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  1. Like pouring money down the drain .
  2. I'd say a combination of both , ecb pitch inspectors give the counties the willys. Better to have a huge scoring draw than too much turn and lose points. That in itself leads to less spinners playing and bowling.
  3. As others have said he isn't a leader. It's isn't likely he could make much happen even if he led a Labour party to power it would spend more time fighting itself than the business of government. Nobody vaguely competent in the PLP supports Corbyn, his cabinet and staff would be filled with sycophants . The deluded who follow him to the ends of the earth are a total turn off to the middle of the road voters , those who actually win elections. He is best suited to the backbench stimulating debate without doing too much damage.
  4. Pretty disappointing result , much for Ned to ponder.
  5. On paper they have a good team , however Bell and Trott should be doing a lot better look shot.
  6. Not sure I seem to think that ls what used to happen maybe it has changed.
  7. Isn't the table bit done direct from the rfl ?
  8. Coad looks are real find , hopefully the rain stays away long enough to take the last wicket.
  9. That's a little unfair, very few people will see how much money there is from the football pitches or where it goes or how much money is needed to keep the club going each year. Difficult to challenge without knowing any facts. Though for the avoidance of doubt I'm not suggesting mark is profiteering at all.
  10. No chance, Rams 8 - Batley 38
  11. Yes I've read the responses.
  12. It's on Wakefield councils website why it didn't count , they say it couldn't legally be part of the Newmarket development. Now I hope Wakefield come out of this well but that is very slack not to check if not bordering on incompetent. If I thought the local council leader was against me , the council did nothing to help , had tried to move stadiums for the last 20 years , knew that without it could put the clubs SL status in doubt and the club itself then I would have had someone double check everything.
  13. Ok from what I have read it seems as if the council didn't have a choice . The application was outside the original scope and couldn't legally be included as it needed a separate application on count of how high it was. Personally I think it looks ridiculous as you drive by on the m62 it's massively bigger than anything nearby . Yeah it would only need 17 k sqm if the extension ever gets built at the minute it's about half that. So even if that were included Wakefield would still be in the same position, without a ground. Why didn't anyone at the club or trust raise this as an issue when the pp went in for Newcold ? I suppose they could build everything outside of the original deal but it would be hard unless they were all as tall as Newcold.
  14. As I have read it wmdc couldn't legally have added to the trigger point. Although all this talk even if they could have Wakey would still be in the same boat. It looks as if even if you add all the warehousing together there still isn't enough to get to the trigger point. Any news on where Wakey are moving to if at all ?
  15. But does he know the championship inside out ? We aren't really in a position to let someone who doesn't settle in .