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  1. Thank You Excolt1. I agree, Hunslet or Workington at home will do for me.
  2. Is the draw being televised anywhere or on the radio?
  3. See you've drawn Widnes, going to be a short cup run eh! Mind, we can't even get a game played.
  4. Think Ben Moores has signed for us again, but is carrying an injury, that's what he told us at the last game at Spotland, he is also included in the squad listed in this weeks League Express.
  5. Are you back at Bower Fold this season? What has happened at Whitebank?
  6. Just been reading the script, these are the parts I played HORNETS DIRECTOR, HORNETS CHAIRMAN JACK, COLIN ATKIN, COACH, MICK CROCKER’S DAD, OLDHAM DIRECTOR JOE, TONY PRATT’S OLD TRAINER,TOMMY JONES’ DAD, STAN at the bar BRENT RAWSTRON. These are the parts my son played YOUNG NORMAN SHORT, YOUNG MICK CROCKER, OLDHAM DIRECTOR GEORGE, TOMMY JONES, KEVIN FLANAGAN, BOB at the bar JACK RAWSTRON It was very interesting playing opposite my own son, I was his Dad, his pal and his business partner at various points in the play. The ex Players were fantastic, at the fir
  7. Emailed it to you Clifford.
  8. The guy with the beard was not on the team sheet for some reason, don't know why, Matty has his work cut out sorting this lot out because there was so much enthusiastic talent on display he's going to have to play the video in slo-mo. I'm delighted, we will have a decent squad this term, bring on the old enemy....can't wait.
  9. I never realised our performances in the Law cup had been so woeful. Oldham have won it 45 times to our 20. However, since 2005 it has been won 5 times by Oldham and 5 times by Hornets, so....this season a decider is on the cards, I think previous coaches at Hornets have failed to realise the importance of the Law Cup game to the fans, I'm sure that won't be the case with Matt Calland and Martin Hall in charge. Come on Hornets, lets get the cup back where it belongs.
  10. If that's the case Pedro, why didn't they just remove the offensive posts. I to was looking forward to a catch up and noticed yesterday that the entire thread had been removed.
  11. Y-E-S. and if i want an answer to a question I contact the club and ask my question. The people manning the office are very thin on the ground at the minute, and I have no issue with club statements and information I've requested, I've always got an answer from them.
  12. Or you could try an Email...Doh!!!
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