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  1. This was one I was looking forward to until TJ & BT were out, these two teams plus Cas & Saints and possibly Salford are the best entertainer's in SL and usually provide a good game, think the Wire may have too much now but I am usually wrong more times than I am right😎
  2. Nice place Ottowa, had some good night's out in the ByWard Market area otherwise plenty to see and do round and about, as a Capitol City it feels like a mid size town really, there seems to be some reluctance to consider Montreal or Quebec as a place for a team, maybe Kingston?😎
  3. Clogiron

    Play The Ball Fiasco

    I totally agree that player's should be made to PTB with the foot, the game would be quicker and look a lot better if enforced, I also agree with the comments about referees talking to players, they are literally coaching them through the game, to call player's offside when there's a kick downfield is fine but at marker or in the defensive line the onus is on the player to know and obey the rules, if he doesn't then penalize him not lead him by the hand through the game, with the advent of the ref mike's it sounds awful. We all know how crackdowns on rules go in RL, a few weeks of lots of penalties, the penny drops with player's and coaches, everythings fine for a while then it gradually creeps back in, but in the long term intrests of the game it's unique PTB should be policed properly, (then they can get round to making it a rule that the ball can only be passed backwards, not 'flat' but with a backwards motion)😎
  4. Clogiron

    Shaun Edwards

    Yes you were champions last season any on previous occasions but it all starts again and on present showing as stated things aren't looking too good. There's a recent precedent for this with another SL chairman who wanted to cut the rest adrift and who's ego clouded good decision making, sadly things didn't turn out too well for that club further down the line, so I would be a little concerned if I was a Wigan fan😎
  5. Clogiron

    Shaun Edwards

    Maybe if the person who has placed himself as the leader of Super League wound his ego in and concentrated on the shambles that his is own club eg, declining attendences, lack of strategy regards coaching position, poor player recruitment, administration errors etc then things may improve or is that the level of his knowledge of the game on show😎
  6. You would have to hope that for the sake of the game that there isn't any teams worse than Barrow on that showing in the championship, but I would imagine that Hornets and Swinton will disprove that theory come the seasons end😎
  7. Clogiron

    Those nice tories

    Is that British cheese or some rather nice E U cheese, I've just partaken of a agreeable portion af Austrian Smoked Cheese with a pint of Old Peculiar, lovely😎
  8. Come on Donald fire up a twitter storm, some of us rely on you for amusement 😎
  9. Clogiron

    Those nice tories

    Chri Grayling would make life much more amusing for some of us..................just saying😎
  10. Clogiron

    Rain, rain and more rain

    Have they got the covers down😎
  11. 50-100 years more like 😎
  12. Clogiron

    Change of rules

    Admirable sentiments, however this is make it up as you go along RL so as we saw last year just because they said something about rules last season doesn't mean that things won't change when we get to the end of this season depending on which way the wind is blowing (or not if you live in Rochdale) Otherwise it will be the salary cap fiddle as suggested by a previous poster😎
  13. Clogiron

    Akuila Uate

    Oh for the day's when we could bring player's of that stature over here even short term, but this is a Super League?😎
  14. Clogiron

    Cctv leak

    Go on, it was Reggie Rabbit, his type have a reputation for this sort of thing😎