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  1. More like Reservoir Dregs.
  2. Clogiron

    Ian Lenagan on the attack

    By a big brown bear 🐻
  3. Clogiron


    That's the first statement attributed to the RFL other than the Catalan response this year, thought they were hibernating, O'Neill holding out for getting the club handed over. Are the FB on standby?
  4. Clogiron

    Those nice tories

    Thought I read earlier that leaves the Chinese as the only other likely builders, that should go down well, I wonder who will be providing the electronics?😎
  5. Clogiron

    Garfield Owen RIP

    Was full-back and player/coach when I first started watching the game at Keighley, but can't really remember too much about him if honest, was only about 4 years old, my elder brother's reckoned he wasn't a patch on Joe Phillips the NZ player who finished his career at Lawkholme Lane in the late 50s, Phillips was a better kicker and attacker but neither were keen on putting there body on the line in defence at that stage of there career. His book was a interesting read I recall. RIP.
  6. Travellers in the Third Reich by Julia Boyd, very readable and highlights how the appeasement of the Nazis was widespread amongst those who visited during the 20s & 30s. Remember that travel was mostly only affordable for the middle and upper classes in those day's.
  7. Not surprised in the slightest but the 118 tories + the duppies vote against the the government's only policy as it seems due to the amount of time and money spent on it yet come tomorrow's vote of confidence when their highly paid jobs and associated 'perks' are on the line they miraculously have a restoration of faith and confidence, not that I believe that Corbyn would fare any better. And these are the people we entrust to run the country😥😥😥
  8. Well put, I was going to say too much s**gging😁
  9. Well if you will try to fly giant smarties in...............
  10. Clogiron

    Widdop - Wire

    Sods law he will sustain a ACL or some suchlike injury with the Dragon's this year.
  11. You could be onto something there, is that the Trump that has never left the Whitehouse for the past couple of months or the one who was in Texas last Thursday........My god they've cloned him!!! when he says he never said or did something he's right, it was the other one, there's two of them (or maybe more) tweeting rubbish, s**gging porn stars, talking to Putin etc, so how do you pin it down to which is which, that will baffle the electorate not that it takes much to start with.
  12. Great American Food, nice to see he's got the health of his people uppermost in his thoughts, and I wouldn't dig too deeply into the origin of some of the junk he's scoffing if I was him.
  13. And keep some of them awake, can't be having that.
  14. A certain T. May should be available from this time tomorrow, she has a long record of everything she touches turn's to sh*t so should be ideally suitable.
  15. Clogiron

    Season ticket sales

    Do you all have to take a candle for the first night game😎