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  1. My mate works in the commercial department of a professional sports club and I asked him about modern rebranding and if there is any conclusive evidence that it does directly positively affect crowd sizes and support base. This is his reply: "...probably not conclusively but I’d say there’s lots of untanglebles in there around perception of the club, how competition is perceived by a broadcast audience, what ‘consumers’ want to aspire to be associated with, digital presentation, merchandise. Do I think Halifax will add 1,000 to the gates next year because of a logo, no. Will it help them engage with the next generation when they go into schools etc, maybe. Not sure why they didn’t revisit blue sox, presumably there’s a rationale behind that. Wigan are having a unreal month on retail apparently so as much as the noisy minority hate it on social media they are happy with how it’s going. Plucking a random animal out the air never feels authentic but I guess at some point someone decided Hull KR would be Robins so every club has gone through it at some point." Both my mate and I of course hope it is a success
  2. 36 before he even plays a game. Sign him. Go on. Dare ya!
  3. I don't know how to put that into words without swearing. That is Rugby League!
  4. Around 2000 -I don't recall the exact year but if you can help I'd appreciate it- we played at home against Fev in't playoffs. For some reason I decided to stand below the scoreboard this game, something I rarely ever did. A lot of Fev fans were in there at the time and as kick off approached the atmosphere was growing and the banter was flowing, and all that jazz. A couple of arguments ensued and I distinctly remember a young kid turn around and say, 'I hope Stanley Gene rips Richard Chapman's head off and sh**s down him neck!' We lost by 60 points
  5. Well, If I've learned anything tonight it is that you can't just go round fingering people...
  6. Can't win before even putting shirt on haha.
  7. Marginally better than Wigan's. Both still look like vomit though.
  8. You could argue that in terms of looking at winning games a lot of teams have done it, mine included. However, we go into the next pre-season without any surgery needed so maybe in is good management in difficult circumstances.
  9. Did you just really call Huddersfield 'The Farts'?
  10. Wait until you find out how many months of pay the players will get...
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