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  1. If I read it correctly Dean Lawford is 5'4. Turns out Rob Burrow isn't the smallest ever SL player.
  2. Adam and Johnny Walker both played in the same Hull KR side but the less said about them two wrong uns the better...
  3. I give it 3 days before I'm booking a taxi to 'umber Bridge...
  4. He was watching a different game to me. We played well. It was entertaining. I enjoyed it despite losing. Ref did well overall. He had Hicks and Child helping out. Just seems like an unnecessary excuse to complain.
  5. 21 MAN SQUAD: 3. Shaun Kenny-Dowall 4. Kane Linnett 5. Greg Minikin 7. Jordan Abdull 8. Robbie Mulhern 12. Harvey Livett 13. Dean Hadley 15. George Lawler 16. Dan Murray 17. Kyle Trout 18. Jez Litten 19. Will Dagger 21. Owen Harrison 23. Ethan Ryan 24. Joe Keyes 25. Matty Gee 26. Will Maher 27. Elliot Minchella 28. Matthew Storton 29. Anesu Mudoti 31. Ryan Brierley God help us.
  6. Been away for a 2 years so missed the last couple of seasons. My old man asked me if I was going and when I said yes he asked what is wrong with me
  7. Not had my coffee haha. Yeah back now, mate. Not for long though. I won't be here to see us get relegated. One saving grace I suppose...
  8. I've got my ticket and paid for my travel, just in case you was wondering if I'm an idiot...
  9. Never been a fan of nicknames. Ottawa RLFC please
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