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  1. Sorry, someone may not know about the Bosman rule. Whatever you think of mamagement to my mind the start was this ruling that was the killer. When a player comes to the end of his current contract he is a free agent and can sign for who he likes- and this is the killer- without a transfer fee. In the past we have brought youngsters along and they went then in the old days to bigger clubs. BUT we got a transfer fee and that enabled us to sign other players or give up and coming youngster a contract out of the proceeds. I have been since 1939 and we have never been a rich club. Our succes has beed built on the back of good coaching, up and coming players, and an influx of seasoned veterans of our choice. We can't do that now as the youngsters go without fee and so our mix to enable us to challenge the top clubs has gone. There is a lot wrong with the system but I feel the root of it all lies in this rule. Yes a player should do the best he can for himself in what is a short career but the club that nurtured and discovered him should be compensated at the time of the transfer and also later if the player gets international honours. That is what use to happen and made a better level of playing field. Now it needs, unless they abolish the Bosman rule, a complete rethink.
  2. So do I plus the Bosman rule. After that came in it killed the smaller clubs chances.
  3. Why should Robin have to have patience to answer a post that you obviously don't agree with. As far as I am aware we were having a discussion from different points of view. To dismiss somebody's argument offhand because you don't agree with it is also stereo-typed and also a generalisation. You don't agree so dismiss it. But then we listen to you. Give me the same courtesy. Is there an inner club that we are outside of, that decides what is right and what is wrong There are quite a number of points that Robin and Bob have made that are spot on. Others I didn't agree with. Does one have to have patience to give an answer? Sorry sir, this naughty poster will try not to disturb your patience in future.
  4. Seen them both. Jesse was sat down but didn't look that big. The other fellow is quite small. I am taking it of course that the two people I saw were the PNG blokes.
  5. I know there are some unfortunates but they are not all they seem. Reguarly in the paper shop I am behind unemployed people who buy forty fags and spend
  6. There are obviously some Cetic Crusader fans who have season tickets. The club to survive have to go to Wrexham. This then is a ploy to keep the brass paid and keep a team in the South of Wales. Everybody then is happy, or so they think. I have no objection to there being another Welsh club. But there would be two criteria. I. Celtic because of their abject failure and contravention of the rules drop a league and the other applications made at the time of their acceptance to SL be reconsidered and a new team promoted in their place in Sl. 2. The new team starts in division two of the Championship. That would mean SL and the Chamionship would have the same number of teams and Div 2 would have an extra team. That would be the fairest way to do it. I doubt that will be the outcome. There will no doubt be a bribe of some sort to let the RL get its way.
  7. Noted thanks Vic. Also got your PM. Will collect. Col.
  8. As has been said all of those, but they don't have to be great apart from the leader. A case in point was Eric Batten. He had in 1952 mainly a homespun team from our area. There were some imports such as Miller but they had been let had been let go by their teams as past it. Batten took hold of the team and molded it into a very strong rugby league team. They were fit and strong and believed in themselves because he made them believe. I remember going down to watch training just after he took over. NOBODY was allowed to touch a rugby ball until they were as fit as they could be. He could read a game and see players potential. He switched Cording from wing to stand off and incorporated Miller's kicking ability into his plans. Make no mistake the Wigan team of that era was every bit as good as any team now. He was the BOSS and what he said went. So in my opinioin a TOP NOTCH leader is 9 tenths of the game. Look at Reilly of CAS he used to beat teams on his own and he played with one fit leg. A leader to read the game and direct operations.
  9. I might be wrong but aren't all the amateur games and fixtures shown in RL Express. They cerrtainly give it a lot of coverage.
  10. Watched the Paul O'Grady Show tonight. Was lolling back in my chair just half my attention on it, when he introduced a RL item! A young kid had gone to the first England v Aussie game and was giving -RL- great plaudits. Well done youngster. He couldn't have been over 8. He got a signed ball and an Aussie shirt. He was so proud. That's more publicity than the hierarchy have managed in years.
  11. Thank God we live in a democracy Robin. All the major sports rely on Sky money now, hence the panic about the latest proposals.
  12. My apologies for the people who asked where I was. I have some new tablets for my diabetes and they made me really sick. I understand the alternative is blindness or a leg dropping off so I will have to live with it. Congrats to all who managed to attend what sounds like a great night.
  13. In my opinion RL would all but dead if Sky hadn't supported it. Ok we got a rough deal but overall the game would not have had the money put into the sport without Sky. A lot of the grumbles are parochial but you can only play the cards you are dealt. I have Sky and watch any cover that is given including Boots n All. Whatever your feelings if you are a RL supporter you will support the game in whatever guise it comes in. Taking your bat home achieves nothing but a bit of self satisfaction maybe but the end result is you go with the flow if you wish to achieve something. Grumbling from outside is a waste of time.
  14. Mark, have I read it wrongly? I read the article to mean that the sports mentioned would be coming back to terrestial broadcasting. Further to my phone call are you going to the club tonight?
  15. I saw Walt play many times. He was stocky, not over tall and had a stride that made him look fairly slow but it was deceptive as opposition players found out when he beat them. One game that stands out in my mind was at Bradford Northern. Walt got the ball at centre and sweved left and kicked right. He ran round the oppostion and beat Phillips on the outside to score a scorcher. When Allan played wing to his centre he nurtured him through his opening games. Alan was slight then in comparison to the bulk he had later. My dad always said that Walt was extra special as he played with an eye complaint all his career. An outstanding player that deserved more recognition.
  16. Seems to me Bob that it is not about moderation but excess. Otherwise neither club would be in trouble.
  17. It is all down to cash flow. Money in has to be more than money out. Businessmen seem to lose their minds when they join sport. Remember PROFIT is not money. All the clubs mentioned are just living on something good happening instead of working within their means.
  18. If we play like we did in the second half we could win it. Have faith.
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