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  1. Bam. If you're going to kick the bums out, kick 'em out in style.
  2. I think this BBC coverage is rather unsatisfactory. I know they like the three talking heads, one for each main party, but they become seriously tedious after a while. Unlike a General there are no declarations to go over to so it's just hours of them repeating their talking points over and over again. The analysis at the big board is cursory, no real indication of an extrapolated national share of the vote etc or digging into the data. The biggest gainers alongside the Lib Dems are independents but whilst I've been watching there has been no attempt to try and show who they are or what they stand for (I know they'll be all over the place) or what this means.
  3. Peter Mayhew https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-48142765
  4. To be fair they gave permission for the Carnegie Stand on the RL ground which was quite shocking change at the time. The south stand as built is significantly larger than the stand turned down a few years back. Approval for the shared stand was never likely to be contentious given its location.
  5. Yup, that's been my beef with this development all along - the RL capacity has been sacrificed to make space for yet more corporate (not so much make space for cricket as they've just built out the other side up to the boundary which was effectively wasted space before). But the cricket does bring in huge income on the few days that big events come to town - e.g. one of the RL boxes is priced at for £30k for a season of RL. The same box (i.e. facing the RL pitch so just a retreat to go to during breaks in play) for the cricket Ashes test is priced at for £17k for 4 days. Also need to bear in mind when comparing the roof lines of the joint stand is that the RL pitch is quite notably lower than the cricket one so it's not that much smaller in stature in reality.
  6. Had a quick gallop through Headingley's north stand on Sunday - not seen in the Emerald Suite and the Corporate Heaven they've created yet but got a first look at our new seats and the main concourse. It's finally going to be open for the Cas game on 16th May and N Stand season ticket holders are being migrated back over from the rest of the ground (except those who choose to stay wherever they were displaced to).
  7. Given the amounts cities bid based on the economic impact I don't think so. Not sure the RFL have any involvement.
  8. How does it make a profit? Cities actually BID for it - they and the stadia pay SL for going there.
  9. Truth has little meaning any more for these extremists. I'm personally open to persuasion either way on the abortion debate but it needs to be discussed factually.
  10. As expected Leeds bricked it in the second half and just held on 28-24.
  11. Given where we are we can't afford to be sentimental but it's sad watching Hull KR in this state. Second half no doubt KR will get a sniff and we'll fall apart again but for the first 40 there was only one team in it. Relatively sparse crowd as well.
  12. I don't know who is more annoying, opposition fans who don't like Leeds or Leeds fans who don't like opposition fans not liking Leeds. The latter probably - we were stood near a right bunch of ****-ends at Trinity on Monday who apparently will never be able to get over our local rivals not being particularly fond of us.
  13. Only in the mind of white supremacists. And Trump.
  14. Further to Trump's meeting with the boss of Twitter, this report states that the reason Twitter haven't acted to decisively implement an algorithm which would remove white nationalist content (as they have done for ISIS-related content) is that it would end up banning too many Republican politicians. A Twitter employee who works on machine learning believes that a proactive, algorithmic solution to white supremacy would also catch Republican politicians.
  15. What made Open Rugby compelling through the '80s was its activism and an obsession with shining a light onto some of the wrongs inflicted on our sport. I know times have changed and RLW as it is now is much more mainstream but it does somewhat lack the bite of those days.
  16. In Bed with Medinner was a bit hit and miss, and this is essentially funny because an internet troll has been given TV airtime. But back in the '90s, before I understood any of that, watching this one Friday night was possibly the hardest I'd ever laughed.
  17. Warrington's social media game is top class. Pretty much everyone else's that I see are cliched and boring.
  18. You're talking about collusion, of which the Mueller report did not find proof of active collusion (he FWIW also found that DJTJ was too stupid to know he was breaking the law in his actions). The main question at hand now is Russian interference, how to stop it and Trump's desire not to do anything. We have plenty of evidence for the interference and there have been plenty of indictments.
  19. Easy choice in this little haven of West Yorkshire liberalism. Our three councillors get re-elected every time and I'll be voting for them again.
  20. Typical far right evasion and conflation (and creation of alternative facts). The findings were that the Russians interfered on Trump's behalf, that the Trump campaign were willing to accept the interference but they did not actively collude. The people doing the active interfering were the Russians, hence the multiple indictments of people involved.
  21. I guess the only other explanation for the fleeing of billions in capital from the country, our increased inflation rate, flagging relative GDP performance, miserably weak currency, lethargic inward investment, and the need to print billions in more money to prop up the economy is the appalling performance of your Conservative government then.
  22. We know that the Russians interfered in the 2016 election in favour of Trump and that the Trump campaign welcomed their interference. Trump refuses to even have meetings about securing the election system because of his ego: In Push for 2020 Election Security, Top Official Was Warned: Don’t Tell Trump
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