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  1. A divisive character certainly, but nobody can deny his ability and his performances. His best form was probably at Napoli where he produced world class performances week in week out in a team that was useful but had no right to win Serie A. There are highlight packages on Youtube that are worth watching and some of his best moments are when he was in Italy. In footballing terms, he was a genius.
  2. We'll know who will be selected when they publish the criteria for the clubs to fulfil eg. if it says the club must be in the EU, begin with the letter T and that their fans need to be fluent in French, it might give us a clue.
  3. Penrith will have to play better than in their last match or they have little chance. On the other hand, if they play at their best they are one of the few teams that can take down a full strength Melbourne. In the crazy world of 2020, I'm going for a last minute drop goal from half way by Nelson Asofa-Solomona to win it.
  4. If we want somewhere well known that isn't 'tin pot' why don't we do something a bit different - see if we can play at Old Trafford cricket ground. If there are no crowds it doesn't matter that the stands are away from the playing surface, and if nothing else the venue will attract attention from the media.
  5. Darwendale should be in the Lake District - it's actually in Zimbabwe
  6. A few years ago John Inverdale would have been a likely candidate to present it, thank God he has fallen out of favour at the Beeb
  7. Harvey Howard at prop - signed and played originally as a winger before he bulked up
  8. I wish they would stop showing a close up of Phil Clarke when the game is going on in the background - Sky should know better than that
  9. Glad to see the ref has pulled Leeds up for holding onto the tacklers. He needs to start giving penalties for it - it's becoming more common in the game and needs stamping out
  10. I suppose it begs the question - is there anywhere in the UK that ammonium nitrate is being stored in large quantities?
  11. I'll throw in a few from Scotland: Grantown on Spey Pitlochry Callander
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