Championship clubs to consider league structutre proposals

Championship clubs will meet up on July 5th to have their say on the proposed changes to the league structure.

Super League representatives met up earlier this month to discuss a number of key issues, including the possibility of an expanded Super League competition.

With those plans now apparently gaining increased support from Super League clubs moving forward, senior figures from the twelve Championship clubs will meet next week to discuss the proposals put on the table by their Super League counterparts and how they may affect them moving forward.

League Express understands the RFL has not yet set out the exact points of discussion to the clubs, but the potential restructuring will be at the top of the agenda.
A proposal was put forward at the Super League meeting that could see Super League return to a 13 or 14-team competition.

A number of Championship clubs are keen to seek assurances on their position should that happen and the implications it could have on the central distribution of funding and their prospects of earning promotion to Super League moving forward, or whether the new concept will result in teams being locked into the second tier.

Another important topic of discussion will be the future of the Super 8s structure, should Super League expand to take in two additional teams.

Any change to the number of teams in both competitions will entail changes both to the regular season format and the Super 8s themselves, should the structure actually remain in place.

An additional complicating factor is that any changes made to the league structure must be approved by Sky.

Sky’s current broadcasting agreement with the RFL carried the proviso that both Super League and the Championship were 12-team competitions with the Super 8s format, and any adjustments would have to be accepted by leading figures at BSkyB.