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Good blog. Is Paul Fletcher the footy blogger who's an RL fan & George Reilly the usual BBC RL blogger? As this season was my first playing I remember 1 tackle bag session where it was meant to be 1 high & 1 low on the 'tacklee' but my 2 team mate (17st prop & 12st hooker) took me out with 2 big 70% tackles which I didn't step into either 1 so that freakin' hurt plus another session were we were playing semi-contact at 60-70% a small Back hit me sweetly around the thighs which sent me in the air & landed smack bang on my lumber. Was sore for days on both occassions. Hahah. I think training can hurt an inexperienced RL player more than games. Although I guess those journos wouldn't like to play 80 mins of amateur RL as the muscular soreness afterwards isn't pleasent to say the least. :D

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