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  1. From what I can tell, it may be 2 or 3 fixtures.
  2. Doncaster currently 22-10 up at London with just under 10 minutes left
  3. I've got all of the player records for Doncaster RLFC online, and am working my way through all of the matches as well. Once thats online, should be a large amount of Donny related stuff to look through. Will only post the link if asked, as don't want to steal OPs thunder.
  4. I've not seen a ball bounce like that in a long, long time. For those who haven't seen it.
  5. Little clip of a try from Jason Tali in the Doncaster v Barrow game. Not seen a ball bounce like this in years.
  6. From the angle I had of it, Dallimore moved his head/shoulders towards Scott, then received several punches. I thought he'd headbutted him, but I'll look at the video in the morning.
  7. Couple of the tries, from my POV (behind the sticks ), were sheer strength from the Donny players, but I'd say you're right on some of it.
  8. Highlights of the Doncaster vs North Wales match. Was impressed with some of the NWC play, and with us playing 2 'loan/DR' half backs, we could have struggled really.
  9. Small error in that.. He played 66 games for Doncaster, scoring 23 tries, and 98 goals.
  10. Same here. Even friends of mine who have no interest in League saw that yesterday and were commenting on how amazingly well she did.
  11. Indeed. I've seen some nasty stuff in my time, but that is quite cowardly. Hopefully, the Grade F sanction will mean that he doesn't play again for a long, long time.
  12. As others have said, I can't believe this. Every time I saw him play, he had a smile on his face, and its difficult to believe that hes not pulled through. Its not my club, but the Rugby League family can only pull together in times like this and support everyone involved as much as possible.
  13. Yep, As Jimmy Lowes said, there may have been some elbow in the hand off, but thats part of the game.
  14. Well, this was his try... Beep beep...
  15. When you see a player go down, and every player around him starts yelling for the medical staff, you fear the worst. Talking to the Donny physio, who went to treat him, after the game, she says that they weren't sure if it was ligament damage or an ankle break, but from the angle of the foot at the time he was down, it looked like it was broken. I hope it isn't, as anything like that could really damage his career.