Betts positive despite Wigan defeat

Widnes’ top eight hopes were all but killed following defeat to Wigan, but head coach Denis Betts was not too disheartened despite the setback.

The Vikings went down 28-12 to Wigan, leaving them all but condemned to the Qualifiers.

They will have to win all of their remaining three games, starting against Huddersfield on Friday, and hope the Giants lose their two remaining games to have any hope of avoiding the Qualifiers.

Nevertheless, Betts was pleased with aspects of his side’s display.

“We played all right,” he said.

“At 16-12 with 10 minutes to go it’s a pretty tight game. We have come back into it. If you look at the first two tries, Clubb’s isn’t a try and O’Loughlin’s is a bit of magic and Danny Craven is out of position because he’s only played two games at full-back.

“We defended our goal-line well, we’ve got to complete a bit better and be smarter with the ball, but other than that we didn’t look out of our depth.

“I thought we had a chance to win that game but we didn’t have enough composure or cutting edge to be able to do that.”

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