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  1. He's had a lot of genuine Sponsors in the past but has crapped on them.
  2. First 4 yes. Fordy wouldn't give us the time of day since he went to the Dark side plus he's s**t on us twice b4
  3. Thanks for that. Thought it had been kyboshed a while back. Apologies.
  4. Says who?
  5. Pre 1997: John Cogger, Charlie McAlister, Tommy Martyn, Tom Nadiole, John Fieldhouse and not forgetting my Teenage fantasy man, Andy Goodway (got within 6 foot of him at the last game at Sheddings before a Copper got in the way! ) Post 1997: Martin Elswood
  6. More like the remains of the Trees cut down by Regenda for free!
  7. Pie eaters moan about everything
  8. Why is there Rugby stuff still there after all this time?. Surely it all should have been moved to Bower Fold after the lease had been given up?.
  9. Try
  10. OK by me.
  11. Sue & Gibbo look after it for a mate of ours. Dave Murgy wanted to borrow it and their other 2, the Red & White Barmy Army and the Black & Orange ORLFC on Tour. That's why it was there.
  12. I know they used to bring a couple of Flags to Matches and thought the No Guts one was one of them. If it belongs to the Club, where is it and who has it now?
  13. Think the "No Guts, No Glory"Flag belongs to Sue & Gibbo.
  14. Great Player for Oldham too