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  1. Yes, it could have been so much better than it actually is.
  2. You really stuck your neck out there you big Jessie.
  3. A wise move. Inglis would have left the Eagles in the lurch by retiring mid season.
  4. Not that I'm aware of. I think they are QL Cup or NSW Cup players or leagues below that level.
  5. Good idea. Never be afraid to learn something useful from another organisation.
  6. The Hull Sharks press conference where they had a dogfish from the Sea Life centre Scarborough. Manda the Panda.
  7. I didn’t think Leeds paid for a Briscoe either. Hull’s chairwoman was sleeping with the enemy and tipped him off (no that’s not a sexual reference for the mucky minded out there).
  8. I think Roy Boy means a potential Hull all time great rather than a RL all time great. Forgive me if I’ve misread that Roy.
  9. http://doncasterrugbyleague.co.uk/article/55866/news--harris-mistakes-cost
  10. http://www.coventrybears.com/blog/bears-junior-club-seeks-sponsorship
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