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  1. He seems to be the go to for a lot of RL '######' at the moment. I know several coaches refuse to talk to him due to his style of 'reporting'.
  2. It appears that Donny have hit the straps massively in the first half at Oldham.
  3. Yeah, I've heard mention of who and what, and being bluntly honest, it has no place anywhere. Looking at the disciplinary, a Grade F is an 8 game minimum, isn't it?
  4. From what I saw (sat watching whilst working at home, and trying not to melt), Donny did enough, then shut off. The red card incident must have been something pretty bad dissent wise.
  5. Agree here. There definitely wasn't much between the sides. Didn't think the second penalty that Robinson kicked was a penalty, although, to be honest, the officials were letting a bit go both ways.
  6. From what I saw of Cornwall when they played Doncaster, there's definitely no shortage of effort. A couple of wins will do them the world of good.
  7. Theres a reason that Aaron York has as many tries as he has this season, and thats this.
  8. Neither did Sam Smeaton, which is why Liam Johnson and Aaron York ended up out there.
  9. Call it a hunch, but I think Matty may be back next week. The try called back for the Bears was for offside, the Dons also had one disallowed just before Johnson scored for a forward pass as well.
  10. Menzies Campbell, former Lib Dem leader.
  11. Photos from today Donny v Barrow match - http://terracemedia.co.uk/gallery/index.php?/category/68
  12. Photos from yesterdays match at Doncaster. 2021 Doncaster RLFC / 20210606 London Skolars H | TerraceMedia Gallery Rob.
  13. Loved seeing the Fev fans in for the last 25 minutes of the Dons game, and the love affair you guys have with Watson Boas.
  14. I'd say Horne is looking to do similar things. Hes definitely gone for a slightly different style of rugby to whats been played by the Dons in recent years, although, having Ross Peltier coming off the bench to steam into centre field is a cracking option to have. We seem to enjoy playing with our back row forwards out wide, and our big guys in the centre, and our hooker, Ross Whitmore has played 160 minutes in the last fortnight, which, with Beharrell and Boas floating around, and Ben Johnston in the interchanges, gives us lots of playmaking options.
  15. From my point of view [a Donny fan that actually exists ], Brown is a good little player, he still has a lot to learn, and needs to be willing to take the ball into contact a bit more than he does, but I have no doubts he'll do well at Sheffield. I like Kyle Kesik a lot as a player, he always seems to be busy, and gives 100% no matter what.
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