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  1. I am led to believe we are interested. Not sure if he would count as quota or non fed though.
  2. Rovers have announced that they will be selling a one-off gold and green t-shirt to donate much-needed money to assist in tackling the Australian bushfires. You can pre-order here: https://shop.hullkr.co.uk/products/aust ... ribute-tee This is an absolutely amazing gesture; Australia holds a special place in my heart and to see my team doing something to help makes me very proud to be a Rovers supporter. I hope it is well supported. Take it from someone who has lived next to bushfires - they really are horrific.
  3. Yes, I follow South Sydney. When I was a wee-un my Dad's mate brought back a Parra, Manly, and Souths jersey and gave them to my Dad who gave them to me, my brother, and sister. The shirt was the old thick cotton one with Smith's Crisps printed across the front - it must be almost as old as me.
  4. Location is probably a major issue in situations like this.
  5. It had crossed my mind of course that relegation would be a disaster for us but Neil Hudgell has continued with the purchase and it is almost complete so what can I say, he knows what he is doing. It could be a real turning point for us. We already have other revenue streams coming in from gigs and events at the stadium that pay very well. We have openly stated that marquee signings are not all too far away - so there must be positive things happening around the club. For once it is nice to read so many positive things. Just got to ensure we are away from the bottom
  6. Agreed. I have Wakefield down (I had money on Labour holding, and that is good enough reason for me). I'm not sold on Toronto either; I think the noise surrounding them is giving people ideas. I think we will finish safely but still around 8/9th. Speed kills and for once we have that in large amounts.
  7. Home games: wake up hungover (usually), head down to Soccer Sensations, struggle through my first beer around 12:30, have 3 or 4 more, walk to the east stand, get a beer, go to the usual spot, sing Red, Red Robin, watch Rovers go behind early, grab another beer, watch Rovers lose, have another beer in clubhouse, get a taxi to a pub, slag Rovers off ad nauseam, wake up the next day with a vague recollection of the events that led to the existing hang over. Repeat the week after. Away games: wake up with a hangover, get beer in the cool bag, get on coach, spend a couple of quid on the raffle, hit the pub close to the ground, get a beer inside, watch Rovers go behind, grab another beer, watch Rovers lose again, get on coach, spend 1-2 hours heading home wondering why I still do this, get back to Hull and go to pub.
  8. Hard to argue with that, although those who do come in very few numbers. This is positive for us and opens up a plethora of opportunities. We're building for a brighter future one brick at a time
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