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  1. He was an average player in a good team !
  2. They must be really hard up and struggling for players !!
  3. Quelle Surprise !! none of our own halves managed to throw an interception pass out today !
  4. Lets get our best players back in in their correct positions , get the ones out that have had two chances to do NOWT ! not to mention interception passes and start moving forward again !! with or without Diskin!!
  5. Well Manchester United have done ok since they sacked their Clown !!
  6. Who gave the interception try away ?? And why is he playing again this week ? Complete joke !
  7. There not much intrest in this match by the amount of people posting on here ! Surley this is an important must win match for us ! Lets have a good turn out on Sunday and get behind the lads and cheer them on to victory !! any team news ?
  8. 1 Brambani straight back in organising 2 Jimmy great try great darting runs 3 Joel Farrell good all round performance
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