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  1. Wouldn’t be surprised at all BSJ. Reckon the ones with the larger attendances will be shown most.
  2. Brownie not happy with the thought of a trip to Barrow on a Monday night by what he has put out
  3. Yep according to Bradford t and a website Bulls play at Batley
  4. A win for the Bulldogs and a loss for the Bulls according to BBC. Looks like both have identical records so who/what decides the venue for next week? or is it played at Birkenshaw?
  5. Exactly! In relation to all clubs.
  6. fredm


    According to the Huddersfield Examiner he is currently employed by Bradford Bulls as Media and Marketing assistant and they want to sign him for next season, with him continuing to work for them as well.
  7. Just goes to show how RL needs to get its act in order to set up a pathway for players of that age to be able to progress rather than being lost to the game forever.
  8. Had not seen the above entry when I posted.
  9. Presume this is in all probability due entirely to finance. The club has had reduced income the past 18 months and here we have I would imagine another club offering to pay a players wage for a month whilst keeping him fit, and also, I would hope, an additional amount as a loan fee.
  10. Surely any news such as this should be on the club website first, and the news hounds can pick it up from there.
  11. So what are the restrictions/regulations etc?
  12. fredm


    Deaths from Covid are now at a level below those from Cancer or Dementia - Fact Hospitalisation of persons suffering from Covid are at a lower number than for months - Fact.
  13. fredm


    As you say Phildog the rules as implimented by Kirklees are in most instances totally farcical, as highlighted by yourself. Also who do they have going around every sports ground on a saturday to ensure that the rules are complied with? I would hazard a guess at no one. A person is not allowed to sit on his/her own with no one else within ten yards of them, yet they can sit in front of the pavilion drinking and chatting together! Now they are using the fact that more people, in most instances with no symptoms at all, are testing positive. So what? That is a good thing in that they are building up their immunity. Also the majority of these positive tests are on the younger members of society, who are at least risk from the virus. As long as we keep vaccinating everyone then we will be able to resume life as normal. There has only ever been one virus that has been completely eradicated so if they think that this one will ever be then I think they have an almighty shock coming. We will have to learn to live with it, continue to be vaccinated on a yearly basis and get on with our lives. Like with flu, people will catch it, some will feel a bit off it, some will go to bed for a few days, a few will be hospitalised and, unfortunately, a very few will die. But that happens every year with flu and we don't have the numbers broadcast every day to keep us in fear of it.
  14. fredm


    Cougars are not allowed to sell alcohol at their match
  15. fredm


    I don’t like the bit about not assuming that it will return to normal on 21 June. As I understand it, at the moment the government hopes that ALL restrictions will be cancelled. I say hope because, as they have said, it will depend on how things go. What annoys me is the view that things will go against it. Why? Why anticipate that things will not go according to plan? They just seem to have such a negative attitude.
  16. fredm


    I see that Bulls have now moved their match against Newcastle which was down for this weekend to the free weekend in June. They had originally agreed to play it Monday night instead of Sunday so spectators could attend but say the crowd will be bigger on the Sunday afternoon in June. Why don’t we do the same?
  17. And if we had kicked the conversions we would have been well out of sight!
  18. We like to make games interesting. Gets boring if you dont give the opposition a bit of hope lol
  19. So how long is this investigation going to take? When will a decision be made? Surely an announcement must be made before, say 6pm, today in order that people can decide if they wish to purchase the viewing package. Or if people go ahead and purchase the package and the match is subsequently cancelled, what will happen to their subscriptions?
  20. Google featherstone rovers tv gets it ok
  21. I see that John Kear thinks that the new rules this season will probably mean that the ball won’t get out to the back line as much meaning there will be less open play.
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