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  1. I’m sure Nathan Cleary dreamed off running out wearing that famous number 14 shirt worn by all the great halfbacks he grew up watching
  2. I prefer 1-13 … I can handle squad numbers for a tournament where you have a squad … what the Aussies are doing is ridiculous and obviously taking the ######
  3. Yeh it’s #### Parkinson , he replaced Perenara on the elite panel and has got plenty of good write ups but I’m not really familiar with him tbh
  4. https://www.rugby-league.com/article/61028/dom-young-interview-|-england-men
  5. The Hammer has signed for Redcliffe on a two year deal with the incentive being he’ll play fullback
  6. There was talk of Martin moving on as well , not sure if that one has legs
  7. I’ll stretch this out and say it’s a squad … Men’s and women’s tournament officials: Atkins, Grant (NRL); Badger, Kasey (NRL); Bowmer, Dean (RFL); Casty, Ben (FFRXIII); Child, James (RFL); Furner, Darian (NRL); Gee, Adam (NRL); Grant, Tom (RFL); Griffiths, Marcus (RFL); Hicks, Robert (RFL); Horton, Neil (RFL); Kendall, Chris (RFL); Klein, Ashley (NRL); Moore, Aaron (RFL); Moore, Liam (RFL); Parkinson, #### (NZRL); Poumes, Geoffrey (FFRXIII); Raymond, Wyatt (NRL); Rush, Liam (RFL); Sharpe, Belinda (NRL); Smaill, Michael (RFL); Smith, Jack (RFL); Smith, Todd (NRL); Sutton, Gerard (NRL); Tamarua, Rochelle (NZRL); Thaler, Ben (RFL); Turley, Warren (RFL); Vella, James (RFL)
  8. He isn’t . Put Herbie in that Penrith team and Crichton in that Broncos team and you’d see . Herbie has been a standout in a team nowhere as strong with nowhere near the quality through the spine to give him the same number of opportunities
  9. Pleased to see Herbie in that team . He had to play to blow the cobwebs off and hopefully he comes through with flying colours I think he’s very important
  10. This exactly . It’s all on the day . On home soil I expect us to beat Samoa. But the fact we’re having discussions like this is a big tick for the tournament
  11. I I do if we dont get vaguely back onto world cup players and squads
  12. I’ll unashamedly say I love the new incarnation of All Creatures Great and Small . Last week was particularly poignant
  13. I hope Forest give Cooper a longer run after where he’s brought them from and the huge number of new players they’ve got .
  14. Unlike me who used to ring the speaking clock just to talk to someone . I rang the Samaritans once and they hung up . Luckily I like my own company
  15. Probably my fault how I’m reading that…
  16. Good effort that . Looking forward to seeing Ipape at that level
  17. It’ll be tough but it’s three great games for them
  18. Moving back from sponsors etc I quite like that Cook Islands squad . These squad announcements are reinforcing the point that this is gonna be the most competitive and best WC ever . Lots of games should be packed out
  19. I’ve watched 2 episodes of Bloodlands , which I’m enjoying even if I’m not always sure I know exactly what’s going on
  20. I wonder if Tonga v Italy will be on somewhere ? I’d like to see some of the warm up games
  21. Yes Hunt kicking long on tackle two . He will be an integral part of Mal’s 17 as he has the best dummy half kicking game by far , and with Munster and Cleary and maybe even Burton in the centres . I’ll be interested who kicks goals , Cleary or Holmes . Both are dead eyed dicks with Holmes probably even more deadly . And then there’s Latrell . I’m a big fan of goalkicking as it can prove a massive difference
  22. And a very good tactical kicker . This is part of the reason I never saw Cleary being left out . However good DCE is or was in Origin Cleary has fantastic game control and kicking game
  23. Today is the day Vercongetorix surrendered to Julius Caesar (52BC) and Dafydd ap Gruffydd became the first noble to hung drawn and quartered after trying to take on the formidable King Edward I (1283) … OJ Simpson was acquitted today in 1995 … and in 1952 we became a nuclear power , hurrah ! … Iraq became independent in 1932 … and East Germany ceases to be and Germany is reunified 1990
  24. I was reading a snippet from Ivan Cleary saying he was up for it and Saints are always up for it
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