop in onesies, pyjamas and dressing gowns. Get dressed you lazy skanky tramps
  10. Did you go into the market at Louth Robin, the stall that made their own sausages was the most popular stall/shop in town. Sadly no longer there.
  11. My todger is the combined length of 2 Argos pens. I am now suprisingly, banned from Argos.
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