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  1. One of the very few live football games I have been to, was an England National Conference v Italy Serie C game in the POURING rain at Hayes FC, which England won 3-1.
  2. No. Now go away/ The race winner is the guy who completes the 21 days of race cycling in the shortest time, over mountains and Time Trials, he usually wears the yellow jersey, as the race leader, however there are other jerseys to look out for. There are usually 20ish teams of 9 riders competing, although very few eventually finish on the traditional finish in Paris, on the Champs Eleeyses (Nearly), they compete over 21 "Stages" over three weeks, some stages are over mountains, some stages are fltter than others, some are longer than others, there is usually a team time trial, where the remaining cycle teams race against the clock to get the 4th team member over the line, there is also an individual time trial, where cyclists race against the clock, on their own, normally this just splits times, but last year it declared the winner. A days win can make a difference, if the times are close, but not this year. There are also other Jerseys: Red Polka for best mountain climber, and mountains are classified from 4, relativly easy to HC, which is the most difficult Green for best "Points", there are points at sprints, finishes &Mountain tops White for best U-25 cyclist Yellow hats for best team Le Tour de France is a great spectacle, I have followed it for 40 years, I only lost interest during the Armstrong years/
  3. Olympique, Haven, Knights, Thunder, Bulls, SWINTON LIONS (of course), Vikings by a drop goal.
  4. I as well haven't lost faith, even in East Sussex, but I think we will be visiting twice, to Cymru, and Coventry, and maybe London twice, depending on how many teams they relegate.
  5. & the sequel, The Second Best Marigold Hotel, is on Film4 on Tuesday at 18.40.
  6. If I lose, I am back to a rounded up figure of £40, I had a good Royal Ascot.
  7. Probably a live feed from Wembley. I will be watching Best Marigold Hotel, which I always enjoy, a really poignant film, which I have always looked forward to, as I am 60 next year, until Covid Delta. I think Penelope Wilton's characters overt racism & Maggie Smith's is partially typical of that generation & class. I love Maggie in this, her turnaround is amazing. Beautifully acted.
  8. £6.49 on Italy to win 2-1 @ 10/1. Might seem an odd bet figure, but I was just rounding down my account with my betting company. If I win, I am back to a strange account level.
  9. Stupid questions, v2.2 It is Friday, and some Juniors are scheduled to play their "Round of 16", that will mean the juniors are having to play 2 matches per day at some stage, to finish the tournament by Sunday evening. Or do they let the Juniors over-run to Monday?
  10. I might get banned for the heinous statement I am about to make, but the winning goal against Denmark in some publications and websites, state that it was a Penalty, it wasn't because it came off the goalkeeper and was hit in. Therefore is was a goal from open play.
  11. If you want to appear at the top of the pre-season football tables, just add AFC to the front of your name, this doesn't work for AFC Sunderland though.
  12. Guy whose Girlfreind won Semi Final tickets gets free Finals tickets, because he missed the Semi Final to donate Bone Marrow to the Anthony Nolan Trust. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-57763362 Great story, thank you Vivo.
  13. Should Cefn Druids v New Saints in Welsh League have 2 blessings before KO?
  14. There is a place in Co. Donegal, Ireland, called Muff, they sell 1000's of tee shirts per year for their scuba club, ie, Muff Diving Club, I know, because I have one.
  15. Pete Kennaugh gave a very interesting insight into the life of a cyclist in Le Tour yesterday. He was asked if he ever watched the highlights of each stage after finishing, he said by the time they had finished, got to the hotel, has a massage, something to eat, put his feet up, caught up with family, relaxed, it was 10pm and time for bed, then it was up for breakfast, at 8 am, warm up, and interviews, then the race, repeat ad nauseum. It's no wonder he retired.
  16. It's not as challenging for the contestants who the odd questions are aimed at, being asked specific question about their sport, with Paddy McGuiness as host I think the show is in it's death throws. It used to be good watching even 25 years ago, but Dawson and Tuffers are annoying. Yes, they were always going to put a Union player as captain, but what is interesting is he is non-white, even as a guest this is a rarity. There used to be a dearth of League players on the show, which hasn't changed, but the BBC used to brush that aside by saying the programme was recorded on a Sunday afternoon, when most games were being played, which was BS, as there always has been plenty of injured players available. Now League is played over 4 days, some rounds, they have no excuse. I was watching the Tour de France yesterday, and Peter Kennaugh said he has learned more about the Tour in 3 years of commentating, than 8 years of participation.
  17. Delaware has three counties within its borders, New Castle, Kent, and Sussex, while the State Capital is Dover.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delaware Just like annoying.
  18. No. What has Liverpool to do with RL? O'Connor is Aussie, probably Irish ancestry, probably more to do with the Revolution. That has to be the most tenuous link I have ever seen on this page. Joe Biden has ancestors that might have played Northern Union, if they had been born in Hull. Actually, skip that, I have a more tenuous link, Biden was born in the US State of Delaware, which was founded by the De La Warr family from (Now, East) Sussex. https://www.dlwp.com/
  19. Preferred Golden Wonder, Ready Salted, I developed a taste for Smiths Salt 'n' Vinegar matchsticks, then went off crisps altogether, when I played for the glorious Irlam Hornets, we always stopped for a pint at the White Horse on the way home after training, and the 3 of us bought two bags of Scampi Fries, my local shop sells them, and my 12 year old daughter loves them, when she visits, she wants a bag. Tried her with the Bacon Fries, she hates. Personally I like Quavers, these days. When I was working in Theatres, there was nothing better at a lunch time than a plain Ham Sarnie, then putting ANY flavour of crisps on as flavour, just to see the look on the face of the foreign nurses & Doctors.
  20. 20 million people would watch the test card if it was pushed on every news channel as though our lives depended on on it!
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