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  1. O ho! It appears Spinner Howard is thinking of bringing the law into the USA Aussie team. https://www.facebook.com/pages/USA-Rugby-League-World-Cup-Selection-Is-A-Sham/168972403291820
  2. I know Rooney (Wayne not Jamie), Giggs & Pearce (Macca's guest?) were there but by the looks of it Riddell may have 'ribbed' Rio Ferdinand (?), on Twitter, for not being there so I guess not all of the injured Man U players were there.
  3. They may need a trophy cabinet again one day so I think Senior may have to buy his own when competing against 13 year old girls on his pony.
  4. I actually meant Leeds before they had to hand it over... On a more serious note; on today's papers there is a pic of it looking extremely smudged with hand & finger prints, as it was on the front of RLW before the season kicked off: and even when the academy lads & coaches brought it down South with them for the Cheltenham 9s. It's pretty much an embarrassment for the image of RL keeping & displaying it in that state. Well, I at least the Challenge Cup it well looked after & sparkly at the Final this year.
  5. I don't watch 'Corrie' but I'm guessing that the article is about that Z List 'celebrity' who's no longer on the programme giving the prizes out at the Man of Steel awards. What a load of twaddle. It's still mainly a Northern sport at Pro & Semi-pro level in the UK but at Amateur level that's complete nonsense as St Albans Centurians would verify.
  6. Okay, Chris Riley is an excellent player but maybe no first choice, fair enough.
  7. I'd be happy with those 4 being in the starting 13/main choices down in Aus but only a few of the others should be taken down under in my opinion. Not a great line-up but I can't give enough credit to those who thought this up & organised it.
  8. I think Golden Point is a fantastic & exciting/nerve-shredding way to finish a Play-off/Grand Final & I think all RL Finals should go to golden point rather than be replayed.
  9. Seeing as there's no way on Earth Eastmond will be travelling to Aus due to all his injuries & him keep picking up injuries this year who are England's options in the Halves? Kevin Brown, Sam Tomkins, Luke Robinson, Rob Burrow & who else? Sinfield showed the roles of Hooker & Captain of England to be his in last year's G4N so I think he needs to keep those roles this year too.
  10. Well even if he is the best at 'try celebrating' in the SL when it comes to try celebrations he's no Rob Worrincy... "You can't see me!"
  11. Well, I think Savage's just needs to be made 'flatter' then.
  12. I don't think I've ever seen him play but if he ever played against Duncan Fergison then someone needs to arrange a suprise meet-up & tell Fergison that Savage had kicked his cat then we'd get the Crabtree 'Mini Me' we are hoping for.
  13. Which position is Atkins best in? Is he a Centre or a Winger? I've said it before I don't think Fox's form has been good enough this year. Plus why are people talking about JJB? Didn't he play for Jamaica in the Atlantic Cup earlier this year?
  14. I don't think it would look too bad if it hadn't been designed in MS Paint.
  15. So what position would you play Burgess if you'd have Ellis & Westwood as the 2nd Rows?
  16. 'Exiled' would you play Westwood out of position as a Prop rather than Morley??? I'd be happy with either Kevin Brown or Rob Burrow in the Backs as people are kidding themselves that Eastmond will be fit. But I think we need Sam Tomkins as a Half Back.
  17. RLW should set up a photoshoot with a film make-up artist to but a prostetic broken nose on Savage so Crabree can have a Mini Me. Both stood next to each other in Hudds jerseys would be bloody funny.
  18. I'd saw Wellens or Mathers at FB as Widdop probably isn't experienced enough. No idea who would replace Eastmond & McGuire though. I think Sam Tompkins should be at Half Back only playing FB as his alternative position. I'd definitely have Westwood on the bench over Joel Tomkins though.
  19. Ah! I've never seen the Philidelphia Eagles logo before but I'd say they are very similar. I think I may have been thinking of Orlando Magic? Still think it's too 'Americanised' & OTT for a Rugby League team. Looking at the NBA team logos I'd say Rochdale Hornets badge is very similar to New Orleans Horents too. http://www.nba.com/teams/
  20. I don't get why Barrow Raiders' badge looks like a poor NBA rip-off (obviously changing the b'ball for a rugby ball) rather than something along the lines of the Centurians. [edit] Careful Maximus, I'm lucky to have gotten away from giving RU badges credit for not being too badly designed in the most part but I think you'll get hung, draw & quartered for giving credit to an AFL team for their badge design.
  21. Yeah, I must admit I like the Phantoms' badge, as well as Swindon St George's badge & St Albans Centurians' badge too.
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