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    And England beat Australia in Sydney in 2006 with no NRL players.... See I could easily pick random results where England have beaten Australia with no NRL players or have been very close but I'm not playing that game and going round in circles. I have watched every England international for 30+ years and last seasons performance from England against Australia was amongst the worst, bar one or too shockers. We even lost on home soil last year against a fairly average NZ team that don't travel well. You can look at results and scores all you like but the game just isn't all about that. Australia could have run up a much bigger score last year but took their foot off the gas big time. You are taking offense at things where no offense is intended and think that you have to be the great protector of all things NRL. No one is saying don't pick NRL players but players playing in the NRL is not the saviour of the English game. Most people on here, if not all, will acknowledge it is a much better and more intense competition with largely better players. There is no denying it. However I have yet to see any real correlation between an improvement in performances between more players playing in the NRL and the international team and as I have said in recent years several NRL players have underperformed in an England jersey. I have watched teams with players playing that don't have half the talent of some of the current players run Australia much closer. That is the most disappointing thing for me.
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    Been announced for the 13th October at Gilbert Brutus with it being the UK-based heritage team turning out for Jamaica, should be a useful test for the French before the World Cup. Saw something about national TV coverage but it was behind a paywall, don't know if any of the usual experts can tell us more...?
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    Why would she if she doesn't have to? Some people seem to think she has to give people a fair chance. I think they've taken the very logical route of playing it very safe. They are after all 23 points ahead.
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    We've seen a lot of overhyped garbage in recent years, but Joshua v Klitschko has the promise of a very good contest. Some of the Tyson Fury fights belonged in a pub car park, and as for $onny Bill Judas Weasel, Audley Harrison, Danny Williams and a fair few more... It takes something pretty tawdry to demean the reputation of heavyweight boxing, given the last decade, but they managed it. Joshua is still young, but he's quick and accurate, while Klitschko is very tough, has excellent technique (especially in defence) and all the experience Joshua lacks.
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    I'm looking forward to the feature on the Woman's Challenge Cup. Love it when the women's game gets good exposure.
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    And if the readers could see the ones we think up then chuck away as inappropriate...
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    Looking back I would/should have handled this differently but... years ago I reffed a team with a number of black players at one point one of the opposition called one of them a "black b*****d", I was reaching for a red card, as per local league instructions when the offended player said "Nah leave it ref its right enough" 10 minutes later the offender was laid out in back play and no one had seen anything.
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    Record number of Players in Cumbria Masters RL Festival http://bit.ly/2qbT7kj
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    don't think im gonna even bother with the latest over hyped up garbage on Saturday- where are all the proper boxers these days?
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    Great tipping EW I am completely Stunned and completely happy, Great effort in a sad week for Fartown, Only blemish Brian Mac, as sportsmen go he would make a great Natural fertilizer salesman.
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    Condescending or what? Second best team in Hull with a superiority complex.
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    Don't see people's problems whining about the date of the game? Yes some of you can't make it but others can make it Friday and imsure wel attract afew neutrals. If Wakefield fans can make it then why can't Dewsbury folk? Make of it what it should be, a great occasion with a good atmosphere and crowd under the Tetleys Stadium lights... Some of our best cup game have been on Friday nights... Last years 31-30 win over Bulls.. Wigan afew year ago when we were excellent... it adds to the atmosphere and occasion, don't see the problem
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    Lovely touch to see the Huddersfield players with the fans' banner at the end.
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    Yes it is, I was there Saturday, fantastic afternoon of Masters Rugby League, 15 different clubs represented, including the return of Carlisle as a rl entity. Masters really is a game for all, from novice to ex pro and everyone in between.
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    Superb 40-20 from Brough, his 2nd so far sees a great try from Leeming bar none. Huddersfield hit the front. 6-12.
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    No, that is removing brains not putting them in.
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    It must be the ###### road that puts them off coming up here.
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    "So, you appear to have persuaded your sister to join the Liberal Democrats, would you say it's been a successful entry into campaigning today?"
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    Mason and Dickinson are not in Huddersfield's 19 tonight. Maybe they are injured? Hope not!
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    Powell was England assistant not so long ago and it coincided with some good performances. Trouble is to get someone like him there has to be plenty of games to play to make it worthwhile and he needs plenty of time with the squad to get his systems and culture in place. I'm not sure any England coach will get either in the near future.
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    True enough, though you've not met my wife. My questioning would be on housing and transport/ policy, plus the bonfire of the quangos that never happened, anything whatsoever involving Accenture, KPMG and their ilk, the revolving door that allows senior civil servants to clear off to the private sector taking their secrets with them, public sector annual increments, and many more. They all pale into insignificance compared with the importance of negotiating our leaving the EU. There is only one answer.
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    I normally don't pick a side, just wanted to play about a little, Think that this is the biggest game of the season and I'll take last weeks lost for the points I m trying to get there on Sunday as well
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    Finger slip, I meant 2nd row
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    Aye big game this for both sides, we play to our potential and we should be fine.Dewsbury will be up for it make no mistake, their previous record goes out of the window in games like this. Vital for us to pick up the points and keep the gap in the table widening from the bottom 3. No team predictions from me this week, whoever Scott selects will put 100% in. Personally in a game of this magnitude I wouldn't mess about with the side too much though and unbalance the team. Hopefully a Yeds win and a good day out at Dewsbury as it always is,see the travellers over there. Up the Yeds!
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    I can always remember one of the supporters shouting "Come on Dorothy" every time Chris got the ball. Maybe this call will be rejuvenated.
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    Glass half full/half empty 27th April
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    No. Yes we use puns (like other magazines) but not because they do or because it's normal to do that. Because we want to.
