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  1. He's your 'go to' player, I reckon He links in well from full back and has finished off a couple of smart moves that I recall from televised games. He's dangerous at centre as well.
  2. I signed it. Not having them Union ba****ds getting one over our League brother...
  3. After costing them the win over Wigan, Hull FC have appealed the one-match ban given to Jake Connor, asking the RFL if it can be increased to 3.
  4. I was on a working holiday visa. I will go back as soon as I can but have a trip to Asia booked in October for 6-12 months. See how it goes.
  5. My visa ran out. I lived predominantly in Yulara, 350km away from the nearest town. I stayed in western Sydney, Melbourne CBD, Brisbane, Northbridge in Perth, St Kilda, Darwin etc., etc. I lived and breathed the best and worst of that country, never had a single issue and loved every second of it. The very rawness of some of the people and places really made it for me. I would even go as far to say that leaving Australia had a negative affect on my mood. That is how much I loved the gaff.
  6. I've not judged anyone; I've said I find it staggering that anyone could be homesick when you live there. I simply can't empathise. I don't understand.
  7. It is easy for me to say because the reality is this country is an absolute cesspit and I settled in Australia very quickly. If it was up to me I'd still be there
  8. I find homesickness staggeringly impossible. Especially as he lives in the greatest country on Earth. I'd swap him in a heartbeat and go back to Perth, or Cairns, or Brisbane, or Melbourne, or South Australia, or....
  9. Diabolical second half. First half we felt them out a bit and look pretty tidy, scoring a couple of decent tries and we looked after their edges pretty well too. I said to my mate on 36 minutes that we don't want half time here and within 3 minutes of the restart Warrington flippin' scored. After a period of 5-10 minutes where we kept the score tight they just overrun us like the Yanks on Iwa Jima. And to top it off I had Kane Linnett last try scorer as part of a lucky 15 and we still managed to concede with the clock virtually run out. Abdull's try was good though...
  10. Didn't he say English-born first? Saying 'only' would be a strange thing to say before going on to pick Dan Sarginson for the east Park kick about. And can anyone tell me why he has picked Dan Sarginson anyway?
  11. Powell the little tinker went after Jez Litten to team him up with Paul McShane at Wire as they are resigned to losing Clark. So if you are a Cas fan, you know, sorry...
  12. Greg Inglis, one of the biggest signings in Super League history, makes his debut on Saturday, on the OurLeague app, where only Wire and HKR fans can watch, whilst Super League has just signed a greatly-reduced TV deal with Sky Sports, who won't be broadcasting the game anyway. Rovers win in golden point in front of a TV audience smaller than the population of North Sentinel Island...
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