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  1. This is the acid test for Leigh. A game on form that Salford should win comfortably. Leigh have began to lose games, but the points difference states that we have yet to be mullered. A local derby against a Salford side for which we are already familiar with. Not expecting a win, but a competitive game would give me assurance that Leigh are in the correct environment. If Salford give Leigh the possession, we will score.
  2. Leigh deserve alot of credit. Quick line speed, dominant in the tackle and basically smashed the Wire pack up. The more I see the more i like, and this enable us to play a more conservative style of Rugby and control it much more. Next week is the acid test for mine. LSV is indeed a fortress, but next weeks away game at Wakefield is massive. A win away from home would be a huge boost and honest belief we could well finish top 8. Very disappointing following from Wire, but id much take the win. Leigh deserved to win by more but every 2 points is vital for the whipping boys. Well done to the coaching team. The use of the bench and substitutions was spot on !
  3. The crowd will win this for Leigh. Both team look evenly matched but I think the Pack will roll them over. Leigh by 12.
  4. Even more gutted that Leigh lost to Leeds, but Cas made them look poor tonight. Our 46-16 defeat doesn't look that bad in comparison and it is good that some of the unfancied teams are coming through playing RL like that. Well done Cas!
  5. Brown is a good experienced full back. We have a chance here. Some calmness and cohesion could result in a win. I'd have taken 2 points from the first 5 games!
  6. As a Leigh fan, I cannot see anything else than a comfortable Cas win. We already have injuries and our backs not good enough to score the points. It will be a hell of an atmosphere though. Cash 32 Leigh 10 Att. 10k plus
  7. I think we are all getting a bit giddy here. The championship will be one hell of a competition next year, and im for one glad Leigh are not in it. Leigh also need to avoid the bottom 4 too, so top 8 needs to be the goal. There will be some really strong teams, and this is what will make the middle 8's even better next year. HKR, Bradford, London, Batley, Fev, and Halifax are all better squads. If people think Toulouse will turn up and walk the league, then they need to think again. Home games will preserve C1 status, away form will leave alot to be desired !! Mid table for me.
  8. HKR gone to sleep and defensively brittle on the flanks. Similar to the Leigh game this.
  9. We (Leigh), looked very sluggish and Headingley is always a difficult place to go to. As Quoted, Ridyards tackling on Leeds' left edge was found wanting. STILL, its job done and well done to them. Obvious investment is needed and i am sure Derek will spend every penny of the new cap. I dont think we will be good enough to finish top 8 next year, so here is a Leigh fan being a realist, but if some of the lower SL clubs dont invest heavily either, they too will come up short. Well done to Leeds, some great kids there. Id be surprised if they find themselves in such a position again !!
  10. I agree. We might have lost that with Paul in charge. My word we dug in and finished our chances well. Tonga may well have paid his transfer alone with that pass. Brilliance!
  11. Tenacious, aggressive and bloody fair play to them. 26 warriors and one proud leyther in marbella. Well played boys!
  12. Talk about taking your doot off the gas ! Well done London ! 34-8 to 34-30 in a matter of 5final minutes is a credit to you. Lesson to you Leigh ! 22 points in 5 mins ain't good enough !
  13. Good luck Fev. The Leythers want you to do the Championship proud. Hope you get the sell out you deserve. PO Rd will be like a cauldron with anything like 7k on and it will look great for the cameras.
  14. It will be nervous after last years middle 8 shambles. Wakefield won us by 1 point, and they are in the top 8 of SL this season. The rest is History. At least we have had the experience, for which to be fair we are the ONLY championship side that has it with the other 3 sides having better seasons. Leigh just need to beat the Championship sides as the first priority. If they take a SL scalp, happy days but that will only guarantee 4th. We need to take 2 scalps for automatic promotion, because no disrespect to the other Championship sides,i dont see any Champioship side winning a SL team this time round.
  15. Point difference mean nothing in this format. Leigh just need to win !!!