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  1. Why is there Rugby stuff still there after all this time?. Surely it all should have been moved to Bower Fold after the lease had been given up?.
  2. Try
  3. OK by me.
  4. Sue & Gibbo look after it for a mate of ours. Dave Murgy wanted to borrow it and their other 2, the Red & White Barmy Army and the Black & Orange ORLFC on Tour. That's why it was there.
  5. I know they used to bring a couple of Flags to Matches and thought the No Guts one was one of them. If it belongs to the Club, where is it and who has it now?
  6. Think the "No Guts, No Glory"Flag belongs to Sue & Gibbo.
  7. Great Player for Oldham too
  8. What about rejigging the Meat Pie, Sausage Roll song by Grandad Roberts? "Sausage Roll, Meat Pie - Come on Oldham give us a try. Ooooh, We got a Knock on!"
  9. Might show my face on the 22nd against the Hairnets 😆
  10. NOOOOOO!!!!
  11. It wasnt just him. There were others (Sean Whitehead, Stewart Hardacre and Melvyn Lord).One by one they left (no one knows why). People seem to forget that if it wasnt for those 3, Oldham RLFC 1997 wouldnt have existed.
  12. And how many people has he dumped on over the years?
  13. Hi You,

    A lot has happened since last year both personally and at the rugby. If you had been, you would know all about it:-).

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