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The Dewsbury Faithful 2018/19 Season

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12 months ago Graham Fisher & myself felt it was time that a opportunity that would bring the fan's together and make them feel that they were involved in helping the club and so the Dewsbury Faithful was born.we were overwelmed with the response,75 fellow fans contributed £20 to be apart of something wonderful..and it sure was,first we got a new flag that bears the name of the Dewsbury Faithful incorporating the new badge,then we turned our attentions on to sponsoring ''the kicking tee'' this was an innovative idea which virtually guaranteed a mention of the Dewsbury Faithful at every home game provided that we scored,next was to sponsor a player,a couple of fring players where offered too us to sponsor,i declined as i wanted the player to represent all the hard work that was been done by you the fans,so we went on to sponsor jode sheriffe who is a honest hardworking player,after all these fabulous things we had brought to the club we still had £700 left out of tha £1500 the fans raised,this was then used to help the club bring in adam ryder from keighley via the All Together Fund,so if anybody would like to be involved this season with The Dewsbury Faithful see graham fisher or myself with your £20 donation,if you cannot afford and things are tight for most of us,just donate what you can,fingers crossed we can make a difference to the club in 2018-2019 season. many thanks Coolie.

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