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  1. You never know but i suspect, (and very much hope), that this will work out well Good luck Adrian. Fond memories of watching you play at Oldham.
  2. Hope you recover quickly Clifford!
  3. Or maybe cross that bridge when we come to it Clifford?
  4. To be honest although scrums could be a mess it was good to watch contested scrums. A good pairing of 8 and 9 was an important part in gaining possession and I think the game has lost an art there which was important.
  5. I agree bud. Been excellent but also making me feel very depressed about the state of a) the club and, b) the entertainment value of the RL product in general. I watched the whole of the video of the match v The Aussies 1986, the one with the Aussie commentators and just felt so sad that there will never be any days like that again watching Oldham. Proper deep lines and running rugby, rather than a close encounter with two flat lines
  6. Started to watch the stream from when we went up 4-14 ? Then saw a spell of self destruct with knock on from unnecessary pass and several consecutive penalties. Thought, oh no, here we go, but well done in the end . A great two points.
  7. Not sure if this the right thread to ask this. My wife and I have signed home and away jerseys from the first league match played by the reformed team at Workington on the 13th April 1998. So, one red and white hoops and one blue and white. We were married the day before and she had, unknown to me. arranged free seats and the presentation of the shirts and also a ball in the players' lounge after the game. Are these of any interest to The Heritage Trust on long term loan or is it not the right kind of thing to be in there?
  8. Yes. Really disappointed to see this tonight. I was a big fan. I believe he was known as flippin eck as he didn't swear. May be wrong but that is what I remember. RIP sir.
  9. A month in France followed by a trip to Australia for my daughter's wedding means that this was the first match I have seen for some time. An excellent performance and I agree that the score flattered Doncaster. 22 - 6 was a better indicator. As for the crowd, sadly that is down to the ground and the weather. It's a depressing stadium at best and in the rain even more so. Sadly, the weather was at its worst around the time that locals would be making up their mind on whether to go down or not. Indeed it was due to my 13 year old son's insistence that we were there. Glad he persuaded me.
  10. Brilliant result. Wasn't at the game as I was out cycling in France at the time! Stopped to check HT score on my phone and feared the worst. Checked again around 70 mins or so and again at FT. Well chuffed with that. More of the same please next week guys.
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