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  1. I wouldn't defend Trump well at all but this is the story. I think the point about talking to those on the ground is fair enough. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/trump-says-u-s-losing-afghan-war-tense-meeting-generals-n789006
  2. Next Season

    They would be right. Our slice is probably less than one % of the SL share. I doubt we are on SL radar for much . They come in at R5 , they don't come in at R1 , much like us ... The draw would be pretty unwieldy if all the club's started out at R1. You are right not many would be happy with that draw unless you were Siddal . I've more chance of winning the lottery than that draw mind. I think you are harking back to a time that has gone and isn't coming back. SL I wouldn't say is closed shop what about Leigh ?
  3. Next Season

    How much do they steal now ? Championship clubs don't have a TV deal , nothing to be taken away there. I'm not sure how central funding is broken down I imagine it's done by league position with some sort of minimum payment.
  4. Next Season

    The rfl wanted to close the gap between SL and those being promoted in doing so it has created two leagues within the championship. Lots of chatter in the main forum about another change to the league format in 2019. Possibly SL to get bigger but I imagine that would depend on TV money.
  5. Thanks for the memories..........

    No doubt he has , however he ticks both the passion and giant bell boxes.
  6. One Yorkshire.

    Good idea in theory but I can't see it happening . I'd agree that maybe it's abit too big to manage.
  7. It's not ideal , I think the issue would be if Yorkcourt never hit the trigger point by either they go bust or decide they haven't hit the trigger point and have a better legal team than the council. Hopefully it all works out for them.
  8. Thanks for the memories..........

    I'd like to see Catalans stay up. Helps with game in France . Also DB is a weapons grade bell.
  9. Wakefield to stay at Belle Vue

    Looks like they are hoping to move in by 2020. Delayed by 3/4 years, seems the ground depends on selling the retail space first , which is a struggle . I wouldn't put any money on this one ever getting going.
  10. Wakefield to stay at Belle Vue

    I hope it comes off for them this time , but they have endless false dawn's , wakey fans must have had enough. Doesn't seem quite clear where the money is coming from. From what I've read the council will take out a loan also a lease on the ground , that wakey don't own anymore. Then get a developer to pay back the loan , the one who messed everyone about over Newmarket. The grounds lease holder also owns the land around the ground that will be redeveloped along with the ground. That's alot of plates to keep spinning.
  11. Cricket 2017

    I think one up one down might be better , but I'm not against 2 division cricket. Though I don't agree with less 4 day games with the new fixtures. At least Bairstow is playing rather than sat on the side lines.
  12. http://edition.cnn.com/2017/04/10/politics/donald-trump-obama-travel-costs/index.html http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/13678/trumps-ridiculous-resort-lifestyle-is-literally-breaking-the-secret-service Part of draining the swamp.
  13. Rooney.... wayne

    I bet his wife was more interested in the lady in the car. I'm sure he was just making sure she got home safe.
  14. Cheers it's a Honeywell cm927. Yes I've seen the room stat connected to the PCB. It's a foot of 2 core with a shrink wrapped end with what I assume is a thermistor under. I'll disconnect that and put the stat in place of and give it a go. Thanks for your help , either way I'll pop back and let you know how it goes.