Bulls decision deferred again

It will now be Tuesday at the earliest before a decision on the fate of Bradford Bulls will be made, after the club’s administrator issued a media release last night explaining that he had declined an offer from a consortium earlier in the week, but that negotiations were continuing with another consortium, with due diligence taking place over the weekend and into Tuesday.

Responding to criticism of their actions, the Joint Administrators claimed to be continuing to work closely with the Rugby Football League and other parties and that “there has been an ongoing and extensive dialogue”.

Gary Pettit of PBC Business Recovery, one of the Joint Administrators, said: “As you will be aware the Administrators rejected one offer earlier this week, but are continuing discussions with another consortium. Those discussions are subject to a non-disclosure agreement.

“I believe that any media speculation about the identity of the consortium members is very unhelpful at this stage. I would ask anyone with the genuine interests of the Bradford Bulls at heart to refrain from any such speculation.

“Our negotiations have progressed to an advanced level. I trust that our talks will come to a positive conclusion very early next week. Everyone concerned will continue to work on matters over the weekend.

“I must again ask that everyone continues to be patient. We aim to give every prospect of success for the survival and renaissance of the Bradford Bulls.

“I would again wish to thank the players and staff at the club for the professional way they have dealt with the uncertainty caused by the Administration.

“I will obviously provide a further update as soon as is possible.”