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  1. Seattle beat San Diego to win the MLR championship in a very entertaining game broadcast by CBS.
  2. This is a rather stupid reaction, it's about a guest club wanting to buy their way to Superleague, it could be Koukash's Liverpool and it would just be the same nonsense. "Replacing Leeds" IS however the point. Why would Superleague replace member clubs who develop players, member clubs who underpin a TV deal and take away fans to games with a rich mans vanity project that offers nothing, TWP and any more NA clubs offer only damage to the pro game here, and a logistical nightmare up to Easter.......For what? your personal pleasure? You obviously didn't even read my post, because the part you quoted came from a sarcastically funny post by Oxford. I merely commented how his post would rile you up - AND IT DID! You really don't get it.
  3. I thought the game's problem was getting more bums in the seats and now apparently it's bosoms!
  4. Oxford wrote: Magic that is thank you mind you Eric Perez promised at least $4 trillion Canadian in sponsorship, a $456,678,895 million TV deal and 9,789, 657 new players in the first six months so where's all that then? And It's never been about those kids above playing the game which'll soon be prevented by yawn's ownership of the cosmos, it's about foreigners invading our SL and replacing Leeds. Geez, no wonder Parky's so upset!
  5. Get a grip here people. Sure it was a nice win, but a big reason for that is because it is so rare. 5 wins on the season, 12 losses and the Lions are still closer to Relegation than making the Playoffs.
  6. TIWIT


    or... Great game.
  7. TIWIT


    While not exactly on topic here, how 'bout them Raptors? NBA CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. See the ongoing thread on the Sun to see where this leads
  9. Also Doug Ford's fault.
  10. It's all Doug Ford's fault.
  11. I'm stunned to discover your stats on hockey players are correct. Within a decade there will be Americans playing in the NHL than Canadians. So much for Canada's game. All the more reason for the Raptors to take the NBA title!
  12. Arrows lost their semi-final game on Sunday vs. Seattle 30-17 so their season is done. There's no way of knowing but I wonder if any of the Arrows might be curious about doing some training with the Wolfpack now that the latter have moved to Toronto for the last half of their season. I'm sure TWP pays better than TA.
  13. I first posted this in another thread but it bears repeating here: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.
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