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  1. I was more surprised it wasn't included in the 2000 Olympics, that would be a thumb in the eye of NRL
  2. There are 21 ranked teams in Rugby 7's, in 2019, this was included for London 2012, obviously from a bit of arm twisting from IRFU https://www.world.rugby/sevens-series/standings/mens?lang=en I still say it's becoming too event heavy.
  3. Goodwood Racing, 13.50 winner, Nagano, a City in Japan. 1425 has a horse called Last Empire. Also a nod to Japan?
  4. Even my 12 year old daughter thought she was watching the Comedy Channel.
  5. Everything will be alright in the end, if it's not alright, it's not the end.
  6. 2024 Paris might struggle to host surfing along the Seine, climbing up the Eiffel Tower will be cool, Road cycling could be mixed with spectator dodging,
  7. Street Skateboarding, Surfing, & Climbing are not legitimate sports. iMO
  8. Strange that the BBC Could provide iPlayer, and Internet coverage for all 19 courts at Wimbledon, a very localised event, but cannot provide more than 2 screens for the biggest event of the last 5 years.
  9. Basketball USA 76 France 83 The USA lost 2x Basketball warm up games, for the 1stx ever. Complacency? Just like Team GBNI?
  10. As Eurosport is an optional-free-to-air, non subscription channel, they could've negotiated with IOC & Sky to make Ch 983-989 free to air to encourage sports that the BBC etc., are not covering. So far, from the BBC, is athletes failing when they should've won. Expect a lot of Sailing, BMX'ing, climbing, time trial cycling etc where we don't have a snowballs chance of a medal, but ignoring the entertaining aspects of the games. Go Sky Browne, win our only medal.
  11. Batley, Featherstone, Halifax, Whitehaven, York (Unfortunately)
  12. Simone Biles is undoubtedly a superb Gymnast, but when the BBC's theorist says "What a superb Tumble", when she was only halfway across her first run on the floor exercise shows a bit of bias.
  13. If anybody enjoys watching Horrible Histories "with their kids", and has watched Ghosts will be pleased to know the 3rd series is coming up soon. Strange coincidence, the house where it is filmed was also inherited by a relative that didn't know he had a connection, the inheritor was University Challenges Bamber Gascoigne.
  14. Despite hating anything Red out of principle, I quite like the home kit.
  15. I noticed Park Run in Hastings started again Yesterday.
  16. Chelsie Giles wins GB's 1st medal, a Bronze in the -52kg Judo
  17. 1. There are some sports that haven't even been mentioned, B. Volley, Vollyball, Base/Softball, Handball, which was such a big hit at London2012. 2. Pundits reckon GB&NI will win 11 Golds, I reckon on 5-6. The Athletes have become similar to Rocky Balboa in Rocky III, soft in the underbelly, if an Elite Athlete is predicted to win Gold & doesn't, they should have their funding reduced by 25%, if they don't win a medal at all, lose 50%. 3. I watched the BBC documentary on iPlayer about how we turned around a 1 Gold, 36th Place in Atlanta, to 2nd Place in the table in Rio, but a lot of our elite have retired.
  18. A couple of years ago when Brighton were in the Championship I took my daughter to the Amex to see them play Leicester, Brighton won 3-0, City still went up and Won the Premier League soon after.
  19. Although if you can get Eurosport, Sky Channels 983-989 are showing more.
  20. OK, it's late, but it's off & running, at last. Enjoying opening ceremony. Any thoughts?
  21. All the grounds I listed above, I visited, and I miss, especially here on the south coast. I even miss Alt Park, Wilderspool, Knowsley Rd, Central Park, H20Shedds was a great place, even the willows North Stand, from the top, I could see my house. Living in London for 20 years I saw Broncos/Crusaders/Quins RL play in some weird places. Saw Lions in Bridgend, S. Wales, all lost.
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