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The heat was on

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On a blistering hot afternoon that even the spectators found steamy,  in spite of the shade of the stands, we saw two teams run their blood to water and we saw a far better game than we deserved  given the conditions. Only our superb defence near our own line kept us in the game throughout and the players did that job manfully especially in the first half were we had to defend repeat sets on several occasions. Our try just before halftime brought us back to within two points of the Bulls. The second half was a nailbiter and tempers flared in the heat of the afternoon. Hornets manfully stuck to the task and scored sixteen unanswered points to take the game away from the Bulls but the result was not assured until our final try in the last ten minutes or so.make 

Make no mistake Hornets had to work really hard for this welcome victory and let's hope they realise that it's no cake walk in this division but I feel sure that on this performance they will stay in the championship. We are all so proud that a part time team on a low budget can triumph over adversity!

As for the referee he made mistakes for both teams but I feel the touchies could have helped him more.


Memo to ground staff, the pitch looked immaculate but why do you get the sprinklers operating at half time on a lush surface only to make the pitch greasy for the players who were slipping and sliding in the second half. Could the task not be left until after the game.

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Brilliant...I've not seen Alan Kilshaw look as happy for a long time. The whole team deserved man of the match awards, and a special mention for Jo, what a try mate, absolutely fantastic. One of the best games I've watched all season. Come on the Nets.

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