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  1. As a Swinton supporter - I too am sorry for all the Bradford supporters but I also think allowing a new team to start in the same division is a mistake, I also do believe that the RFL have been selective with their support of clubs, e.g. bought Odsal but was happy to see Station Road sold - not aware of any offers from the RFL at the time. As promoting other teams into the Championship - it is a fair point that doing that now would put any team at a disadvantage, so could have kept a reduced number of teams in the Championship, with one club relegated and three clubs coming up next season - lots a permutations but all just points of view as the RFL have made their decision. I also heard the justification about the financial loss to clubs in the championship should Bradford have relegated - well just think of the financial gains for the clubs in Championship 1, more than balances things out. Anyway, looking forward to the start of the season proper.........good luck to all ,except when playing Swinton
  2. As a Swinton supporter I remember how good he was as a player coach at Rochdale ............ to my dismay at the time of course
  3. Well Scott Ranson was an underrated player in my opinion - had lots of pace and great finisher - if my memory serves me correctly you did sign from us (Swinton) didn't - you also signed Derek Bate as well, our other great winger of that period.
  4. Although it is sad news that has reminded us of our memories ( both happy and sad) - isn't great to never the less to remember these events and for me at least, when I do think back, the memories are as clear as is it was yesterday
  5. Sorry to hear the sad news that Kevin O'Loughlin has died.........he came to Swinton at the latter stages of his career and what a fantastic player was, I remember well the 1981 quarter-final John Player Trophy victory at Salford. Kevin was my father's favourite player and as my father died earlier that year, I remember leaving Salford with tears in my eyes for the win and for my dad who wasn't there to see Kevin's winning try. My heart felt condolences to the O'Loughlin family.
  6. Sorry to see players that are leaving, I think playing Matty Beharrell as hooker / acting half back didn't allow him to show his full ability, hope hr and all the other players do well and their new clubs. So with the new players we have signed is there any information about then, e.g. former clubs and positions, etc.
  7. I am sure Peacock is regretting his comments now - not sure he will be invited back onto the Super League show now Hull KR are in the championship ..............how does the saying act in haste and repent in leisure..........
  8. Don't forget both your loses (Oldham & Rochdale) to Swinton...........just thought I would drop that comment in. But seriously, it makes for an exciting season ahead with three local sides playing each other.
  9. I was sorry when Wayne left Swinton ( which should never have happened)...........he has been a fantastic player for both Swinton & Rochdale, I still have my mug from Wayne's benefit year at Swinton............
  10. Forgot to say that last season, Atkin seemed to work the left side of the field and White the right side and yes it did work reasonably well.................
  11. Sorry to see Hallet leave, showed some really good centre play this season and he has also scored some really important tries as well. I think we struggled for a hooker after Nicholson got injured, so we definitely need cover in that position also we do not have any centres in squad but I am sure the coaching staff already know who they want, etc.
  12. Well done Rochdale, looking forward to Swinton playing you next season.
  13. To be honest I think all of us supporters ( me Swinton) Oldham and Haven have the same feelings and passion for our respective clubs and that is what unites us all - good luck to all concerned and maybe a bit more luck for Swinton.........
  14. I could not agree more - terrible comments about funding - just shows how clubs outside Super League are seen by to so called elite. I for one as a Swinton supporter was really pleased to see Batley make the top four and get extra cash for next season - even if you got there by beating us heavily ...............
  15. As a Swinton supporter I obviously want Swinton to stay up - all the clubs concerned know what they must do, so it will be a worrying time for all of us (Oldham, Whitehaven, Swinton) supporters as our teams fight to remain in the Championship.