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John Drake

Important Notice: New Forum Moderator

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Important Notice: New Forum Moderator


Having now stepped down from the editorship of Rugby League World to take up full responsibility for the website, I'll be replacing Andrew Birch (Pugwash) as moderator on this section of the forum from Tuesday 7th May 2013.

Moderating is usually a thankless task, so I'd like to correct that now by offering my personal thanks to Andrew for doing his best to keep this place open for debate under some very trying circumstances.

It's no joke to say that, as overall Site Admin, I have considered shutting it down on a couple of occasions when it has seemed to me that a handful of people have been intent on using it as a platform to attack named individuals while using the cloak of anonymity (and often multiple log ins) themselves.

Multiple log ins are - and always have been - against the Terms & Conditions of Use on If you're using them on here, I'd recommend you stop now. Any that are discovered will be permanently disabled without warning.

As I am an employee of the site owners, League Publications Ltd, and have no connection whatsoever with the Rochdale club or anyone associated with it, I'll be bringing not only neutrality to the proceedings on here, but also 13+ years of experience of moderating online RL communities, as well as a sense of perspective as a supporter of Rugby League as a whole.

I understand that arguments can get heated when people care strongly about the subject, as we all do about Rugby League, but I also know that basic rules are necessary to allow everyone to have their say free from personal attacks, or having to endure offensive language or potentially libellous comments.

I'll be applying the rules as they have ALWAYS stood on, so please take 5 minutes of your time to reacquaint yourselves with them via the link below.

Terms & Conditions of Use

These rules are not unreasonable and if you abide by them, as everyone else in the other sections of the forum have to, then we'll get along just fine.

If you see anything posted on here at any time that you think doesn't abide by these rules, please use the 'Report' button within that post to flag it up to me. In such circumstances, do not respond to the post itself, you'll only make matters worse.

The forums work best when they are self-policed in this way by the people who enjoy using them. It's your online community, and with your help I will do what I can to prevent anyone ruining the experience for anyone else.

If you want to raise any issues with me about the forum, please either send me a 'PM' or email me at the address below.

Thank you for your support. Enjoy the forum!

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