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  1. Clogiron

    Our new position in the EU

    You better watch out with comments like that about Corbyn, I got vilified for mentioning forced Rhubarb and SL chairmen last week!
  2. Clogiron

    Our new position in the EU

    If May is boardering on a mental health problem that's just par for the course for female Tory Prime Minister's...
  3. Isn't it always the case that a referee may only make one or two mistakes in a game and be roundly crucified by coaches and commentators yet how many mistakes do players make, and how often do commentators criticize them , especially on Sky where everyone's a ' brilliant' player. It's the old boy's network all over. In Australia it's much the same scenario with one notable exception: surprisingly Michael Ennis, as a player I couldn't stand him but as a commentator apart from learning that less is more (Hello Terry and Barry) he's not afraid to go for the jugular and good for him, long may it continue.
  4. Do you think that there's any morality in politics, it's them who oversee and create the laws of the land. In sport what about the morality shown in Cricket and RU in condoning tours to and from South Africa during apartheid or the latters attitude to RL over many years. During the Thatcher year's we embraced Pinochet and SA and tried to stop athletes attending the Moscow Olympic's, yet it didn't seem to stop her retaining power unfortunately so what happened to morality then??
  5. I think morality belongs to the age of the horse and cart ,coal mines, going to church on Sunday and starch collars. Those days are gone, something Rugby League should bear in mind, the days of playing a game and expecting thousands of locals just to turn up because they always have before are also long gone. Before cameras were at every game, be it clubs or TV, how many tries or wrong decisions occurred? People argued about it but generally just got on with it, I don't recall many refusing tries back then either.
  6. Clogiron

    Those nice tories

    Do you think that the high leave vote in Wigan was due to confusion over what the question was about?
  7. Clogiron

    The Nine who Voted with SL

    Sorry, I still keep thinking that place at the end of England's longest cul-de-sac is in Lancashire.
  8. According to the Spanish foreign minister Trump suggested that Europe needs to build a wall across the Sahara Desert to keep out the migrant's and it wouldn't need to be as big as his on the US/Mexico border. He's the gift that just keeps on giving alright, wonder why no one else thought of that.
  9. Funny, that reminds me of a couple of song titles 🐟
  10. If Trump saw that picture he'd want one of those on his head instead of his wife's 🐈
  11. I prefer the ancient tyke method, just punch the bast**d.
  12. I think you should just chill out for a while, maybe relax and read a good book. My I recommend anything by John Perkins or Greg Palast may helpπŸ“šπŸ“‘
  13. What is it they say about sarcasm Martyn? I just think that many in America don't take what's presented to them with the same jaundiced eye that we tend to do, we take into account who's saying it and what their agenda may be viz the recent SL. shnanagins. Wrap it in a American flag and the blind faith takes over. Remember Springsteen's Born in the USA. and Reagan praising him and wanting to use it as a campaign song, it had the flag, it had the keywords pity they didn't injest the subject matter.