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  1. 2018 Squad confirmed

    Really - he left us for Batley and had a really good season on loan to Dewsbury last season - no mention of a move back to Swinton (yet)
  2. Adam Jones

    sorry to see Adam leave Swinton - your gain is our loss He will do well for you.
  3. 2018 fixtures

    Certainly better than last season as we do not have to play all the top 6 teams in the first 6 weeks, hopefully the team can get a few wins under its belt to kick the season off
  4. 2018 Squad.

    Penny was re-signed by Warrington after two really impressive seasons with Swinton and during his time at Warrington he scored some impressive tries. He is I am sure still capable of scoring lots of tries - would certainly welcome him back at Swinton.
  5. Swinton away - - - - Sunday - - - - - Sale

    Yes I would agree with that - I think ideally the RFL want the Australian model of an elite league with all other clubs being nothing more that feeder clubs with no ambition beyond that. There is little or no coverage of Championship rugby ( or Championship 1) in the press and media, ok Radio Leeds is the exception, Radio Manchester stopped covering Oldham, Swinton, Rochdale years ago and as we all know TV coverage is all about SL. So smaller clubs become totally dependant on their share of Sky money, as the clubs find it increasingly difficult to publicise there existence beyond an ever diminishing band of supporters. What really gets under my skin is that last Sunday's match for Oldham and Swinton at least was a really important match, over 1000 spectators came to what - which in itself was great - but not even a ripple of interest shown by RFL or Sky or the local media.........so its a self fulfilling prophecy, the smaller clubs get smaller and smaller as the gap widens between SL and the rest - thus heralding a new age of "world rugby league". Of course the one think the RFL have forgotten is that rugby league is the main sport in Australia and as such gets lots of attention and generates lots of money.........where here rugby league has been ( and continues to be) the poor relation the union - but that's another topic. I do wish Oldham all the very best.
  6. Swinton away - - - - Sunday - - - - - Sale

    As a Swinton fan - I thought Oldham controlled large periods of the game, certainly most of the first half, the Oldham pack was tremendous - but the half backs didn't create an awful lot. Obviously the score flattered Swinton and it must have been a tense affair on field and I personally think no player goes out to lose and on the day Swinton won - but that was not down to lack of commitment from Oldham players, just better execution by Swinton when it mattered. Best of luck for next season, on and off the field.
  7. Good luck Swinton

    I think Oldham's pack was outstanding today, made good yards with every carry and Oldham were by far the livelier team, but were unable to convert possession into points, due I think to resolute Swinton defence and yes Swinton did take their chances when they presented themselves. As a Swinton supported I elated that we won - but also sorry that as a result, Oldham will be relegated. I think both teams have been similar this season, inconsistent, showed lots of potential but with too many games lost that both clubs could have won.......... Good luck to both our teams for the 2018 season.
  8. Bradford at home

    Sadly I agree we (Swinton) like Oldham seem unable to win games so I see the second relegation place being filled by Oldham, Swinton or Rochdale - which for all our rivalries cannot be good.........:(
  9. Bradford today

    Recently watched the match on the Bulls TV channel with commentary from the local Bradford radio station. The coverage was great - good camera work, but half way through I had to switch off the commentary as the two commentators we so biased in Bradford's favour I found my self responding to the screen every time a disparaging remark was made about Swinton or indeed the ref......... Swinton played well, were organised and dominated the Bulls pack, the backs then scored three good tries - I realise Bradford had 12 men but that wasn't the difference but rather that Swinton were simply better in all areas.
  10. Bradford today

    What a great result today - could not go - so disappointed I was not there to see the win, lets hope the team really can put winning run together so we stay in the Championship..........cannot wait to read the report and see the match highlights.........
  11. Duffy's Departure

    Gone to Featherstone ............so everyone is saying. Once again good luck, Watson has done a great job at Salford, sure Duffy will do the same and now lets hope Stuart get us going and the team can stay in the Championship
  12. Jon sharp sacked

    Yes appears that Duffy has joined you - well one thing is for sure the team will be exciting on attack - only match this season when we (Swinton) failed to score any tries was at your place, so keep a good defence and you will be a force to be reckoned with - not sure he would want to bring any players with him as I imagine your squad is already pretty strong.
  13. Duffy's Departure

    Would appear John has been offered a position elsewhere - which he could not turn down, so good luck to John, a repeat of what happened with Ian Watson.............:(
  14. Duffy's Departure

    Really sorry to see John Duffy leave the club - though I guess its understandable with the league position and financial woes.........I think the teamm has played some wonderful attacking rugby this season and that is down to Duffy's coaching skills. Having sat in ear shot of him at home matches his frustration was evident when the players did not execute plans / moves as expected, but also his total commitment to the job. I for one would like to thank John for his hard work and wish him well in his next coaching role.
  15. Jon sharp sacked

    Really surprised that your coach and staff have been sacked - I think Featherstone have played the most attractive attacking rugby of all the teams we have played this season..........its understandable why Swinton's coach has gone with our league position and financial woes - but it doesn't seem reasonable to sack your coach - but as supporters do we ever know what really goes on ?