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  1. All well and good but the fact is Penalty try's are rarely awarded even when the player is already over the try line before the foul play takes place. I can't remember the last time a penalty try was given for contact 5 yards out from the try line and in such close proximity to the touchline, maybe someone on here can allude to any examples of this. I'm not saying I agree it is just a fact, so they were never going to give a penalty try in the Grand Final in these circumstances. At least Moore referred it and asked for the video refs view on the merits of a penalty try.
  2. If it was that simple we would see penalty tries given far more frequently but they aren't. Can you answer why Garcia (direct Head contact on Lomax) wasn't a yellow card or an 8 point try and a yellow for Yaha weren't given.
  3. The photo also shows that his body is going towards the touch line from the original contact. It is not 100% certain that he wouldn't have gone into touch so can't give a penalty try. The only penalty trys I see given is when a player is already over the line when the foul play is committed. It was reviewed by the video ref and he agreed with the ref.
  4. What about the knees to the head from Yaha or the early high shot by Garcia on Lomax, under the current rules both are yellow card offences but both went unpunished. Tomkins was playing for a penalty and rightly penalised. Makinson contact was originally on the arm and momentum plus Yaha falling had an influence on where Makinson ended up. Penalty yes, penalty try never as he was going out from the original contact. Yellow harsh given that Garcia got away with one. Both teams can point to decisions that went against them in the game but unfortunately Guasch has thrown his toys out of his pram
  5. How does Makinson get binned and Garcia not? Total inconsistency. Moore doing his best for Catalan
  6. Occasionally you might make a good point if it wasn't for all the other s&&t you spout
  7. Dwyer every time slides in with the knees after the tackle is complete and puts his hand on the ball yet gets away with it.
  8. All the Wire fans booing when a KR player goes down injured to stop momentum I'm sure they have employed that tactic themselves somewhere this season
  9. All the Wire fans booing when a KR player goes down injured to stop momentum I'm sure they have employed that tactic themselves somewhere this season
  10. Quite entertaining but it is high in errors and poor on quality. On this showing none of these should be anywhere near the play offs.
  11. Every decision going Wire way at the moment should have been a penalty against Hill.
  12. Thaler again has to be centre of attention and he's not even on the pitch. To over turn the try their has to be conclusive evidence, awful decision imo.
  13. They had more of the possession in the first half and Saints made considerably more tackles so that comment makes no sense. When they had a lot less in the second half they failed to score a point.
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