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Good to see people have bought Season tickets from the Carlisle and the south of Scotland areas after the success of the 2 World Cup games

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Yes . Whatever differing views on how to achieve the main goals we all share , and how things and plans are progressing in the offseason , one overriding factor that is unarguable and agreed by all town fans and followers is that we need more support turning up at DP on matchday . Not sitting at home listening in or seeing we've won ( or lost ) in the star , but putting funds into the club and giving tangible support and atmosphere for the lads who are putting their bodies on the line. They deserve more speccies and more atmospheric backing at the ground . Let's not beat about the bush , it's been disappointing. We should be breaking 1000 every week in this heartland , in this league , with this standard of rugby . It should be a given . Hopefully this year it will be - arguments about signings and paying players mean nothing if the funds aren't there , and the funds aren't there if we don't divvy up in numbers . And arguments about SL franchises just become fairyland on the numbers watching pro rugby round here at present . We go down , we need the stayaways and lukewarm followers to go and we will hit those four figure numbers next term comfortably ... Filling up the coffers and watching the best sport you can see in this county .

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