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  1. Very sorry to see us lose Matt Calland as his heart and soul is in this club, not to mention his links with Mayfield and Hopwood Hall. I feel it’s always sad that a coach takes all the flack and his job is precarious at the best of times when, in reality, it’s often the player(s) who should be questioned about what he does on the paddock. Whatever Matt does in the future I wish him well.
  2. Well that was a difficult game to watch with two poor teams on display and constant stoppages for injuries etc. Hornets discipline again let us down with three sin bins. The weather played its part but the pitch was in excellent condition which should have helped to produce some flowing rugby but it never really happened. On a final note, can anyone hear the tannoy
  3. Sadly it would appear that this is affecting our attendances as we can no longer sit in our preferred seats. That, of course, does not help Hornets but in some ways it’s not good for the Dale. I don’t expect this excellent board of ours that we have to air the dirty linen in public and I’m sure all will be revealed in due course. It’s very frustrating for the fans in the meanwhile.
  4. Does anyone know why we are playing on a Saturday when there is the challenge cup double header on television as well. It will surely affect our attendance figures given that Mayfield are also at home. I do hope that the football club have not refused permission for the usual Sunday fixture.
  5. That was an excellent result not only to nil the opposition but to score fifty given the poor weather conditions. Our handling was better than Cornwall and with more steadiness we could have scored more points but that’s five on the trot now. Looking forward to next week against the hurricanes.
  6. I wonder if anyone is going to make the long trek down to Cornwall. It’s also a bank holiday…
  7. With the squad we have making the journey to the capital it’s certainly on the cards to win by more than twenty to go top, albeit short lived.
  8. I’m sure that all Hornets’ supporters are ever so grateful for Paul Ormerod’s gifts of his time and huge financial assistance. Doubtless we would have been unable to continue watching and supporting this famous club of ours without his massive input. Thank you Paul for continuing as president and look forward to your presence at future Hornets’ games.
  9. Hope the game will be played as Rochdale played at home on Tues and will be at home on Sat so it’s very much weather dependant for us on Sunday.
  10. I think a big big plus about the game was how fit the team kept despite it being the first game of the season. It was also pleasing that they seemed to gel together very well and also the ball handling was excellent something that is usually quite poor at the start of the season. The whole squads defence was another vital factor in ensuring we are in the hat for the next round. A big thank you to all the squad plus the coaching and backroom staff that made it all possible.
  11. Mike has been a wonderful ambassador for Hornets, Fiji and local rugby league due to his love and passion for the game. As well as being a flying winger for Hornets he continued his love of the game by coaching in the local amateur league which is a tribute to him that he gave something back to the game. Our thoughts go out to all his family. RIP MIKE
  12. Yes Brian was such a wonderful man and a Hornet through and through. He will be sadly missed. Our thoughts go out to his family. RIP Brian
  13. We seem to draw the short straw for bank holiday away fixtures………..NW Crusaders at August bank holiday this year and Cornwall on May Day bank holiday next year……and a seven hour journey perhaps
  14. There appears to be a slow response regarding the squad that has been signed for next season which is a bit strange considering that the club is already selling season tickets and are looking for player sponsorship etc. I feel that once the supporters know the the full squad they will respond much quicker with buying tickets and sponsorship etc.
  15. Well that was a very good ending to what has certainly been a rollercoaster of a season due to our massive injury list and covid etc. Sadly we did not make the playoffs which is a great pity but we need to focus on next season, subject to our funding. I wonder how many players like Penky and Fui will pull on a Hornets shirt again for maybe one more season?
  16. I feel it would help if the club would inform us exactly what the injury situation, covid situation and the suspension/ unavailability of the whole squad. At present most spectators are scratching their heads wondering why players are missing, some of which have not played for months?
  17. Thought it was a very entertaining and competitive game with both sides giving their all for the full eighty minutes. Hornets attack was especially good with Rangi dictating the game until his injury which doesn’t look good. Defensively we certainly need to smarten up particularly on our right side. We did have periods of easing off defensively which kept the Crusaders in the game until my MOM Fui Fui put the game to bed late on. It was also pleasing to see a healthy crowd as a result of good initiatives by the board. All in all it was a good result and it was so good to be at home and back to some sort of normality at last
  18. Yes we are going to Coventry as away fans are allowed but we have to get tickets in advance I think according to Hornets web site. Dont know which block our fans are sitting in but it would be good to all be together whilst keeping to the social distancing rules.
  19. A great result considering we don’t do well over the pennines so a nailbiting finish but a wins a win. Let’s hope our injury situation doesn't get to hinder the teams progress. Well done to all the team and backroom staff.
  20. Well that was a dreadful display by the team and Donny deserved the win today. Our discipline was once again poor and our respect of the ball was even worse. Penky and Baker deserved much more from the work they put in. Penky opened Donny up seemingly effortlessly, but rank bad ball retention or no backing up was dire. I sincerely hope that this display by Hornets was a one off otherwise its going to be a long long season.
  21. I wins a win and West Wales were a much better team than the score line suggests. Hornets biggest problem is the poor discipline and they rightly got heavily penalised. If the coaching staff don’t pick up on that it could come back to bite us as the season progresses.
  22. Very sad news about Mal. a Hornets through and through. Yet another loss to our club and Mayfield. My heart goes out to his family and all the other families that have lost their dear ones from this awful disease. RIP MAL
  23. Very sad news about Mal who is a huge rugby man and let’s hope that he pulls through this awful pandemic. I’m sure we all wish him well and our regards to both him and his family.
  24. Nigel was a solid hardworking player both for Hornets and Milnrow and all his family were rugby mad. My condolences to his family RIP NIGEL.
  25. Sad news and my condolences to Brians family. RIP BRIAN.
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