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  1. Spends more time at disciplinary hearings than I do at pub...
  2. We've had a few bits and pieces of good news this week so hopefully that all gives us a boost. One or two players are back so I hope we can 'stay in the arm wrestle' as they say, and give ourselves a chance. Hoping to meet the Catalans of old who could buy an away win but don't expect us to come away with anything.
  3. I try to get to a few non-SL games. I've been to a few Fev and Batley games in the past 12 months and rather than say, ah nice one mate good on ya for supporting the lower leagues, I get the p**s taken out of me calling me a sad act from quite a few people. Mad isn't it haha.
  4. First win since 20th July 2019 and a clean sheet. Good on them!
  5. Snide remark aside I certainly did Sounds like his hammy has sliced off the bone and we've got absolute slags (am I allowed to say slags?) suggesting he took a dive. Some people are complete idiots.
  6. Always remember my Dad talked Bowden into signing for Rovers when he was at Hull Wyke. Dad then told Phil Wilkin to get it done and Wilkin, who was scout at the time, said he wasn't good enough. Bowden signed for Hull and has had a decent career so yeah cheers Phil.
  7. https://hullkr.co.uk/willie-peters-becomes-hull-kr-head-coach-from-2023/
  8. So the exact opposite of what Charnley wanted to achieve?
  9. There seems to be a pattern emerging with the replies haha.
  10. You've got to fight, For your right, To paaaaaartake...
  11. Fair one. He must have got it from somewhere, like.
  12. Getting ###### with the lads and complaining about Rovers
  13. I'm not sure if this has been discussed elsewhere on the forum but I read today that in the next couple of months it will be announced that the Championship and League One will become 10-team leagues. Currently there are 25 non-SL sides, so I am wondering how this is going to work should the suggested restructure happen. What happens to the 5 clubs who miss out? Can we expect them to form a 'non-league'-style league with other clubs outside the professional game? Will SL expand to 14 potentially leaving 3 clubs to sort out? How do you see this playing out?
  14. That was horrendous. I look at SkyBet 3 times to stick a wager on us and 3 times I closed the app. I just knew we'd love that. I hate Headingley; we do ###### all there near enough every season. We got pinged in the first set and they scored shortly afterwards. It really was amateur hour. We didn't give ourselves a chance against a side missing 13 players. Looks like Coote and Wood are likely to miss the semi final. I'd imagine Vete will be banned but the way he is playing, I couldn't care less. Very, very little to state positively. Need a big week in house ahead of Saturday.
  15. Almost everything is sponsored in the NRL. Target will be sponsoring every pass Nathan Cleary makes next...
  16. That makes no sense to me but it has been done and dusted in another thread already.
  17. I must sense things others don't because TS leaving doesn't shock me in the slightest. I've felt all season this is likely to be the last. The whole situation should have been handled a lot better, as it is widely accepted both CEO and Coach clash, but I am honestly not that bothered. Thanks to Tony for his contribution but no one individual is bigger than the club. My tip is Danny Mag for the top role.
  18. A lot been made of Toulouse having more recovery time but in reality they've had about half a day; it isn't anything worth making a big deal out of. I expect a close game with Rovers pulling away towards the end.
  19. Oh mate please do. I'll read them when I wake up after
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