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    Are you putting your team at a disadvantage if you don't go and give them support? However I do concede that now its Thursday it does make it awkward for visiting fans. The RFL should ferry the Fax fans free like they do in Super League games on a Thursday evening
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    Yep, like Bard Island's answer to Hello!
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    Now there's a surprise, a nice one though. Great for Fax fans who won't travel to POR.
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    I think this is wishful thinking. Most polls have shown that when UKIP votes have fallen the Tories has gone up while Labour's has stayed stable.
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    OUT NOW: This week's League 1 Show The unofficial podcast dedicated to League 1 returns this week as we look back at all the results from the Fifth Round of The Challenge Cup. In this week's show we hear the post match views from the Head Coaches at Barrow Raiders, York City Knights and Whitehaven. In addition we preview this weekend's Semi Final ties in The League 1 Cup as we hear from the CEO of Oxford Adrian Smith, Sport Reporter at the North West Evening Mail Marc Bazeley, plus the Media Managers at Gloucestershire All Golds Patrick Baines, and North Wales Crusaders Josh Pay. On this week's show, Ben was also joined by League Express' Matthew Shaw. https://audioboom.com/posts/5858973-the-league-1-show-26th-april-2017
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    When can Chappell play?.Now that is a good question, a player we signed who can't play for whatever reason. A response from the club would be appreciated.I also agree with Mr Loxton when he alluded to us playing up the middle too often,there are two wings on a playing field. We are probably easy to defend against as we are predictable. Still want to know where Chappell is,we could do with an extra body in the squad.
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    Squires is slightly more consistent than Brown and maybe Potts. Knows how to finish tries but a little tame in defence
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    If you go to the RFL website they have a "clubfinder" tab with map. You can find all clubs within a user specified radius and last time I looked it was up to date and accurate.
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    Thank you for the updates, according to Nrl.com and flash score final try was awarded to Gillett
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    Thanks for the lengthy advice mate, that does seem like a good idea. I used to live not far from Warrington, in Leigh, but as you said right now it is probably a bit out of my way. If I'm ever back in the area or move closer, it's good to know there's someone willing to lend a hand. I'll definitely check out the two other clubs you mentioned. Cheers Yeah, that's a good point, I am used to contact, just not on a field, with boots, playing a running sport. But that appeals to me and sure I will pick it up in time!
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    I can half agree with you Woody, the intensity week in week out is unquestionably far greater in the NRL than it is in the SL and the Aussie based players should gain from that, but an observation of watching "our guys" performing in that environment is that they become stereotyped, by that I mean that in the NRL a player has a very definative job he is employed to do and their is no room for deviation from that roll, they would be encroaching on other teammates functions and game plans. For an example fans at Leigh are questioning what does Glen Stewart bring to the team, having watched the NRL for many many years, I reversed the question and asked them what they expected of him, they said being an International and SoO player they thought he would break tackles, set up plays, be a good passer of the ball etc, I replied that has never ever been his game, he is simply a defensive player, a good defensive player that is why and how he gained the Rep honours, he had a role to fulfill and did it well, that is the player Leigh now employ don't expect anything else. So, I do wonder that we should take our game to them in International contests, stop trying to emulate what they do throughout the match, but, with Bennett in charge it will stay the same, it is what he knows, it worked for him in a coaching capacity for NZ, and so it should, all their players were familiar with the NRL systems. I sincerely hope I am wrong but I simply cannot see us winning the WC with Bennett at the helm, their coaches know his tactics, their players are familiar with his game plans, and bringing the best together that Aus can offer they will nullify him. We need a Powell type involved, as assistant coach Paul Deacon brought a game that the Aussies found hard to read, we need more of the same.
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    Exactly. The past week has been somewhat interesting for me personally. I'm traditionally a Labour supporter but one who is angry with Corbyn and his supporters for taking the Labour party to an unelectable place especially at such a crucial time. If I'd been called up by a pollster in the last year or so, I certainly wouldn't have said I'm voting for Labour and on the odd day I might even have said Conservative. Since the election, things have changed and it's woke me up a bit. Anger at Corbyn is no reason to vote Tory; I'm pretty much opposed to everything they stand for especially those further to the right. It's similar to Brexit, dismay with the EU led me to question it for a bit but as soon as the reality became clear I quickly moved to a remain vote. My point is that I think there will be people like me who have expressed frustration but when the reality of Labour vs Tory comes into it will vote Labour. Something akin to the shy Tory, the reluctant Labour voter. I won't be voting Labour because I have the luxury(!) of being in a safe seat and I want the far left to fully realise how unelectable they are. It will only be by contributing to the vote percentage but so be it. If I were in a marginal seat it might be very different. The one sticking point is Brexit. Hard Brexit or not I think the Tories give the impression that they will be more pro-Britain when negotiating and the comparable shambles of the Corbyn leadership doesn't fill one with confidence when negotiating a deal with the EU. A couple more polls today seem to be falsifying my theory however and there has been little to no movement.
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    Is that Keith Voyce to the left of Alan Bates? Don't think Shaun Dunford will appreciate you putting him in that era??
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    Think Dunford is wrong
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    Even Korbin Sims has been faultless ?
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    TV games Halifax v Featherstone - Thur 11th - SkySports Salford v Hull KR - Friday 12th - SkySports Castleford v St Helens - Saturday 13th - BBC Sports Warrington v Widnes - Sunday 14th - BBC Sports
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    Who said anything about going professional? Well done on ruining another thread through your innate trolling
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    Morning all! Missed the first few minutes, but saw both Broncos tries.

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