Beaumont backs Koukash to take over Bradford

Leigh owner Derek Beaumont has given his support to Mandy Koukash in the chase to take over Bradford Bulls.

The wife of Salford owner Marwan has been one of the numerous people linked with the next ownership of the club after it went into administration last week.

Beaumont, whose Leigh club enjoyed a strong rivalry with the Bulls in the two years they spent together in the second-tier, believes Mandy would be a good fit for the club, while also saying he wouldn’t want to be friends with the current owner of the Bradford, Marc Green.

“I never met Marc Green and don’t really know much about him other than the exchanges of emails I had with him which certainly didn’t leave me wanting to become his friend. He may also say likewise,” he said in his regular column.

“If I am not mistaken I seem to recall him stating something along the lines of “Leigh will go bust under Derek Beaumont with the way they are spending.”

“Clearly that hasn’t been the case, not has there ever been any risk of that, as I have always put my money where my mouth is and will continue to do so. I did in some of my previous columns question whether Marc would have the appetite to fund the Bulls, particularly after failing to reach the top four as it is a big investment to mount a serious challenge from there.

“It would appear he hasn’t or maybe he isn’t in a position to do so, but what would seem apparent is that Bradford Bulls needs someone or a consortium with some financial clout they are prepared to invest with a patient approach to rebuilding the Bulls into the force they once were.

“I am not familiar with any of the names being bandied about but one name that has been mentioned again is Mandy Koukash. Now I know a lot of people frown at that but I am not altogether sure why. I have met Mandy on numerous occasions and she is a very smart lady in her own right. Of course, people will say it is Marwan really running the club but surely he could use any third party, so would he be so naive as to use his wife if those were his intentions?

“Mandy is her own lady and it is obviously a big asset to have a husband as well connected in the rugby circles as Marwan, which is surprising for the short amount of time he has been in the sport.

“Immediately Bradford would have a Super League ally in Salford and some serious money to invest in the club. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time a husband and wife have been at the helm of two professional Rugby League clubs at the same time.

“Whoever becomes the successful bidder will have my best wishes to make Bradford great again but I really do believe the selection this time needs to demonstrate a clear commitment to pump the significant amount of money required, maybe even by surety with the RFL.

“It would be a complete tragedy to see Bradford fall out of the RFL and at this time I empathise with their massive loyal following.”