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  1. Clogiron

    Rowley leaves Toronto

    I thought they had applied for administration, precedence says they should start in league one or is it -12 points? Who knows in these days of make it up as you go along rules.
  2. Kyakman, your word's may have some substance now, and you misguided support of Rowley will very likely be revealed at the business end of the season, meanwhile that loud bang you herd was Parky exploding😨 best of luck mate😀
  3. Clogiron

    Rowley leaves Toronto

    Com'on the Wolfpack, Noble might have to do some work now.
  4. Clogiron

    RLIF Announce 8 year Cycle

    The idea of it is set in stone, unfortunately no one gave a thought to the finance thats set in sand and now the tides coming in.
  5. Clogiron

    2019 kits

    The ultimate Bates leathers on a flat track too, nothing finer, how about a Wigan version with a large stomach full of pies?
  6. Nnah, I'm practicing so they'll let me back into Australia 😀
  7. Clogiron

    Great Britain squad

    As stated this tour is a face saving exercise for Woods & Rimmer and as also stated elsewhere who's going to fund it, I can't see any way in the world that the Test game's planned plus some sort of club game's are going to make a profit. Tours down under have always relied on Tests in Australia to finance them, now that the Aussies think that a England/GB team is unlikely to pull in much more than 20,000 they don't want them, but where else on this tour is likely to match that? Maybe the Tonga game might but the rest look bleak. Remember the last non Australia tour down under and the embarrassment of Lyndsey sending players home before the end to cut costs! Seeing as it's his big idea Nigel should fund it out of his pension scheme and golden handshake.
  8. Clogiron

    2019 kits

    Nnah, just how nowts new in style/fashion really,the 2 stripe thingy was popular in motorcycle racing around then on jackets and tee shirts with Bell Helmets being the brand I believe.
  9. Clogiron

    Rowley leaves Toronto

    You can't really argue with McDermott's record in regards of winning trophies and subsequent events at the Rhino's have shown that the hand he was playing with was poor in the least, how much of that was down to him or Heatherington and the stadium upgrade is open to question. As for his demeanor well Wayne Bennett isn't Mr Personality but gets results and McDermott's shown more than anyone coaching in the game over here a ability to get a team up for the important knockout games at the seasons end which is what TWP really have needed in a coach as most agree. So all round it seems a good fit.
  10. Clogiron

    Rowley to Leigh

    Well, 'it takes much longer to get up north'
  11. Us mushrooms eh! Well apart from Keiron C. getting the job that looks like the Championship sorted, was that Parkys jaw I just heard hitting the floor😈
  12. Clogiron

    Rowley leaves Toronto

    I dare you to call Tayna Arnold a idiot to her face🌋
  13. Well someone had to suggest it 🙈🙉🙊
  14. Are you being ironic, the Aussie's have got a local to them comp next year, a tour over here ie 5 games at the most the year after and their precious nines tournament, how thrilling, and top it all some bulls**t from Rimmer, RL at it's finest.
  15. According to Gareth Walker in the Mirror he's gooone, usual platitudes on both sides etc.