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  1. I'm not sure it was, there are other production lines of mini s on the continent , in Holland I think.
  2. As a further kick in the teeth the announcement of crossrail 2. A snip at 30bn.
  3. Nothing to do with him or his wife anymore. Owned by someone else now and right the government stepped in , pity it took a Tory government to do this. I think under Labour huge holes were dug all round the house. We don't have the money to save all the old houses but something as significant and grand as this I'll turn a blind eye.
  4. I must say I've read the link and can't see where they ask for a non white judge , they ask for a more diverse panel . Maybe I've missed that bit.
  5. Yes it does I said as much in my last paragraph you quoted.
  6. Some recent stadium costs Scunthorpe not yet built 12k seater stadium £25mil York not yet built stadium 8k capacity £44 million Grimsby not yet built stadium 14k capacity £55 million. Rotherham stadium was 20 million for 12k capacity. Though this might not be build costs just for the stadium itself ,it may be these includes buying the land and other bits part of the stadium , hotel cinema etc.
  7. I can see why he is steering clear of this , he has his nose in front of another election happens he will want to be ready. On the other the biggest political decision made in our lifetime I'd like to see everyone pulling together.
  8. Just had a Google seems he ran in 2001 when ids won , he finished 4th then.
  9. Didn't he run for leader when Hague did ? Possibly he dropped out early in the running .
  10. Haven't watched it in a while , switched over to it for a few minutes. Turned it back onto something else . I saw the angry man, it's unwatchable , the format has had its day. Time to try something else.
  11. It's at Lords we don't often do well there.
  12. Celotex and others have a fire retardant version.
  13. To be fair I'm not sure it's much of a story. Technical director sits on technical advisory committee who advise the government.
  14. Aghh I've no game now . Just got a back soon screen.
  15. Doesn't matter if it her first game or 1000th , it might be better if it's her last talk like that isn't welcome at RL grounds.