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  1. http://www.castigers.com/article.php?id=938
  2. I can comfirm that the said fella was on a door on sat night in the town an he didnt have an armband on then.....it was a quietish pub, not many in...infact we heard his female door partner say she was bored cos there was no one in to throw out......I did have a chat with him before it all kicked off when he was getting a bit jumpy, all his concern then was any swearing in the songs as it was a 'family orientated clubhouse'.........as a sidenote......Mr Hewer was in the town sat night, ten sheets to the wind and even had his pants down in one pub.....just goes to show he's only human eh
  3. what a shame....we'll be in ermmm.....whitehaven by then
  4. Just to put Daryls mind at rest, I have decided I wont be going to the Rhinos either and have ambitions of supporting my team in the Super League
  5. on skysports.com there is definately a game pencilled in for thurs 29th....TBC V TBC 7.30PM KO A win at haven and I think its nailed on to be us......less rest for the players...less marketing time.....sponsors etc.......and a bit of a bummer for me cos I'm on afters....
  6. I know Sky usually get what they want but 4 days notice to bring a game forward is not enough for me...infact we'd probably get more in on the sunday
  7. I've organised 2 nights in premier inn
  8. John Newlove was there....read into it what you will
  9. Smeaton Spears Briggs a few more not far off too
  10. http://www.keighleycougars.com/?page_id=37
  11. I'm with you on this matey but it is interesting to see how other clubs see us
  12. I'm sure someone will come on and start a new thread on all that you need to know about our reserves game on fri night
  13. aye he's not bad.............................for a ginger lad
  14. is that the same lad who was wearing fev shirt an waving flag in france.......at a c*s game?
  15. fans having fun at a game!....well I'll go t'foot of our stairs
  16. Due to Englands early flight home, our kick off v Keighley away should remain at 3pm........please close this thread as its now run its course
  17. looked like we could walk over them....fairs does they got a quick break in the 2nd half but results like this tells the story of the season for me.....when we're good we're very good, when we're not so good, we can still pull through, its not all about pts scored but pts we stop others from scoring....well done once again....its in our own hands for me
  18. Can I just point out that it was my thread that was locked....although I wasn't given a reason for this I let it go as all I wanted to do was let the fans know of the consequences of Englands final group position. I let it go until a poster mentioned that there were too many threads on the same subject, to which I replied 'why was my thread locked'?........I dont envy the mods...its a thankless task....on the thread itself, I dont think it should have been closed, it became a debate including a bit of softy about footballers, and opinions about the best kick off times etc.......it could have run on for me.......a thread should only be locked if its turning into a personal thing and not because 'the club had decided a KO time'....weve got threads going back years on here thats not locked......we debate on what teams we feel we should put out, once the team is named do we close the thread? no.......because thats the beauty of debate and opinions....and forums!! lets not let this turn into ww3 and concentrate on a very big game for us......opinion(not rant) over
  19. why was my initial one locked?
  20. you can have one of mine gaz...I get 3
  21. Featherstone Rovers v Widnes Vikings 3pm Ref J Leahy TJ K Povah TJ P Wharton RR J Downham MC J Holdsworth
  22. tough draw http://www.therfl.co.uk/home/news_item_top.php?id=18144
  23. Just something to keep an eye on but by my reckoning, 'if'( and thats a big IF) England finish 2nd in their group they would be due to play next sun at 3pm, which might well mean a earlier/later KO time v Widnes.
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