Danny Brough not interested in time off

Having an off-season to ensure you’re fighting fit for a new Rugby League season is something most coaches and players insist upon these days – but for Scotland’s Danny Brough, he just wants to play as much as he can.

Whilst a host of big names have been left out of their respective squads for the European Championships – such as Brough’s Huddersfield teammates Craig Kopczak and Scott Grix, for example – Brough isn’t part of that group. In fact, he’s chomping at the bit to pull his boots on again, and represent the country which he led to the quarter-finals of last year’s World Cup.

The 2014 Albert Goldthorpe Medal winner confirmed earlier this week that he was given the option on whether to play for Scotland or withdraw from the squad for the tournament – but he said he never once contemplated pulling out, as he loves playing for Scotland – and playing in general – too much.

“I just want to get back on the pitch as quickly as I can to put the poor back end of the season behind me,” Brough said.

“Baloo (Paul Anderson) gave me the option and I chose to come and play. I enjoy playing for Scotland, I get on well with the lads and I have a good crack with Steve McCormack.”

As well as his passion for international Rugby League, there’s also a desire to put a disappointing end to the season with Huddersfield behind him – and he confirmed that he won’t be having a break after the international period, saying he just wants to jump back into pre-season training with the Giants.

“I’m not having any more time off after I’ve played this any way, I’m going straight back to training,” he added.

“It’s something I enjoy doing. I’m not one that likes to sit at home and dwell on things. I get a bit bored, I like to be doing something. My wife is happy for me to do it, we might get away for a week later in the year.”