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  1. Don't you mean the statistics that show more people in work than ever before, because some people are having to work 2 or 3 jobs to get by, I am waiting for the day that those figures exceed the number of people eligble for work and the explanation that follows
  2. I thought domestic and general foreign policy decisions had been abandoned over the last couple of years completely, how can they have any relevance to the me, me, me scramble of the tory wannabes
  3. Thinking big eh, 3900, not likley to fill that unfortunately.
  4. But can they provide a TV contract, and won't they just be another drain on the player pool taking good Yorks & Lancs lads to play for them
  5. How bad are the Eels to lose to the rabble that is the Panthers? Seems like they got a bit of a dead cat bounce from their fist game at Wan*fest but its been downhill since.
  6. Positivity, nah, it will never catch on, the game's built on 125 years of being miserable bas***ds, all this change isn't good for you, stick to what you know
  7. Wasn't that Grayling?.........................Aah, beginning to see a connection here
  8. Just heard J.R. Fogg asking a question about ' fol der rolls' on the news, was that his big play for the leadership, the tories could do much worse than appoint him, just think of the amusement unbounded for the rest of us
  9. Saw that the Milkshake he wore the other day cost £5.30, you could do far more damage with some cheap emulsion for less than that, a pair of white bib n brace overalls and you would look ligit.
  10. What about big 'Nige on the way to the pie shop, you wouldn't want to get in his way would you!!!!!
  11. Bit of a difference from being supposedly in the running for the Rhinos post to taking over at the Cougars, what about all his talk about ambition? Leon Pryce might be a more likley target if he's still intrested in coaching which didn't really come over in this months 40-20 article,as to whether he could achieve more than Lingard remains to be seen.
  12. Hmm, think you could be right, but big names often don't work out at that level, they find it difficult to cope with the realities of part-time players commitments and abilities.
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