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  1. Cheers, very interesting.
  2. Out of interest, how do you record the stas? Just a clipboard and tally type chart? Do you just use your skill (I don't want to inadvertantly imply it's just a guess) to estimate the metres?
  3. SINGE


    This might help someone, you can change dates etc to suit. https://www.skyscanner.net/transport/flights/man/tls/200208/200209/?adultsv2=1&childrenv2=&cabinclass=economy&rtn=1&preferdirects=false&outboundaltsenabled=false&inboundaltsenabled=false#/
  4. They've struggled a little in recent times, the Forlorn Eagles!
  5. I'd assumed it was not Bower Fold because I would have thought that would be a quick announcement. Very interesting that they were at Boundary Park therefore. But evn more so with ongoing ownership issues and movements there at OAFC.
  6. It goes without saying every player has played his part, and in an ideal world all would get renwed, but in reality it'sa year on and it's a step up, and some are in realityh going. Polls a re limtited to 3 questions, so here goes, an alternative. I'll collate if enough do it. Release or Keep 1 Kyran Johnson Release or Keep 2 Aaron Jones-Bishop Release or Keep 55 Declan Kay Release or Keep 3 Zack McComb Release or Keep 4 Jack Holmes Release or Keep 7 Dave Hewitt Release or Keep 8 Phil Joy Release or Keep 9 Gareth Owen Release or
  7. With Nobby, Crook & Hawkyard already J think there could be quite a turnover this year, making it even more difficult next season.
  8. I'm absolutely sure he'd get a fantastic welcome at oldham.
  9. Govt stats for non-local people Oldham. https://www.ons.gov.uk/releases/ukmigrationindicatorsbylocalarea2017 IMHO league position, stadium location and performance on the pitch have been the most significant thant he others mentioned. The numbers have remained static.I think the discontinuation of a love of rugby through the generations does not depend on skin colour.
  10. My hunch. We only do one press subject a day, and obviosuly yesterday was the Matt Diskin announcement. If it's a return to Bower Fold, and there was no fall out/money not paid, then it should be relatively straightforward to arrange and announcemtn in the coming days/s. If Boundary Park has been explored then longer. The Oldham owner is tricky, and the split int he land more so. What is frustrating is the RFL lack of support in ground improvements, despite their ownership of Odsal. Grants for football clubs (look at Avro, and also similarly in Union. If the RFL had
  11. #SadAct ! Edit. Me, not you @Dave Naylor
  12. Are you going to do another Trello this year Dave?
  13. SINGE

    The Final

    This. I think it would have been so demoralising, and the game lost. Literally inches from losing.
  14. Now the dust has settled, and what a an amazing effort by so many players, which players to keep and which to release for the Championship season?
  15. The scrap gold value alone is getting on for £500, RLDWSS.
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