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  1. I think DP will be sold off to raise funds towards the new stadium cost. Personally I'm not really bothered which site will be eventually used as long as the area gets a new stadium. I thought Derwent Park was looking very tired when I was at the Haven game. I haven't been in the Reds ground since Town played Oldham and as much as I enjoyed being closer to the pitch the stadium isn't really fit for purpose in the modern era. whatever type of stadium is built it'll be better than the two relics we have at present and I would be happy with anything above a 4000 capacity
  2. I wasn't being critical, just a genuine interest to see if there had been any progress. I totally get that other funding pots couldn't be accessed until the main bid had been approved, and if I've understood how these government grants work, the money has to be spent by the end of 2024, so it doesn't leave much time to plan and build a stadium if that's the case. I suppose the stadium could easily be built within 12 months, Borough Park could be flattened in a week
  3. Has anyone heard anything in regards to how the stadium bid is progressing? I had a look on the Reds forum and noticed they had been given a small grant from their league which sounds like things are moving in the right direction
  4. some silly arguments on here over the last couple of days. Both good young players but my worry, probably shared by many supporters of lower league clubs, is that without an A Team these lads will quickly become disillusioned without regular game time and drift back into the amateur ranks or get fed up and walk away completely. That isn't a criticism of the club, signing young players has, and always will be the way forward, but its a systematic failure of the RFL's policies over the last 20 years which has got the game into the position of clubs on occasion of not having enough players to fill a bench on a matchday
  5. If Lenagan can't see there's any issues with the game at present then that says it all in my book.
  6. Halifax are building what looks to be a very competitive squad, but that's the advantages of being in the M62 corridor I suppose, it gives them an advantage straight away to pick up discarded Super League players.
  7. the issue with these claims as it stands (if successful), would see the end of all contact sports as how would the game get any insurance? It might be the cynic in me, but this has all the trademarks of a solicitor testing the water for future claims against the RFL using high profile cases, which if successful would see a new scourge of online solicitors making unsolicited calls to all and sundry to persue claims on a no win no fee basis on the grounds that they may have some point set foot onto a sports pitch! Where does it end, if my memory serves me right, McDonald and Goulding dished out quite a few high tackles during their career which did on occasion see them both receive bans and high tackles have always been illegal in the 40+ years I've been involved in the sport
  8. as awful as this is, and I feel genuinely sorry for Bobby or anyone else who contracts dementia but how does anyone prove this is as a result of playing rugby league, or any sport for that matter and not just back luck! What about the millions of ex-football, RU and RL players worldwide who haven't had any adverse effects of playing sport. If claims like this are successful then that's the end of all contact sport as the usual 'no win no fee' floodgates will open and every person who has ever played sport will be lodging claims against the governing body, BARLA, or worse still community clubs and their officials
  9. That’s the division one table which is on their Facebook page. I haven’t seen a division 2 table
  10. Got to admit I’m slightly worried as to who Town can sign for next season as most lads of any note have already been signed up by other clubs I’m sure they BOD have it all in hand, but we could do with some quality loan signings and try and build from there
  11. I agree with you (again) del Capo ! Reserve grades are essential and cause much less damage to the community game than the Academy structures. Let's be brutally honest here, 90% of lads who sign as academy players don't make it as a professional. The 90% are there to make up the numbers to showcase and develop the other 10% who might make the grade. A Reserve side might sign 3 or 4 players a season from the amateur ranks, and all will have been identified as having the potential to play professionally leaving the other lads to play at their community club with their mates. The amount of clubs who can't rise a team of 17 fit players has become an embarrassment in recent seasons. Pre-academy days the cream of the top amateurs always rose to the top, one look at any BARLA team of the 70's 80's and 90's is littered with lads who went on to play at the Great Britain level and most didn't sign pro until 18-20 years of age and already had the potential to make the grade as a professional. The emphasis should go back to developing players at regional level within the amateur game by educating community coaches and working alongside the local professional clubs. The example you highlighted about Maguire 'professionalising coaches' by paying them is the same scenario as a man off the street becoming a 'qualified coach' after completing 4 one day training days. I just wish the powers that be would utilise the experience within the amateur game
  12. I don’t even know where to start with all this. I would like to see the results of the consultation as I’ll bet it has ignored all the concerns of the regional leagues. the whole process has been nothing more than a ‘tick box’ exercise to show Sport England that they have consulted with clubs. the RFL seem intent on driving the ‘pay to play’ tax through at any costs. The ‘benefits’ are a joke, what bloody good is a saving on tickets to watch the RL challenge cup! why hasn’t the costs associated with running the amateur game been made public and open to scrutiny by the local clubs and league managements? what benefits are the community clubs now receiving that they didn’t get under the BARLA umbrella? Why hasn’t this been brought in as a club affiliation fee with a cap at say £2500 per club as opposed to the individual fee? Community clubs are now being penalised for doing the player development work for the sport of RL. every club administrator in the country can see the potential damage and negative effect on playing numbers, but all these concerns have been ignored. Usual show from the RFL !!
