Bus-stop meeting underlined significance of Warrington community to Price

Warrington coach Steve Price admits he knew from the start of his time in charge how important it was to connect with the town’s people, before sharing just how far he’s gone to build bridges by giving supporters lifts to games in his own car!

Price has impressed since arriving in Warrington at the start of this season, and has made a real impact with Wolves supporters ahead of Saturday’s Challenge Cup final with Catalans.

And the Wolves boss revealed a bizarre story which underlined the commendable efforts he has made to connect with the people of Warrington.

“The fans are pretty direct, which I like,” he said. “I picked up a supporter coming to the game last week from the bus stop in Warrington. He told me what he thought which was great. They’re straight down the line.

“He was waiting for the bus, had tatts all over him and all the Warrington gear on. It turned out that he works in the Winwick hospital behind where we live and he was a good young lad. I dropped him off at the King’s head tavern before the game and he had a couple of schooners.

“He was very positive about the club and the way that we’re heading.  He just looked like a good genuine bloke going down to watch Warrington play. I said ‘where are you going to mate?’, he said he was off to the football so I said get in.

“My daughter was a little bit nervous and thought he looked scary, but he was a good fella and we just chatted football. I haven’t seen him since.”

Price admits that making a big effort with the people of the town was always high on his agenda, revealing just how amazed he’s been by the support of the people of Warrington for one another.

“It was really important that from day one I got involved with the people,” he said. “I feel like I’ve gone a long way in that regard.

“When I first arrived, I moved into Stockton Heath in the heart of the town and I embraced all the local charities. They do so much charity work over here in Warrington, it blows my mind how everyone gets behind and wants to help people. What the Warrington people do for each other is fantastic.”