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  1. Just watched 15 cert Terminator, and T2, so I can play them for my 12yo daughter tomorrow, they are spine tingling. They are superb. I loved them both, and the making of T2. Arnie is fantastic in T2.
  2. Remember Ali trying to light the Olympic flame?
  3. Hi, the Joys of Boxing, just as we are trying to reduce head injuries in later life, someone thinks it is OK to KO, a neurological health problem to support fighting.
  4. Hastings Borough Council told the 20k+ motorbikes who make the annual mayday bike run here, to stay away, because of Covid. Thankfully many of them obeyed. However, there are plenty who disobeyed. Lovely sounds.
  5. I really enjoyed By A Scanner Darkly, my favourite author though was Sir Terry Pratchett, I have read most of his published stuff, although I can't get into The Long World stuff, I started with Good Omens, and wanted to know more, and became an addict. Nation is very thoughtful. My favourite book in his Discworld series is Guards! Guards! After that, Night watch, then the Tiffany Aching series, or even the Moist trilogy. Non-STP people will wonder WTF I am talking about, But DILLIGAF?
  6. My father gave me "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep", to read when I was about 11/12 & it blew my mind, long before Blade Runner.
  7. Just been on an on line quiz, to discover Norwich City have been promoted and relegated more times to the Premier League than any other club, 5x Promoted, 5x Relegated. Good Luck Canaries in 21/22
  8. I know I am the champion of stupid questions, but do Football clubs have the same rules about supplying hospitality as Rugby does? ie, do they have to supply a meal after a match & refreshments? And as the hotel industry are closed down, what time will Sunderland get home after travelling to Plymouth over the weekend, that is one hell of a round trip if they have to call at KFC on the way back, or motorway services!
  9. I showed my 12 year old Akira Kurowsaki's "Seven Samurai" at the weekend, and went off half way through it to do our fish curry, she was very quiet, and I thought she had fallen asleep, but when I returned to the living room, she said to me, "Touch the TV and you are dead". She sat through the entire film in one sitting.
  10. That was on TV this morning, as part of the Dom actually does something for a living, type TV show, where he helps/restricts the worker at Dulls Bus stations mis-management. They actually put subtitles on screen for the Stagecoach workers.
  11. That explains the East Sussex Fire engines relentlesly running up and down the sea-front with seemingly nothing to do but sound off the sirens.
  12. It was the number of the hospital pager I was carrying when I signed up to this site. Or as we called them, Bleeps. So Bleep1673, for confidentiality I refuse to reveal which hospital I was working at.
  13. OK, as you want to push it, an I am sure there are other posters on here who have the same name, my Serf Name is Hesketh.
  14. Ah, Vikings are still on here. My Surname, which I hate the word of Surname, which is Norman -Serf Name- is derived from a Viking name, meaning Horse Course, or Horse Carer, and my Grandfather used to be an Ostler for a Brewery on Chapel Street. Although my daughter has an Hawaiian First name, she has a Viking middle name, and MY SURNAME.
  15. My Grandad was called Hugh, and was born in Everton in 1904, by the Census (which I hope you all filled in the 2021 version), in 1911, he was living in a three bedroom house in Pendleton, with an Uncle Hugh (&Auntie), a Grandad Hugh (& Grandma), and 5 Cousins, one of whom was called Hugh. 10 in a 3 bed house, with only an outside toilet, or any running hot water. I sat and re-read that, and it made me wonder how my Dad went from a derelict street in Northern Salford, to a lovely semi-detached house in a quiet bit of Seedley (Until Wednesday).
  16. I had heard Ajax, but now that seems coincidentally good for both parties.
  17. Well he missed that chance too. Where next for The Special One? Grimsby?
  18. Not from where I am, but from where I grew up, a 17 year old was stabbed in Peveril Road, Salford and later died in Hospital. It used to be a quiet road, with nice semi detached houses.
  19. Both with silly hair cuts. https://buckrogers.fandom.com/wiki/Twiki https://costumewall.com/dress-like-cousin-it/ Like I felt this morning before the trim.
  20. For those of us of a certain age, will find this funny, maybe..... I found this at the weekend, my daughter was non-plussed, she had no idea
  21. I am a Republican, but Phillip of Greece has done a lot in his 99 years, and I admire him for that. His Duke of Edinburgh scheme will be his legacy for years to come, alongside Baden-Powells Scout movement.
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