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  1. Wolfpack started the day with a win. Leafs beat the Bruins. Raptors beat the Magic. TFC beat Minnesota. Jays beat A's. It doesn't get much better than that for a Toronto sports fan.
  2. If your team goes down why would you care where the players go? They are the reason your team got demoted in the first place - they simply weren't good enough.
  3. Ottawa is the capital of the state? Two glaring mistakes in 7 words.
  4. McGill University in Montreal just this week decided to drop 'Redmen' as the name of their school's sports teams. Too racist for the Politically Correct
  5. Yeah, he's either the Messiah or the Anti-Christ.
  6. Syncing up TV times would be problematic would it not?
  7. Good point. Enlightened self-interest. Or self-preservation in this case.
  8. Most SL clubs are quite content to be big fish in a small pond. They are well aware (or at least they should be) their pond is slowly getting smaller, but they are content because to do try something to make their pond bigger, as Perez proposes, would cost them money. Horrors!
  9. To Australia, but still relevant here. https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/04/14/wolfpack-boss-says-expansion-vital-for-nrl-to-avoid-being-left-behind/ The writer demonstrates some pretty shocking ignorance of Canada however.
  10. New York Yankees and Manchester City are co-owners of NYCFC
  11. McManus speaks for Super League because Parksider agrees with what he says. If he said he favoured Toronto over Toulouse Parky would ignore him. Just like he ignores everyone else who doesn't agree with him. Poor fellow must have a persecution complex by now.
  12. That was my thought as well when I first read the article, but even if you were to replace them with Super League teams like St Helens, Warrington, Wigan, Huddersfield, Castlefield etc. New Yorkers would never have heard of any of those places either.
  13. Expansion to NYC and Ottawa makes the most influential newspaper in the USA. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/12/sports/rugby-league-new-york.html
  14. If fans can't be bothered to turn up for home games then why should anyone be counting on them to travel to away games?
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