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  1. No replies. Sums everything up really
  2. When your little all you want to be is a pro sportsman. It seems now if your dont get a full time contract your ambition is now to play national conference rugby. I know some conference teams are far better than most league 1 clubs with regards their set ups and playing standards. Oldham just need to look at what lock lane did. Good luck to the lad don't know his circumstances could be work playing time being totally hacked off with losing.
  3. It's a win. That's it. No bad wins.
  4. I just hope they don't #### it up
  5. Just to start people thoughts if there's any interest Should be a win
  6. Buy the clubs voted for the reduction in central funding. So without stating the obvious the position we are in at the moment was clearly foreseeable and a good chairman would and should have budgeted for it
  7. Wasn't for me today. Just back from my Holidays and went out with the wife. I don't see the point of paying to be put through the ringer. Any of the local amateur teams would be better value for me to watch these days.......sadly
  8. Thanks for the memories. RIP Ricky
  9. Jroyales you are sounding like me on every post. The normal MS is to say nothing reveal nothing and treat fans as second class citizens.
  10. Indeed. That's the worrying thing, when you look at the teams that we should be beating and not. It shows how the rugby league world has moved forward and we clearly haven't
  11. I've hoped that this season would be more than this. I had faith then the Lock Lane farce put a nail in the coffin. I went when we played Cornwall and I just didn't see anything apart 3 players. Keep losing to the northern teams is poor but not turning up and putting a shift in is taking the micky out of people like me. Will I go again this year I don't know. Do I see vision from the board......no. I see players leaving and being replaced with academy players who are not up to it physically. The history of the club cannot be touched but at the moment it certainly being tarnished in my opinion and it will take a massive sign of intent to reassure my faith. I fear that soon the light will be permanently turned off. The question is will anyone care?
  12. clifford


    Thank god I'm on holiday from Friday. Can't see past a Hornets win. The dads army team from the otherside of the A627m will beat the lads team from our once great town. Hopefully they will perform well defend like demons and keep the score respectable.
  13. clifford


    Yesterday was a first for me. I never once checked to see how we were doing against Keighley. I thought we'd struggle especially going up the hill I never once thought we'd get 0 and lucky to get that. In my opinion we have 3 players to build on Restall, Ridyard and Whittel but after this year I doubt if we will have them in 2023. Can we switch the light off yet on season 2022.
  14. I whole heartily agree that lordy was given off side on an assumption. I never have watched the game back mainly because It will confirm the referee was wrong.
  15. Win ✔ Defence✔ Performance ✔ Moral bust ✔✔ Next test back to back wins
  16. Sunday Must win game IMHO. In fact any type of win is the priority. 1 point or 30 points. They are above us in the league. So it could be interesting how this pans out
  17. I always thought professional sport is about winning and not turning up.
  18. The league table doesn't lie. We are one of the worst teams in professional rugby league. It's not rugby union where you get bonus points for losing within 7. I would prefer a really poor performance and a win than a reasonable performance and lose. I take no pleasure in losing each week and if our expectations are simply that the players put a shift in and winning means nothing then I'll go to watch oldham rugby union.
  19. I've not seen any of the gane but a loss by 1 or 100 points is a loss. That is all that's needs to be said.
  20. To be fair is the current position of the club were you see it should be. In 2007 we were beaten 8in the play off final by Featherstone look where they are. Newcastle were beaten by us in 2019 for promotion and look where they are. In my opinion the worst place should be is 6th in the championship not the worst place Northern pro club. With TV money drying up and such a poor team it's going to take more than a season to fix the issues I don't think I've ever seen such a poor oldham side. My interest in rugby is not as it once was but that's due to many factors. I won't be there on Sunday as I have other commitments but if I hadn't would I go probably not.
  21. No words can be found to express my feelings about the team the club at the moment. We have no money to attract better players. There's only one way we are going and that's down. Lock Lane and now this
  22. Why does a government organisation need to bail out a private company that has a track record of bad planning A simple answer is it doesn't.
  23. Oldham and Hollinwood have signed a new lease with the RFL to use Melrose playing fields as a training base. Step in the right direction.
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