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  1. Do we have a couple of wingers unavailable?
  2. Five wingers in the squad. At least we should be ok on the flanks. (yep, I know Morton and Hall can play other roles).
  3. It will be two bruised and battered squads BSJ and it will possibly come down to what teams can be mustered and what injuries and niggles individual players are having to carry.
  4. I don't like drums in Rugby Grounds and could have cheerfully stuffed the drum up the Halifax lad's you know what last week. However, yesterday the French drummer won me round (almost!) with his relatively restrained use of the drum and his good humour in leading the Batley fans chant when we went in front. I was also impressed by the good humoured way that the Tolouse players reacted to the crowd. It was an enjoyable afternoon despite the score.
  5. It would be interesting to know the position with our injured players although Linners may well prefer to keep this close to his chest.
  6. Which is a shame, Wayne's enthusiasm lifted the crowd. However, CL appears to be a shrewd coach and new bodies will be very welcome just now.
  7. It's unlikely BSJ, resources are looking a bit thin at the moment and form seems to have dipped somewhat. As always luck will no doubt play it's part but we'll have more idea after next week I reckon. Whatever happens, we have had a good start to the season and some very entertaining moments.
  8. I must admit that I thought the same about the kicking game in the second half. We just seemed to keep trying ineffective up and unders instead of trying to build pressure and pin them down at the bottom of the field. Easy said from the sidelines though.
  9. It does seem strange Phil. A look online shows various sources showing, as you say, Greg Johnson of Batley in the Jamaica squad. Apparently he was released by Bradford in September 2020. So it would be interesting to know whether we have re signed him; whether because he is unattached our club name was attached to his name at random ; or is it Rettie or Broughton that's been picked for the squad. Or is there another explanation? Does anyone out there know? Incidentally, I have counted 7 ex Bulldogs in the squad (including Johnson).
  10. It was interesting to look at the first try. Bowman looks to have seen the danger and is tracking across when Walshaw pushes a Haven player straight at him. I don't think that Bowman would have made it in such heavy traffic but he was a yard or two in front of Hooley at that stage. The first time that I watched it I thought that the Haven player had cynically taken Bowman out, but not so.
  11. There seems to be a bit of turmoil at Whitehaven just now with five directors leaving the club midweek according to the fan's forum. Whether this has any effect on Whitehaven's performance today remains to be seen.
  12. Interesting to see Tonks is in the squad despite the story in the Batley News.
  13. It's a reasonable concern Phil with Brown and Tonks out for 4 weeks according to the Batley News. However, even with these two crocked and Horn on loan we have 5 front row forwards available. Senior returning match fit is a bonus and so Linners seems to be getting it right.
  14. I had taken the path( -My orders-Active tickets) and could not print or download said ticket. You no doubt found the path (-My orders-All orders list- and then the download e ticket icon) which then shows a printable version of the ticket. I'm glad that your head's not hurting!!
  15. Trying to make a paper copy made my head hurt but eventually managed.. It was either that or a two mile long extension lead for my pc. We may be looking after my Grandson tomorrow as he has a cold. If I'm evicted from the match on Sunday because I am coughing and spluttering I'll be one unhappy Grandad!
  16. Clubs really need to work together as never before. For example, there might be opportunities in the short term to move home games to a ground with a larger capacity given goodwill all around.
  17. Is there a hint in there of something that we don't know?
  18. We lacked cohesion at times. With the benefit of hindsight perhaps we should have left Hooley at full back rather than disrupt two positions for one injury. No lack of effort from most of the team but well played London, we would have had to be on top form to give them a run for their money today.
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    Fair point silverback/
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