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  1. The entire fixture list this season is ridiculous.
  2. From where I was, it seemed nearer 400. Think Mr Jackson has been guessing. That stand holds 500, and was over 3/4s full.
  3. Having watched the match video, I can agree with you. However, I must say, this from Feka Paleaaesina is awesome
  4. Yeah, the product on offer with that is normally pretty good too, with normally multiple cameras and commentary on the games. Think every club in the EIHL (top level English League), with the exception of Nottingham Panthers and Braehead Clan do streams of home fixtures.
  5. Thanks. Done highlights and stuff previously, but I've decided to make more of a concious effort presentation wise with it all. Would post a link to the first 'effort' (as I forgot I'd left a load of graphics stuff on my laptop), but I'm at work and don't have access to YT or FB, however, it can be found via the Dons Website.
  6. Love the output that Rovers have with the TV stuff. Doing the highlights for Doncaster this season, and, the first game has had some decent feedback (although, there is no sound on the video, and I need to finish off the work on the graphics output), theres stuff to learn. I'd also love to be able to put out a live match one of these days, just to see what we can do.
  7. York to Fold?

    From what I can tell, it may be 2 or 3 fixtures.
  8. Doncaster currently 22-10 up at London with just under 10 minutes left
  9. International Squads website

    I've got all of the player records for Doncaster RLFC online, and am working my way through all of the matches as well. Once thats online, should be a large amount of Donny related stuff to look through. Will only post the link if asked, as don't want to steal OPs thunder.
  10. I've not seen a ball bounce like that in a long, long time. For those who haven't seen it.
  11. Little clip of a try from Jason Tali in the Doncaster v Barrow game. Not seen a ball bounce like this in years.
  12. Donny

    From the angle I had of it, Dallimore moved his head/shoulders towards Scott, then received several punches. I thought he'd headbutted him, but I'll look at the video in the morning.
  13. Couple of the tries, from my POV (behind the sticks ), were sheer strength from the Donny players, but I'd say you're right on some of it.
  14. Highlights of the Doncaster vs North Wales match. Was impressed with some of the NWC play, and with us playing 2 'loan/DR' half backs, we could have struggled really.
  15. Latest Recruit - Dave Scott

    Small error in that.. He played 66 games for Doncaster, scoring 23 tries, and 98 goals.