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  1. Wasn't too impressed with coverage - could have interviewed Duffy - but they did interview coaches of Leigh & Hull KR, also sorry to say it but I found the comments about the "part timers" some what condescending - maybe that is just me and my dislike of Super League ..............
  2. Not the draw I wanted but at least there will be a good crowd ( I hope) - so can the dual reg players turn out against Wigan ? Does anyone know ?
  3. Even made it onto BBC RL page and also the Metro free paper - what dizzy heights.........:)
  4. Thanks Coolie - definitely the season's highlight for everyone at Swinton..............
  5. Does anyone know how they both are ?
  6. Did well to win today, went off the boil after 20mins in the 1st half which let Rochdale back into the match. Do not know what was going on the field today with all the aggression - Jordan Hand seemed intent on getting sent off, good job he was substituted, obviously he left Swinton on really bad terms. Thought the ref was really poor today, lost control of the match and seemed again to be really inconsistent with his decisions ( for both teams) - I do hope both Swinton players are ok - looked really back for Jack Murphy............we definitely need to add to the squad with all these injuries. Thought Bate had his best game today and Bracek was good also, great to see Llyod back and fit..........and providing Dwyer with a great pass for his try. Was amazed to Ollie Davies playing after Friday when he was hobbling on crutches with ice on his ankle - great work by the physio team. So lets hope the team can now start notching wins in this league and avoid the drop
  7. Do not know why Jordan Hand left Swinton " by mutual consent" - he is a good player and will be a good signing for you - I also think you will beat us on Monday as we cannot seem to play for a full 80mins - every match this season has been the same - so why should Monday be any different. Looking forward to a good match and hopefully a Swinton win.....
  8. I agree on reflection best team won - Swinton cannot seem able to play for full 80 mins, when we do we score freely as we have a talented set of backs but cannot keep giving points away..........I thought Gee was your best man today.
  9. Your gain our loss...........:(
  10. Until the team can play for the full 80 mins with intensity that they have been showing for maybe 40 or 60 mins each match they will not win another match this season...........every match I come away thinking "what if" - yesterday is was what if they had not conceded two tries in the first half, what if Gore inside pass to Murphy had reached him he would have scored by the posts and we may have won.............So I think Duffy needs to add to the squad and bring some completion back into the squad which ins't there now due to the injuries and players leaving, etc. Oh well Rochdale on Monday - lets hope it kick starts our season. Was a good point about the bonus points we would have several already.....:(
  11. Yes also looking forward to the match - from Swinton's point of view we certainly need to start winning - not been able to play for 80min so far -should be a great game really important for both clubs - first time for me to visit Bower Fold as well.
  12. Just read on the Lions web page that Jordan Hand has left the club by mutual consent...............that's a shame as I think we have missed him, anyone know why he has left ?
  13. Proud of the team yesterday, scored three great tries in the first half, it was a pity none were converted. Unlucky to go in 14 points down at half time. Started well in the second half - but yet again bad discipline resulted in a try after we gifted Hull K R forty or so yards following the penalty for dissent...............:( Cannot say the ref did us any favours either, his handling of offside was frustrating for spectators as player from both side were standing in front of him at play the balls - sometime he offside others not............The defence was really great 3 or 4 repeat sets on our line and Hull K R did not score. Do think we are now suffering from a small squad as the players on the injured list are stacking up. I think White looked great in the centre and of Atkin ran Hull K R ragged in the first half. Good bunch of supporter from Hull K R lots a well meaning banter in the stand and lots of complements about Swinton's first half performance by Hull K R fans as they left the ground. I just hope we can win both matches over Easter ..............
  14. I guess most people now prefer to use Twitter and the like..............so that is why its quiet on here. Could not go to the match, pleased to see Gore playing with White in the centre and Thornley in the pack. The problem is always going to be what the teams around us start doing, Oldham, Sheffield winning, Rochdale, Dewsbury and everybody's favourite Bradford losing. Like most of us, I believe the team is capable of beating all the teams in the division, but silly mistakes and discipline have cost us most of the matches this season...........wouldn't it be something to beat HullKR on Sunday............
  15. Well after today's match - I am depressed and am beginning to wonder when we will win a match. By far the worst performance this season, seems we started the season building a reputation for playing great attacking rugby running full time teams close, but have now dropped down to a really poor level. I know there are several injured players, but today the team only played well for about 20 mins in each half and even then nearly snatched the match. Sheffield were big and strong and looked more interested from the start - having said that had Jack Murphy been a little luckier he could have scores three tries today, missed conversions and the battering down our right flank won the match for Sheffield. I think White should play centre and Gore at standoff with Thornley back in the pack at loose forward.