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  1. wayne_r

    Batley Bulldogs

    To be honest that's my view of Swinton this season...……….one or both of our teams will be relegated so as others have said at least there are the local derbies to look forward to...…….
  2. wayne_r

    Killer to Leave.

    Well if its true Steve McCormack has applied and he gets the gob, you are getting a great coach - was sorry when he left Swinton.
  3. wayne_r

    As relegation looms

    Just read the announcement - well I guess all the clubs will vote for it - so it is down to Swinton & Rochdale and which of us can win more matches ………...blimey
  4. wayne_r

    As relegation looms

    What report are you referring to ?
  5. wayne_r

    As relegation looms

    As relegation looms on the horizon - which players do we think we will retain...…………..?
  6. wayne_r


    From memory the eights competition hasn't changed the standings at the end of the normal season and I cannot see either Swinton (my team) or Rochdale winning 5 out of the remaining 7 matches, when neither team has won 5 all season...…….but those of us staring Championship1 in the face can hope for survival, but realistically you and all the teams above Swinton and Rochdale will still be in the Championship next season...…...would be nice to see Swinton win at your place though
  7. wayne_r

    Halifax match

    After the tremendous win last week at Sheffield - its back down to earth with a real hard bump...…..:( No complaints about effort - I was stood by the touch line near the end of the game and could see the absolute effort the players were putting to try to tackle the Halifax players, so the big loss today wasn't about effort or the lack of it. I think last minute changes to squad again did not help, but again the team were unable to compete for the full 80 mins - had they scored again quickly after Butt's try when we were pressing Halifax the game may well have been different but we didn't and then lost control of the match. Sorry to say it but we didn't show enough when on attack and missed key tackles in defence...………...I think we have suffered all season not having a recognised stand off half in our squad as opposed to dual registration, which is fine when the likes of Josh Wood is available but not so when he isn't. Cannot imagine we will get anything from London - but who knows. I hope the injuries to Tyson and Hankinson are not serious.
  8. wayne_r

    Rochdale defeat

    I understand that Wigan recalled their DR's late in the week - so clearly that must have had a negative effect - but that apart the ref didn't do our cause any favours, so I personally being the pessimist am now sadly convinced we will be relegated at the end of the season. The team let Rochdale in for simple tries, then again left themselves having to chase the game. While Barlow is a great team player and motivator - if he cannot control his temper he is more of liability than an asset. Prior to sending Barlow off allegedly for verbal abuse of the touch judge - he just waved away the Rochdale # 14 ( I think) that kicked the ball in the direction of the very same touch judge and also hurled abuse at him, so when refs are so inconsistent it only inflames the crowd. At one point in the first half he made Hankinson reposition the ball for the kick off as it wasn't exactly on the halfway line, yet near the end of the match after Rochdale dropped their goal, at the kick off, the ball was also not on the halfway line - the ref did not make Hankinson reposition the ball...……….. Oh well maybe next week it will change and would nice to beat Sheffield...……..
  9. wayne_r

    Lions v Wolfpack

    I wasn't saying the team did not try their hardest to a man but rather failed to stop Toronto around the play the ball, which where the damage came from and with making little progress ourselves it meant almost every play to halfbacks had to be a try scoring play which increased the urgency and resulted in mistakes. If the team can sort out the play the ball, e.g. close down the opposition and run more from acting halfback to bring on the forwards we will surely benefit ............I agree the team must beat the teams around them in the league. Next week will be hard but I am sure the players will want to prove their worth...........
  10. wayne_r

    Lions v Wolfpack

    Really poor performance today - Toronto ran the game from their play the ball, we never closed them down at all - their hooker(s) always ran from acting half back to bring their big forwards onto the ball, or run at Swinton's defence, where we seemed to take the ball standing and we were not able to make sufficient progress when we had the ball and therefore did not really set up more that a couple of chances to attack Toronto's line, we scored a great first try then lost the plot. having said that had we managed to catch the high kicks put over Toronto's line we could have scored 3 or 4 tries. Tyson had a strong game and was not provoked by the high tackles from Toronto, I think everyone tried hard as individuals but as team they were ineffective. Came away really depressed today, no doubt nothing compared to how the team must feel.........:(
  11. wayne_r

    2018 Squad confirmed

    Really - he left us for Batley and had a really good season on loan to Dewsbury last season - no mention of a move back to Swinton (yet)
  12. wayne_r

    Adam Jones

    sorry to see Adam leave Swinton - your gain is our loss He will do well for you.
  13. wayne_r

    2018 fixtures

    Certainly better than last season as we do not have to play all the top 6 teams in the first 6 weeks, hopefully the team can get a few wins under its belt to kick the season off
  14. wayne_r

    2018 Squad.

    Penny was re-signed by Warrington after two really impressive seasons with Swinton and during his time at Warrington he scored some impressive tries. He is I am sure still capable of scoring lots of tries - would certainly welcome him back at Swinton.
  15. wayne_r

    Swinton away - - - - Sunday - - - - - Sale

    Yes I would agree with that - I think ideally the RFL want the Australian model of an elite league with all other clubs being nothing more that feeder clubs with no ambition beyond that. There is little or no coverage of Championship rugby ( or Championship 1) in the press and media, ok Radio Leeds is the exception, Radio Manchester stopped covering Oldham, Swinton, Rochdale years ago and as we all know TV coverage is all about SL. So smaller clubs become totally dependant on their share of Sky money, as the clubs find it increasingly difficult to publicise there existence beyond an ever diminishing band of supporters. What really gets under my skin is that last Sunday's match for Oldham and Swinton at least was a really important match, over 1000 spectators came to what - which in itself was great - but not even a ripple of interest shown by RFL or Sky or the local media.........so its a self fulfilling prophecy, the smaller clubs get smaller and smaller as the gap widens between SL and the rest - thus heralding a new age of "world rugby league". Of course the one think the RFL have forgotten is that rugby league is the main sport in Australia and as such gets lots of attention and generates lots of money.........where here rugby league has been ( and continues to be) the poor relation the union - but that's another topic. I do wish Oldham all the very best.