Featherstone unlikely to go full-time, says chairman

Featherstone Rovers chairman Mark Campbell says the club are unlikely to go full-time next year, despite being favourites to finish second in the Championship this season and pocket the £450,000 prize money.

Speaking after the Rovers’ convincing 20-4 victory over their rivals for second spot Halifax at the weekend, Campbell blamed the departure of a raft of investors earlier in the season for the change of heart.

“After suffering the departure of major investors mid-season we are now adopting a more common-sensed approach, and are not likely to go one hundred percent full-time as a major shareholder boasted earlier in the season,” he told League Express.

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“If we do get it [the second-place prize money] a small percentage of the money will go toward completing the new stands, although a fair proportion of the squad will still get full-time contracts.

“This doesn’t mean we won’t be able to compete with the best though, and it’s not always about the money. This club has always been about rolling our sleeves up and getting on with it, and that’s how we’ve managed to compete on equal terms with more wealthy clubs in the past.

“We don’t intend to get carried away and flirt with financial mis-management, but we will keep our identity and our soul.”

Finally, Campbell couldn’t contain his delight following Sunday’s vital victory.

“They’re a fantastic set of lads who’ve had to endure a turbulent season. And we’ve got a marvellous set of fans that have followed us through thick and thin over the years. Today they were aptly rewarded for their support.”

Interview by Steve Slater

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