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  1. wayne_r

    Wembley Final

    I don't know how many supporters outside of super league go to the Challenge Cup final - I stopped going a good few years back, I guess even when it was one division cup finalists usually came from half a dozen teams (Widnes, Warrington, Leeds, Wigan, Hull, Hull KR) with the Castleford and Featherstone making the final also. But some how there was always the chance that a team lower down the division could make it to Wembley - but now in the age of super league it just seems to me a much more difficult task especially with seeding being used so top 8 (?) of super league join at the later rounds...……... Also having the competition for those teams outside super league is an admission by the RFL that the gap is so large now that its unlikely and team outside super league can make the Challenge Cup final...…….and of course as I have said before how long will this cup run for ……...before th RFL change tack
  2. wayne_r

    Swinton squad news for 2019 season

    Really, after all the effort and commitment Andy has given to Swinton these last two years...…………...if its true then its a big loss for us I think
  3. wayne_r

    Mike Ratu

    ok so which of us have the A team Swinton or Batley...……….please don't say Swinton...…………….
  4. wayne_r

    Swinton squad news for 2019 season

    signed that many from Rochdale maybe we should be changing our name
  5. wayne_r

    Challenge cup and New 1895 cup

    How do we think the 1895 cup competition will be kept for - plenty of examples in the past of cup competitions for those of us in the lower divisions only lasting a season or two...………...by having this competition its a recognition by the RFL that the ever widening gulf between SL and non SL teams means that the Challenge Cup will only ever be won by an SL team or perhaps the best team in the Championship...…….sad day in my opinion.
  6. wayne_r

    Swinton squad news for 2019 season

    Well I do hope Thornley resigns and would like to see a recognised stand off as well...……….
  7. wayne_r

    2019 Squad and signings

    I do not think George Tyson is on a two year contract and nothing (yet) has been said about him signing on for 2019, would be really sorry to see him leave Swinton, had a great season playing in a team that did not do itself justice all season. His discipline was excellent even when he was the target of some cheap shots from opposition players, scored several exciting tries, turned out even when he was clearly unfit, so for me he had an great season. If you do get him back he would be a real asset...……..there were rumours that he was on his way to Australia - but that may have been fake news.
  8. wayne_r

    2019 Squad and signings

    I was really sorry to see Richie (and his brother Darren) leave Swinton after we gained promotion, Richie was the captain at the time, probably one of the best full backs we have ever had...…..great competitor. I am sure he will do well and good luck to him and of course Oldham for 2019 season
  9. wayne_r

    Championship odds

    I have never liked the DR system for all the reasons stated previously, last Season Swinton never had a settled half back pairing due in part to DR, what I would say is that all the players from Wigan who came to Swinton on DR played with passion and were genuinely keen to play for Swinton. It was a good relationship with Wigan. When we DR'd with Warrington, well that was a different story …………..the team was picked by Warrington as far as I am concerned with Swinton being used very much as reserve team. I think York will do well and as Swinton did when they were promoted, York will surprise a few of the established sides in the division. I cannot see Leigh doing anything other than survive, I think Bradford should be shorter odds as well. As for Swinton well just hope they make it to mid table - but again we will have a young squad...……...
  10. wayne_r

    Swinton squad news for 2019 season

    Great player can slot in at stand off, centre or full back - he was good before he left and by all accounts he has come back even better - hope he does well except when you play us of course
  11. wayne_r

    2019 squad.

    can't spell "their loss "
  12. wayne_r

    2019 squad.

    yes I agree he is SL class but has never cemented a place at Salford - there loss
  13. wayne_r

    2019 squad.

    Do you think Gavin Benion will come back to Hornets now he has been released by Salford ?
  14. wayne_r

    Swinton squad news for 2019 season

    Gavin Benion has been released by Salford - he would be a great addition to the squad - I guess he would go back to Hornets before Swinton ? We have done really well getting Hatton and Brickhill from Hornets. I was told that Ben White (now back from OZ) has signed for Halifax - if true that's disappointing as he was such an integral part of the team till his sojourn in Australia
  15. wayne_r

    Swinton squad news for 2019 season

    Also seen the signing of Harry Aronson - looks like he will be a revelation he is strong and fast and l think he has been playing at full back for Keighley , really good addition to the squad as is Rob Fairclough.