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  1. how things have changed for fans since the 70s

    Haha, I remember them days as a kid and the Leigh / Wigan derbys used to be brutal inside and outside of the ground !! I remember Leigh fans packing out Wilderspools Railway end in a 2001 Challenge Cup QF tie with streams or urine going down the terraces. Not pleasant but these old grounds had one hell of an atmosphere. All RL grounds have improved but i do miss the atmosphere of a packed Hilton Park and Central Park. Rugby league is in a better place in regards to facilities and skills but I must admit, Super League has damaged the lower teams considerably. Halifax, Bradford, Barrow, Dewsbury, Featherstone, Workington, Whitehaven, Keighley all used to attend in their thousands in the 70's and 80's. The problem is that most of these fans now are Super league glory hunters and the top 6 SL teams have certainly benefited as a result ! That is the issue of todays game and more needs to be done with the sport outside of Super league in my opinion.
  2. Leigh Centurions sign Kurt Baptiste

    I suppose there isnt a right lot Leigh can do when certain players want SL rugby. They could have done and tried harder to keep Leigh up. Irrespective, a few have re- signed from last season but lets see how it goes. I must admit, next years side is very youthful and look better on paper. The championship will be a belter of a league next year and I see nothing but fireworks when Toronto come to Town.
  3. Salford. Trouble at mill.

    London have had their time in SL (even though they were never promoted) and need to consolidate to become a stable contender. With Henderson leaving, i dont see that coming anytime soon. Fulham had a 15000 crowd v Wigan in 1980 in division 2 and soon got promoted to the big time. Like PSG, and Gateshead, all went pear shaped and went on to dissolve within a few years. They have to take the bad times with the good times, but handing it to them on a plate does not create resilience. There is no point comparing Leigh with London , Toulouse etc. It should be all about the present and none of these clubs have the infrastructure to compete with Leigh at this moment in time. Good luck to Salford. They are a SL club and have been around long enough to get through this. I just hope their season does not implode and result to them becoming next years whipping boys.
  4. Salford. Trouble at mill.

    The AJ Bell Stadium is just a white elephant and is crucifying this great club. I used to enjoy going to the Willows as a Leigh Fan and packing the cop end giving each other some stick. It would be right for Leigh to replace them should things go belly up. 12 months isnt a great time frame to establish yourself but we did average well over 6000 fans, have a great stadium and only technically finished 11th. BUT, we are currently a Championship club (Though i must say the signing we have made so far could indicate a hidden agenda).
  5. Salford. Trouble at mill.

    I fear for Salford and all their valuable assets seem to be on the way out. On a different tangent, i have been intrigued by Derek Beaumonts acumen in regards to his relaxed views pre and post relegation. He was certainly dignified once relegation was confirmed. I actually contacted him on Twitter stating if any club faces relegation, irrespective of the MPG result and he didnt get back to me. Was he possibly aware of the Salford situation and a possible reprieve ? Irrespective, good luck to Salford. I hope they get it sorted and take their rightful place in SL next season.
  6. Super League attendances 2017

    Leighs average is really commendable. Only St Helens came to Town bringing 3k and Warrington and Wigan was really disappointing considering we took 2-3000 to both away games. If Leigh can comfortably average 4500 next season, that will do me. Its a pity because we travel well too, but HKR will make up for that. I really fear for salford.
  7. Wigan 8-2 Manly 30 years ago

    Haha, I had practice of watching Wigan smash us 35-0 a few weeks previously. The only good thing about that day was that it was a hot sunny day and Hilton Park was absolutely packed to the rafters with 13000 on. RL seemed to be by far better attended in them days and the Leigh / Wigan derbys really were tense affairs (especially on the terraces)
  8. Wigan 8-2 Manly 30 years ago

    Good old Winter Rugby with 3 up and 3 down promotion eh? Them were the days and it hates me to say this being a Leyther but that Wigan side was just awesome!
  9. Wigan 8-2 Manly 30 years ago

    Hence the 'haha' Dale Shearer was the best player on the park but the Tenacity of Wigan won them the game.
  10. Wigan 8-2 Manly 30 years ago

    Wow, I remember getting the bus as a 12 year old from Leigh. Awesome occasion and I climbed up the riverside stand to probably get the best seat in the house. As i climbed up, some old Wigan fan gave me a cup of Bovril and stated that he was Glad the Leigh and Wigan Derby's were back! Never 36k. There looked 25k in the kop end alone. Super League not a patch on them days and how did Ron Gibbs not get sent off? haha
  11. Wolfpacks new signings

    Toronto will not have it their own way for sure. I expected them to blow everyone away (which to be honest), is a poor C1 division. They still lost to York and drew to Keighley. Away from home will be the achilles heel and their games with Leigh will be fruity to say the least. Toronto have a solid pack but they need to sign some handy backs in order to run away with it next season. Another one will be announced from Leigh shortly so for me their backline needs to be looked at. They should still finish in the top 4 IMHO.
  12. Watching the game Live, Leigh lost the battle on the ground and Catalans played the game at a different pace. Very stereotypical as Leigh kicked off exactly the same and Catalans cleared their lines with the same players. Discipline shocking and Walsh turned up second half. Well done Catalans. Deserved winners which to be honest was a sombre atmosphere in a near 7000 crowd. No complaints from me. Is next season to be a 13 team Sl? Anyway, we enjoyed it whilst it lasted!
  13. East stand pretty full which is normally not used. Considering all the local football, I'd say around 6.5 to 7k. Leigh anxious and Catalans making big yards. Hope the North stand make them buck up!
  14. Are Catalans averaging 13k this season? Leigh have done well and to average 6500 out if a Town a mere 5 times less the size is good going. Other than that, no one wants to see Catalans relegated and that includes me being a Leigh fan. If goalposts are moved to accomodate 13 teams next year, you will get no arguments from me.

    After Leighs stuffing of what I must say (a very poor Catalans), I can see the goal posts turning as I type. I don't feel there will be any relegation at all (especially not Catalans). The RFL have this dream of Toronto being in SL next year too, so watch the Chairmen of the big 4 cry in their beer when it becomes a 14 team SL in 2019 !! Jokingly apart, SL need Catalans as they bring much needed spice to the SL. What frustrates me though is they seem to spend cash for fun of Aussie and Kiwi Journeymen which isnt doing them any good at all.