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  1. New shirts

    Take him to the Small Claims Court
  2. Dewsbury..... Sunday

    Wouldn't trust him to run a Bath!!!
  3. Dewsbury..... Sunday

    Get CH to show the Books. Many have asked to see them in the past, in terms of investment, Sponsorship etc, but they've never been produced. You wouldn't buy a Car or a House unless you got all the relevant information, would you?????
  4. Dewsbury..... Sunday

    Well said Cluedo!
  5. Louis Laverty

    Think he stopped working for the Club ages ago
  6. Louis Laverty

    He used to be on the Boardroom door when we were at Boundary Park and I know he played for Oldham many, many Moons ago. Some of the Older fans might know him.
  7. Louis Laverty

    Is he still with us?
  8. Should have bought the Roughyeds

    Maybe so but at least they know where they will be playing each Season
  9. Should have bought the Roughyeds

    Why would Koukash want to buy a Club in name only with no assets?. No one knows the Financials apart from CH and he's not for telling.
  10. Shirts

    He's had a lot of genuine Sponsors in the past but has crapped on them.
  11. Swinton

    First 4 yes. Fordy wouldn't give us the time of day since he went to the Dark side plus he's s**t on us twice b4
  12. Blackpool

  13. re, whitebank

    Why is there Rugby stuff still there after all this time?. Surely it all should have been moved to Bower Fold after the lease had been given up?.
  14. Watersheddings

  15. Toulouse

    OK by me.