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  1. A van mounted the pavement killing nine and injuring sixteen according to BBC News.
  2. I don’t have a problem with regular programmes on the iPlayer but it seems I’m blocked from watching the Cup game.
  3. League One's Future

    In the early years of SL we had Bradford, Worky and Oldham. Now L1 clubs. The expression is 'there but for the grace of God go I'.
  5. St George’s Day

    Trois leopards sur la maillot doesn't have the same ring to it.
  6. St George’s Day

    “My mate Mark” is now a recognised source of reference? Parky is going to have a field day.
  7. Happy St George’s Day

    Happy St George’s Day to all you Canucks who know when the Irish equivalent is but don’t know about ours.
  8. Happy St George’s Day

    Bad news coming out of Toronto. Just got a news update about nine deaths and sixteen injured after a van mounted the pavement at Yonge St and Finch Avenue.
  9. Happy St George’s Day

    The Northern Irish and the Scots get a holiday on their patron saints day but us and the Welsh don’t
  10. Just tried to watch and it says it’s not currently available on this device (iPad).
  12. Round 3 Results
  13. REACTION | Jones-Bishop proud of Dons

    Stand outs for me were Braham and Kesik when they were on the pitch.
  14. Only when he can't get Six Nations tickets.
  15. League One's Future

    Being subject to a review isn't the same as being blocked though is it unless someone decides to twist the meaning. Come back to me when you have understood what this means.
  16. The last rugby league game I ever watch

    Do soccer, RU or cricket fans see the constant tinkering with their sport's laws interpretations the same way RL fans do?
  17. Minikin sounds like a right tight git.
  18. What’s Inside League Express: April 23rd edition

    The online version doesn’t have the pages in the correct order!
  19. Touchy lot these Yorkies aren’t they?
  20. Donny didn’t help themselves with their compulsory slow start, giving Fev a ten point lead. Donny then scored 14 unanswered points to go in 14-10 up at HT. a penalty put them six points clear but Fev came back with two trys to take the game. To be honest Fev looked poor for a team near the top of the Championship. Not sure who, if anyone, other than Hock was missing.
  21. More comedy gold from a (usually) respected former coach.
  22. REPORT | Dons 16-26 Featherstone

    The Dons need to stop these slow starts to games. More often than not they let the opposition score first. They can get away with that against the weaker teams but they’ll come unstuck against the better ones. They also need to improve their discipline. Time and again they give away silly penalties and relieve the pressure on their opponents.
  23. It’s All the World Cup’s Fault

    Give it a rest Oxo.