  13. Good game, really impressed by Toulouse and their willingness to try something a little different on the last tackle, deserved win and I hope they hold their own in super league. commiseration’s to Fev, they’ve had a great season but i don’t think anyone could say Toulouse don’t deserve their chance with the big guns
  14. Some huge performances on the pitch today, well done to all the Town board and players, a very exciting way to end the season. let’s enjoy the moment and I hope the club have some irons in the fire for next season to help us compete at the higher level
  15. It was a high octane game of rugby league shown at its best, but the game in general has lost its way and there doesn’t appear to be any visible plan to get it back on track by firstly stabilising and then growing the sport. I think it goes without saying that we need a new CEO and board installed as soon as possible, and we should also be looking to gradually replace the bulk of the staff at RFL headquarters as they have unwittingly become part of the problem purely by association with the current heirarchy. the cuts to central funding and the implementation of ‘pay to play’ at community level just shows how far we have fallen, but it’s the speed of the decline which really worries me! Cash is long and the quickest way to reverse this decline is to sell out the games major events as that will immediately bring hard cash back into the game. it’s also imperative that there’s an established and regular international calendar, and I would start by bringing back the Tri-Nations format but only have the Aussies here every 3 or 4 years as we have to reduce their influence on the British game, as they to are one of the reasons for the decline in the UK. The silence front the RFL is also worrying as it implies they have no idea how to address any of the issues facing the game. the League One clubs in particular must be very worried about what the future holds
  16. You couldn’t fault last nights entertainment on the pitch, but the RFL really need to work out why RL fans aren’t returning to watch big games when it doesn’t seem to affect other sports. 10 years ago the Challenge Cup Final was selling 80%+ of final tickets, Grand Final pretty much sold out every year and we had, what I always thought was a successful Tri-Nations tournament which was also very well attended. those 3 alone are huge income streams for the RFL, so little wonder they are struggling for cash when they can’t fill a stadium for major events. The covid excuse, although still relevant to a point isn’t knocking people off attending other events and playing overseas teams shouldn’t affect the ‘floating supporter’ as they would usually have bought their tickets weeks or months before the finalists were confirmed. My own reasons for non attendance: I have attended quite a few grand finals over the years, my mates are casual supporters, but they didn’t want to go this year as they all think super league has got very stale and boring. You certainly couldn’t say that about last nights game, but has the game gone stale and how does the RFL make the game exciting again and get supporters to once again buy into ‘the big game’ experience ?
  17. We keep using covid as an excuse but it doesn’t seem to have affected attendances at other sports. There needs to be a clean sweep at the RFL before it’s too late to save what’s left of the game. The attendance today pretty much confirms why Sky have reduced their investment in the game
  18. I look at some of the ###### channels on sky TV and also freeview and have wondered how much it costs to set up a TV channel, as the viewing numbers for some of those programmes must be very very low, so how do they pay for themselves? Why couldn't the Our League app be extended to a TV channel, a lot of the production would be the same as used on Active League. The channel doesn't need to be on 24/7 and clubs could show their own highlights programme and retain all advertising for themselves. It could also be linked to the Aussies to show some of their games as well as re-runs of old classic games.
  19. Totally agree with you there - we have cheapened the sport to the extent that hardened RL fans don't want to pay 'market' prices for tickets to big games. The last World Cup was a perfect example with some tickets being less than £10 !! Can you imagine any of the other similar sized sports giving tickets away to their biggest events
  20. costs money to properly market an event, and unfortunately at the minute the RFL ain't got none ! My opinion (for what little it's worth), is that the RFL should be prepared to find the cash to invest in allowing the Hearn's (or similar organisation) to market one of the major events, and I would start with the Challenge Cup semi-final and final. if the marketing campaign works then the investment will pay for itself, if not, then the game isn't too much worse off than it is at present. I would also throw the majority of the marketing budget in targeting the south of England, and aim for the City of London's corporate sponsorship as opposed to the £15 per seat market. Some of those London companies have huge marketing budgets, but for whatever reason the RFL has never been able to tap into it. the potential is there, I was a student in London in the late 80's early 90's and can remember the Martin Offiah adverts which seemed to be everywhere at the time, resulting in a huge crowd at Wembley for what was a classic test match against the Aussies. The foundations were laid on that Saturday, but as usual the RFL failed to build on it and the initiative was again lost. Marketing weekly sports fixtures is a completely different ball game and in the case of RL is and always will be a local marketing initiative. The RFL should be making a lot of money from major events but they seem incapable of marketing themselves, which invariably always results in selling tickets at rock bottom prices creating the vicious circle we now find ourselves in
  21. money talks, and I can see the day looming when one of the TV companies splashes the cash to try and form a new comp with the cream of British RU plus the likes of Leeds, Warrington, Hull, Wigan and Saints playing a new form of rugby using the best parts of both games
  22. Good article and one which resonates with me. certainly this comment below, now more than ever the game needs to rebuild the community game but the new membership ‘pay to play’ scheme will drive players from the game : If you rely on your professional teams to do your development work and don’t have any money to do it, you are in serious trouble. We all tend to go and watch the games we played, so if your participation numbers seriously diminish, like in Australian rugby union, over a 20-30 year period your audience disappears. And if that happens, you’re toast.”
  23. Well the season is almost over for another year, it’s been a horrible fragmented season of sorts. Is there a plan or any other type of action from the RFL/Community Board to help rebuild the open age game, starting with any help or advice on league structures for 2022 to try and formulate a marketing campaign to try and drive up participation numbers? Has there been any meaningful engagement with leagues or clubs to find out how covid has affected their playing members in 2021 and use that feedback to formulate a recruitment strategy? if there has, what conclusions have been reached, …..if there hasn’t, we’ll why not? Now more than ever the game needs some direction and strong leadership so let’s see what they can bring to the table !
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