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  1. They don’t mess about over there either where this virus is concerned
  2. I can’t get too fussed personally over who an award is named after or if it’s named after anyone . The award or trophy is the important bit .
  3. I’m surprised the refs get 3.35 . After watching every game so far I’d give them 3.38 . I mean really , how pointless . The support for one ref is most revealing
  4. I never knew if the momentum rule was an actual thing or something Stevo made up
  5. I thought that was something I’d missed , Peter v Landys
  6. He’d be a good appointment . I thought he may be in with a shout at the Dragons if Mary went . Of course it unravelled at Manly but all kinds was going on there . He’s getting big raps with the Penrith attack , and that’s a glaring deficiency at Belmore . They obviously want more with the ball . He’s more than worth another shot . Of course he needs an improved roster in key spots to make big strides , or it doesn’t matter if it’s Bellamy with Bennett as assistant
  7. He just totally peed off whenever we saw him in the box . I have some sympathy for him , he can’t go out and play for them . They’re a basket case . But ultimately the coach carries the can .
  8. I think that’s right . You can’t throw blokes on the scrap heap and scrub them out , they’ve paid a big price you’ve got to give them a second chance chance to get back into the environment and earn a living imo
  9. That’s how I’m reading it tbh . These things often work like that . Is it a snapshot or a general assessment .Either way they’re chip paper in a few days
  10. I don’t know about better or best , but imo if it’s a measure of form this season I’d have him second to Tedesco
  11. It’s a loaded category , but I’d argue on this years form Gutherson is in the very top echelon of fullbacks
  12. I’m sure Parramatta are doing quite well. And Gutherson isn’t one of the five best fullbacks ?
  13. Did 149 of those ballot papers accidentally go to Mitchell Pearce’s house
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