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  1. PREMIER SPORTS 16 minutes of Highlights from the Final.
  2. i thought he had signed for you till 09/2023?. or did he have a relegation clause ?.
  3. Hi BatleyBird, the Leisure shirt is just for the supporters and this 2022 final only. the team will wear the normal home kit. with the 2022 final lettering as on the Leisure shirt. the reply from Ravensport.. " Hi This is a stand-alone leisure shirt. The playing kit will be this years shirt with the same lettering as the leisure shirt. Kind Regards,"
  4. I've e mailed Ravensport to ask if the teams Match Shirt and this Leisure shirt are the same design.
  5. Ravensport have released what it describes as a Leisure Shirt for the final. Phildog is asking if the team will be wearing a one off Match shirt for the final.
  6. I see Barrow have released their 2023 Shirts/Kit already ( 22/09/2022 ). the away kit being all black. but they all love the Home kit. and in plenty of time for Christmas ....
  7. extended Premier highlights from the match, mainly looking at the video ref reviews. and the squeaky last few minutes.
  8. tut tut, you really need to get your priorities right.
  9. i was told it was around 9 feet too, the cross bar at the bottom end being level with the try line at the top end.
  10. 28-18 and Sheffield down to 12 for the last ten, the comeback is on.
  11. If Barrow lose and York win, York leapfrog Barrow into 5th. it would be Batley v York
  12. Highlights without the Goals and highlights with the goals
  13. how close to the ground do you live ?, have you got friends that go to the games ?, or that live closer and can pop down, even if they are selling them inside the ground somebody on the door or turnstile should be able to sort them a programme out.
  14. just bought number 502, doubt we will sell 498 more before Sunday.
  15. some shady characters at the match last night...
  16. Highlights if you are interested.
  17. everyone round me shouted it was forward, good job they pulled the next one shortly after. luckily it did not affect the result. but we were inline with play which helps. even though it was over the far side of the pitch.
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