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  1. Don't worry he will find some way to stuff it up.
  2. I'm not sure that he did pause it not what is suggested in the link , I assume he also had that same advice re siting of the runway. I doubt anywhere on the island is ideal but the test flights have got in and out.I realise that is the issue I object to lazy reporting implying it was impossible for aircraft to land. The tender for a company to run this service has just gone out , the winner we be announced in April.
  3. Not quite the tories fault , personally signed off by G Brown himself.https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2008/sep/26/gordonbrown.labourconference Planes can land here and have done so https://whatthesaintsdidnext.com/2016/12/04/no-big-deal-to-land-here-embraer-test-pilot-says-winds-and-gusts-at-st-helena-airport-are-normal/
  4. And get a mandate from parliament and the rest of the middle east ? How many British soldiers are we happy to come back in body bags?. Also the logistics and capacity of a much reduced armed forces to even get into Syria let alone do anything else is questionable. Where in the world do the rest of the tops from ?
  5. This ^ is very good to say something must be done however there is little that can be done. Diplomatic pressure isn't working , economic is really long term and for large parts can be bypassed. Military ? Very little chance of putting together a coalition that would have clear aims and an end date and of course not start ww3.
  6. Isn't this why public health was moved to LA so the budget could be cut then whenever it's brought up the line is its a council decision .
  7. When it was in the air what good did it do ? If there had been a Labour government in those tory years in the 80s and 90s how many pits would still be open ? I think a token few.
  8. I doubt they will get the chance most ex miners live in solid Labour areas all they will do is increase the majority. No chance of striking the pits have gone. I wouldn't have thought there are many people left who remember 1926. Best look forward if you hang to to stuff for 40 years it will eat you up.
  9. What about other European pits ? Who still has a large scale mining industry ? Poland and Russia I know of .
  10. Possibly so but it was probably tied in with other reasons.
  11. I've no reason to think that's not true however if the PM at that time wore a blue tie i think none of those reasons would have been valid and it would have been because of well, something else. I realise closing pits politics aside there is usually a number of reasons.
  12. And I'm assuming it was cheaper to import coal from Poland and Russia by the time Thatcher was in no 10.
  13. And while Wilson was in number 10 almost 300 pits were shut. I'm not sure why but possibly political drive ? What other reasons did both red and blue governments shut hundreds of pits , cheaper to import ?
  14. Where did you get the pic from ? I thought that was the 2017 leisurewear.
  15. I wonder if they also did when Wilson died ?