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  1. I never realised our performances in the Law cup had been so woeful. Oldham have won it 45 times to our 20. However, since 2005 it has been won 5 times by Oldham and 5 times by Hornets, so....this season a decider is on the cards, I think previous coaches at Hornets have failed to realise the importance of the Law Cup game to the fans, I'm sure that won't be the case with Matt Calland and Martin Hall in charge. Come on Hornets, lets get the cup back where it belongs.
  2. If that's the case Pedro, why didn't they just remove the offensive posts. I to was looking forward to a catch up and noticed yesterday that the entire thread had been removed.
  3. Y-E-S. and if i want an answer to a question I contact the club and ask my question. The people manning the office are very thin on the ground at the minute, and I have no issue with club statements and information I've requested, I've always got an answer from them.
  4. Or you could try an Email...Doh!!!
  5. It's to elect a new board on a show of hands Mick.
  6. Yes I am, and I regularly use one of those modern contraptions, think they are called mobile phones, what I do is press the numbers on it in this order: 0-1-7-0-6-6-4-8-0-0-4, I wait a short time and then a voice appears (good init) I then ask my question...like...my membership has lapsed, could you explain the benefits of being a member and help me rejoin. Easy Peasy init. Sorry to sound sarcastic and be simplistic about this, but it's bleedin obvious isn't it.
  7. No one referenced a person....it was a blog site.
  8. 24 people sign a bit of paper and create havoc, well you 24 should be bloody ashamed of yourselves. You should be getting behind this once great club, not trying to destroy it. You are all pathetic. The way things are going you will be able to wear your new colours to keep the wind and rain out when you go shopping on the Rochdale non existent market. market.
  9. Meeting will now be at 7.00pm to allow all those working time to get home, throw down some tea and have a swill. LOL. Doors will still be open at 6.30pm, tea and coffee will be available.
  10. Same as, just have to wait for the meeting so all the keyboard warriors will be in the same room asking the same questions LOL. Congratulations to all you Roughyeds on a blinding season and a well deserved promotion. shame we won't be with you.
  11. Well that seems to have shut things up.......LOL
  12. There will be a members meeting at the Crown Oil Arena on Tuesday 8th October at 6.30 pm.
  13. He's not coaching them though is he?
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