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  1. Well said Rodders. Only seen one match this season, (Cornwall), as work commitments make it difficult. i wasn't expecting any miracles this year but I am impressed with things going on off the pitch. Solid foundations are what is required right now in order to build something that doesn't suddenly collapse a short way down the road. As for the players I have no doubt they are giving their heart and soul to what they are doing so get behind them folks. London away on a Friday night? Not a great idea.
  2. Agreed. For a team with so many new players playing their first competitive fixture together I was impressed. Good luck all for the new season.
  3. Got to concur with Tandle here. Kev lived not far from me in Shaw, I know his wife and saw him in more than one local pub in the area. Always a lovely man to chat to and I remember him as an intelligent player, good with the ball in hand and a good rugby brain. Happy days watching him play. Sincere condolences to everyone involved. RIP Kev. Top fella.
  4. There was a season with the new club when we lost every league match if I recall correctly. We were playing at Boundary park and Steve Deakin was the coach. Ironically, around 20 mins ago I was looking at the sttached pic of my daughter with me tucked in at the bottom from the back page of the Chron which was from the end of that season.
  5. You never know but i suspect, (and very much hope), that this will work out well Good luck Adrian. Fond memories of watching you play at Oldham.
  6. Hope you recover quickly Clifford!
  7. Or maybe cross that bridge when we come to it Clifford?
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