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  1. Job hunting

    Thanks I'll have a look
  2. Job hunting

    Thanks , there are a couple on there I've not looked at. At the minute I deal with fire safety. So something in that or possibly a move into wider statutory compliance and or PPM .
  3. Job hunting

    Can anyone recommend a decent job site ? So far Indeed seem to be the best but I'm not sure if a should speak to an agency or just surf through the rubbish that some job sites have on .
  4. I'd done the same and thought that can't be right must have been gold plated so I'll ask on here.
  5. Im pretty sure that is the case . I'll get it tested but speaking to someone who knows , they think it will be 10% asbestos. If that's the case I'm confident enough to do that bit myself , with all the safety gear.
  6. I think for building regs anything less than 15m2 and non combustible is exempt but I'll check. Was hoping to build under permitted development.
  7. I assumed nearly all brick garages had a block inner skin. It's a possibility it might get used for a living space down the line . Never considered an ex display garage , worth an ask. Thanks.
  8. The garage I've got is coming to the end of its usefulness , it's a concrete sectional from the 60s. I would like a double skin block/brick built garage in its place. What I'm not sure it's what it's going to cost.i could get a builder but ideally could do with some decent plans to let them price from. Before I go down that road I'd like a ballpark figure. Looking at a size of around 5.5by 3m. Anyone had something like this built lately ?
  9. Another mass shooting

    The number of guns in the us has risen since the mid 90s. There are now more than 100 million more guns than then. In fact there are more guns that people in the US.
  10. The Paradise Papers

    On BBC 1 now
  11. The Paradise Papers

    That is so but I'm not sure if the Queen does a tax return or if she would be exempt for any errors.
  12. The Paradise Papers

    Yes it's still laughable at least the point I did make is. She has no explaining to do , possibly the people who run the investment fund may have .
  13. The Paradise Papers

    I think it's laughable some think the Queen sits at a desk and would say yes put 3 grand into Brighthouse.
  14. I wouldn't defend Trump well at all but this is the story. I think the point about talking to those on the ground is fair enough. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/trump-says-u-s-losing-afghan-war-tense-meeting-generals-n789006
  15. Next Season

    They would be right. Our slice is probably less than one % of the SL share. I doubt we are on SL radar for much . They come in at R5 , they don't come in at R1 , much like us ... The draw would be pretty unwieldy if all the club's started out at R1. You are right not many would be happy with that draw unless you were Siddal . I've more chance of winning the lottery than that draw mind. I think you are harking back to a time that has gone and isn't coming back. SL I wouldn't say is closed shop what about Leigh ?