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  1. Can someone please explain the difference between Linnets try and Lomax’s last night. Both were sent up as a try, both looked like they may have been held up but the video evidence was inconclusive yet the video ref overturned one and not the otherThe only difference I have seen is that the sky panelist’s made a big issue of tonight’s being inconclusive
  2. Well beat last night, I thought we looked better when Aaron Smith eventually came on at hooker though.
  3. Let's be unbiased pal, Salford have done exactly the same for over half their play of the balls without being penalised. Same last night loads of incorrect play of the balls without being penalised. In fact Welsby's is the only one that has???
  4. They only had 1 friendly before the start of last season and didn't look to bad did they?
  5. Unfortunately for you both the referee and the video referee agreed with me. Nevermind hopefully you won't have to wait too long before you reach another final.
  6. There was no interference with the defensive line, Roby(back of the pack) moved in front of him to play him onside, he never stood in the defensive line unlike Tomkins. You need to jog on pal
  7. Not the same in the slightest Tomkins was stood in the defensive line, Fages was no where near the defensive line. Talk about double standards on here. Similar situations to Tomkins' have been given as obstruction all year. I have not seen 1 penalty given for a scrum half not retreating behind the scrum because no scrum half does it anymore.
  8. Fages was not offside the ref didn't think so and neither did the video ref when it was referred to him, end of.
  9. Obstruction was 50/50 at best come on your having a laugh. Logan Tomkins was stood in the defensive line, made no attempt to move, blocked Knowles to the point he had to drag Tomkins out of the way and Lolohea used the gap created to score. The most blatant obstruction ever. The rest of your biased interpretation is also laughable but that is the worst and destroys all your credibility.
  10. A team that wins the league by 16 points is clearly the best team in the league so it is totally fair to say that Saint's at their best win. If Salford (just like Warrington) can knock them out of their stride however then it is game on.
  11. Not at all, just saying that you think Hicks would have learned a lesson but obviously not.
  12. You must be watching a different game pal. One in the first half went against Wigan but after that everything went Wigan's way. Clubb should have been sin binned for the elbow to Hastings head + penalty try. No excuse from Hicks not to check with the VR especially after Hastings complained. The last hand in was also a pivotal decision.
  13. Absolute disgrace another cheating hand from the pie eater. Hicks should know better. ###### poor.
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