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  1. Latest results from Brazil show 1179 deaths in the last 24 hours. Even if that is a bit of an outlier following the weekend, that is a big jump and things are looking serious over there. A country with some very poor areas and a Govt. that doesn't seem to care is just going to make this worse.
  2. I wish my neighbours had observed social distancing yesterday - it started fine but ended with people from about 5 houses sitting together at one table until 1 o'clock in the morning, one even brought some visitors around. As nurses, my wife and I were not impressed.
  3. The White Horses Van der Valk Match of the day
  4. In the 1980s Widnes had Richie and Andy Eyres David and Paul Hulme Mike and Steve O'neill John and Tony Myler Andy and David Ruane at the club all at the same time.
  5. My son had to shave his off - partly for improved hygiene, partly because his face mask doesn't fit properly with it.
  6. When Hull beat Leeds at the start of the season, they looked a pretty decent outfit - what happened ?
  7. Watching them walk off at half time, some of the Hull players looked completely lost. Someone needs to get into them or this could get messy
  8. Everyone has the right to their own beliefs - that's fine. When those beliefs are made public and done in away that is designed to hurt others, that's a different matter. Society then has the right to criticise your actions and you have to take the consequences - that's what has happened with Folau. As for Catalan, it's true they haven't broken any rules, but hell. this seems like a seriously bad move. It's not as if they have a poor team and are really desperate for a good player. I wonder if Folau will be 'injured' when they play Wigan?
  9. Do you remember the millennium celebrations - loads of parties, big firework displays etc. ? I don't. I had the 'flu and can't remember a damn thing about it, I was so ill. You could have put £1000 in front of me and I couldn't have picked it up. Needless to say, I make sure I get the 'flu jab every year. I would also be devastated if I made someone else as ill as I was, if I could do something to avoid it.
  10. I'm getting a new set of kitchen knives. I thought it was time to get some new ones - I'm still using some vintage Wiltshire Staysharps from the 1970s that belonged to my parents so thought it was about time for a new set. Not sure my new ones will last as long.
  11. Tried them a few years ago, they drove me mad. Felt like I was falling over all the time, made me feel sick and couldn't drive in them. Had to go back to separate glasses.
  12. We need more than one game plan. We play as though we are always going to be quite dominant up front, but playing against physical teams like Tonga, we will struggle to match them and need to find a different way of playing. Despite all his experience and success, I'm not sure Bennett will do this, he is single minded to the point of stubbornness when it comes to the way he sets his teams up.
  13. 1. Davies 2. Robinson 3. Meninga 4. Hanley 5. Offiah 6. Myler 7. Johns 8. Ward 9. Roby 10. Sorensen 11. Cleal 12. Koloto 13. Norton
  14. Information here about men's sheds if anyone is interested or if you feel someone else may be interested. https://menssheds.org.uk/
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