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  1. She did a really good job added something with it not being just a creaky recording as is the norm.
  2. As I said previously last time I went people went in the Irish bar after the game.
  3. Last time I went the Irish RL team went into the Irish bar after the game
  4. I’m doing this game, went to Fr v Ireland there a few years ago and the crowd looked about 2,000
  5. I've paid for my tickets for Toulouse V Catalans but can't download them anyone else had the same issue?
  6. https://treizemondial.fr/coupe-du-monde-2025-quel-ticket.../ From what I can make from this Carcassonne marie (Council) have offered 800,000 Euros to host events in Carcasssonne
  7. FFR XIII have done away with the round to be played and eliminated all teams not in ties involving Elite 1 teams inc the Elite 2 teams VARL, Carpentras, Gratentour, Entraigues and Salon. Strange times call for strange outcomes but I’m not sure of the rationale behind this (their obviously will be a reason) Remaining fixtures for the next Round CARCASSONNE XIII vs LÉZIGNAN VILLEFRANCHE vs SAINT-GAUDENS ILLE vs SAINT-ESTÈVE XIII CATALAN LESCURE vs TOULOUSE OLYMPIQUE PAMIERS vs ALBI BAHO vs LIMOUX TONNEINS vs VILLENEUVE XIII PIA vs AVIGNON
  8. Round of the last 32 cup draw when Elite 1 enter has a cracker in Carcasonne v Lezignan Avignon at Pia and Limoux at Baho are among the best of the rest
  9. To be fair they get the oppertunities because they sign the best kids
  10. Are both games going to played at the respective clubs home grounds? I’m hoping to do the game at Toulouse
  11. Belveze v VARL XIII this week - it could get messy Edit - 4/32 not a bad effort
  12. Given Oldham and Swinton are signing players they intend to make the start line. Are there any clubs looking like they won’t make it?
  13. I only counted 13 warming up and didn’t notice any subs so probably yes
  14. Did the Belveze game today. About 100 watching, decent game and Belveze had a good selection of souvenirs. Cracking day out in the Sun. Belveze lost 4/32 but had a couple of good players MOM was the prop number 8 with the 6 looking lively
  15. Not sure who’s picked the Our League 4 MOM candidates????
  16. Even the Dragons club shop is closed. I reckon about 5,000 in the ground approaching KO
  17. I’m in Perpignan now and I’ve seen two fans with shirts on in the usual gathering areas. Pretty disappointing. Still think with no COVID and a fixed date very good numbers would come from the UK. To be fair there has been radio advertising.
  18. Got the draw but looking for kick off times
  19. I think it’s cup weekend for the lower teams. From the draw Razes near Limoux are at home a game I am hoping to attend. Again anyone got a website link for match days and times? Used to have one with ref appointments on.
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